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Edelweiss Mobile App is one of the well-rated mobile trading apps on the Google play store. It has been able to maintain limited negative feedback, thanks to its regular updates.

The better point is that these updates do not kill the experiences created in the previous versions.

Edelweiss Broking is a full-service stockbroker that is based out of Mumbai. The broker provides trading services to its clients across Equity, Commodity trading, Currency trading and many other financial classes.

In order to provide an online trading ecosystem for its 1 Lakh+ active trading clients, this stockbroker provides various trading applications across devices including a mobile trading app.

Through this detailed Edelweiss Mobile App review, we will discuss some of the features present in the application along with talking about the positives and negatives of this mobile app for your trades.

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Hopefully, by the end of the review, you will be able to make up your mind whether to go ahead with this broker or not.

Edelweiss Mobile App Features

Here is a quick look at some of the features provided in the Edelweiss Mobile App:

  • The below displayed is the homepage screen that is shown to the user once he/she logs into the application successfully. The home page gives you a quick idea on the current market momentum through BSE & NSE indices. It also gives you a provision to search for a specific scrip you may look to invest in.

  • In case you are looking to invest in the Equity segment, the below-mentioned screen displays the market overview. Here you can check top market indices along with real-time market commentary and generic sector performance at that particular point in time.

  • Furthermore, if you are looking to dive into data related to indices and corresponding market stats of stocks within those indices – then this Edelweiss Mobile App will provide you detailed information about specific sectors or indices you are looking for. You can choose to place filters at index, sectors levels along with check top market gainers, losers by %age and monetary valuation.

  • Then if you are looking for IPO information in regards to the latest launched IPOs in the stock market, then the below-displayed tab ‘IPO Performance’ will give you a quick read around it.

  • Moving on, similar level information is provided at Derivatives level as well. Thus, if you are someone who prefers trading in futures and options, then this particular tab in the Edelweiss Mobile App displays Indices information and current market news. Such news can directly or indirectly impact the stock values.

  • The below-displayed tabs provide information on derivatives market activity for different periods, option chain, open interest levels and so on. There is no doubt that you must not be trading in derivatives without looking at the below displayed vital pieces of information (assuming you understand what they imply).

  • Finally, if you are someone who prefers commodity trading, then there is a specific module for you in this Edelweiss Mobile App. The screen provides you with information on top commodities in the market with details on their current momentum. Some of the top market (domestic & global) news are also mentioned along for you to analyse their impact on the commodities you are interested in.

  • Like in the case of Equity & Derivatives, the below-displayed screen provides information at commodity level along with generic information blocks such as top market gainers, losers, top turnovers etc. This can be done at both NCX as well as MCDEX levels.

  • Since Edelweiss Broking is a full-service stockbroker, it provides you with research, tips and recommendations on a daily basis. Whether you are an intraday trader or a long-term investor, the app provides all kinds of research tips for you. The below-displayed screen shows you how it appears in the app:

  • Apart from the research, it makes total sense to stay aware of the market news at domestic & international levels, at segment be it the commodity, currency, equity etc levels and so on. The app displays all sorts of news from different feeds and it’s your job to break-down this news into useful bits of information before placing your trade in the stock market.

  • Moving ahead in talks of features, Edelweiss Mobile App provides a Watchlist where you can add specific investment products (stocks, commodities, currency pairs etc) for you to monitor. You can even set conditional alerts based on price or percentage price movement of the stock. Once the condition is met, the app provides you with an in-app notification for you to take an action, if needed.

  • If you want to perform analysis on the stocks before investing, the app provides you with multiple chart types (bar, mountain, Japanese candlesticks etc).

  • There are 80+ technical indicators that you can choose to use while analyzing a specific stock using charts. Different technical indicators have different applications and based on your investment/trade objective you can pick any one of those (as shown in the screen below). The app also provides with a few drawing tools in case you are an advanced level trader.

  • Finally, you can change the settings in the app as per your preference such as the default chart type you want to use, live market streaming, in-app notifications etc.

Here are some of the stats of Edelweiss Mobile App from Google Play Store:


Edelweiss Mobile App Advantages

Here are some of the benefits of using the mobile trading app from this full-service stockbroker:

  • A wide range of features is available in the app.
  • The mobile trading app gets updated on a regular basis.
  • Suitable for all kinds of traders be it a beginner level one or an expert.
  • Help you to access your Edelweiss Free Demat Account.
  • Speed or performance of the app falls in an excellent range.
  • The app design has been given proper attention and works for all kinds of traders, especially the beginners.

Edelweiss Mobile App Disadvantages

At the same time, you must know about some of the concerns raised by the clients of Edelweiss:

  • Edelweiss Login related concerns observed at times
  • Expert-level traders expect a higher number of technical indicators in addition to the ones already available.
  • The app is relatively heavy at 32 MB and that requires you to have a well-sized RAM on your phone for seamless trading experience.


Well, if you are looking for a mobile trading app that can work smoothly for you in your order placements, share market research, technical analysis etc, this mobile app certainly passes with flying colours.

Like mentioned above, there are no problems with the number of features it has, the user experience it provides, the performance it offers etc.

The only couple of things that need quick workaround are its size, which certainly needs to be compacted a bit and an addition of a few technical indicators/drawing tools for experienced Intraday traders.

Rest, it is definitely a thumbs-UP!

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