Best Commodity Broker In India to Trade in 2018

Best Commodity Broker In India

Before we talk about the best Commodity broker for you, let’s try to understand what is commodity trading. Commodity Trading is very different from trading in Equity or trading in currencies. At the same time commodities, with relatively lower volatility in its pricing compared to equity and bonds, provides an equally effective option in portfolio diversification.

Commodity trading can be around products such as:

  • Metals
  • Agricultural
  • Energy
  • Meat and Livestock

To start trading in Commodities segment, all you need is:

  • Choose a broker
  • Open an account
  • Put in a minimum investment (depending on the commodity you are looking to trade in)

Once you have your trading account running, then it is pretty straightforward. However, the biggest concern of them all is – Choosing the best commodity broker! Although it might not look like a difficult task if you choose a broker that does not go with your preferences, you will end up looking for another. That creates unnecessary wastage of time and some money (and then there is a definite loss of opportunity cost too!).

Here we are listing some of the top brokers in India that are decently placed in Commodities segment and might fit in with your requirements:

Sharekhan is one of the oldies in stockbroking space in India. Within Commodity segment, Sharekhan provides regular insights and recommendations to its clients depending on your portfolio.

For beginner traders, it is one of the Best Commodity Broker since Sharekhan provides all kind of hand-holding to its clients in form of calls, emails, SMS alerts etc.

The only concern with Sharekhan is that it charges pretty high broking charges in Commodity segment. Thus, be sure and you may even check this Sharekhan Brokerage Calculator before going ahead with your account opening.

Here are the account opening charges for Sharekhan:


The Commodity brokerage charges are as follows:


Sharekhan also provides a leverage of up to 2 times for Intraday in Commodities segment.


Zerodha is a pioneer in discount broking eco-system in India. Zerodha does not provide any recommendations or tips but allows trading at a much reasonable brokerage. So be wary of that aspect.

Zerodha suits those traders who can perform technical analysis by themselves and understand how commodities segment works at micro and macroeconomic level.

The account opening charges at Zerodha are as follows:


Specifically for Commodity or any other segment, Zerodha charges a flat brokerage rate as shown:


Zerodha provides a leverage of up to 3 times for Intraday in Commodities segment.


Trade Smart Online is known for its decent customer service and is one of the leading discount brokers in the country. Like other discount brokers, Trade Smart Online also does not provide any recommendations or market tips to its clients. It is one of the most flexible stock brokers in terms of its brokerage plans.

Here are the details:

Account Opening Charges


As far as brokerage is concerned, here are the different plans:


Depending on the kind of plan a client opts for, required brokerage charges are levied.

Trade Smart Online provides a leverage of up to 5 times for Intraday in Commodities segment.


Upstox (previously known as RKSV) is also a discount broker known extensively for its trading platforms and corresponding innovative features added every now and then. This shows the kind of technical transformation the stockbroking space is witnessing now.

Again, you will be responsible for the research and there will be no assistance provided by this discount broker in that aspect.

Here are the different charges:


Brokerage charges for Upstox are:


Upstox allows a leverage of up to 3 times for Commodities Intraday.

Aditya Birla Money is an oldie in stockbroking space in India and is one of the leading full-service brokers in Commodities segment. With its presence in more than 800 branches and franchises across the country, Aditya Birla provides huge offline connect with its clients.

It also provides the latest research reports and market trends around commodities segment specifically on a regular basis to its clients.

Here are the details on charges:


Brokerage is relatively less as compared to the brokerage of a lot of other full-service brokers as well:


Aditya Birla Money allows a leverage of up to 2 times for Commodities Intraday.

We suggest you have a detailed discussion with the customer support team with all the brokers that suit your preferences. Once you are sure that a specific commodity broker is as per your expectations and is the best commodity broker for you, you may go ahead with the account opening process and thence, trading.

P.S. Also try to negotiate on the brokerage as much as you can. It is always negotiable but they won’t admit it.

However, in case you want our help in the Best Commodity Broker selection or you still have more questions to get clarified?

Why don’t you send your details and we will arrange a Free call back for you!

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