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Zerodha Margin calculator is an important tool the clients of this discount broker look for. Although, the broker provides limited margin values but we have tried to be detailed out in the break up at each segment level.

This Zerodha margin detail page will mention the specifics on the exposure offered across Equity, Commodity and currency.

Zerodha Margin

We are assuming that you understand how the concept of Margin works in the stock market. How it can help to amplify your profits and at the same time, heighten your losses as well. Thus, we always advise that you should use the concept of margin on your trades only if you understand the risks and implications associated with it.

Now, before we get to the business and talk about different Zerodha Margin policies, list of margin across trading segments and so on, let’s digest some important notes about how this concept works within Zeordha’s eco-system. We will also talk about how it impacts your trades and take away the profit.

Zerodha Margin Equity

Last updated 25th June 2019

Let’s talk about Zerodha Equity Margin first. This is one of the most popular trading segments and at the same time, it reciprocates with a promise of reasonable returns too. Nonetheless, do not forget to perform a thorough analysis of the stock before employing margin on top of it.

You may get a margin of anything in between 3 times to 20 times depending on the stock and the order type. If you go ahead and put an MIS, your leverage is in the range of 3 to 10 times and the order will get auto-squared off around 3:20 pm if you do not do it yourself manually.

There is an option to use cover order as well, where you are required to put a stop-loss as a compulsory metric. With this taken care of, the risk level is mitigated and your Zerodha Equity Margin can fall anywhere from 6 to 20 times.

Here is the list of stocks with details on how much margin you get depending on the order type (MIS (1x) allowed on all stocks except mentioned in this list).

Feel free to use the ‘Search‘ functionality to look out for the stocks you are interested in. And the search can be done across any column and not just the scrip name.

Furthermore, you can skip to the specific page as the stocks are sorted alphabetically.

Zerodha Margin Equity FO

Similarly, if you are someone who likes to trade in the equity derivatives segment, you need to use margin in a different manner. At the same time, you need to consider a dimension called – Expiry date since while trading in calls and puts, you would need that information and the corresponding margin values that you can avail on those specific dates.

Quick note:

  • Contracts under NIFTY allowed: 10550 TO 13550 CE & PE
  • Contracts under Bank NIFTY allowed: 31300 TO 31900 CE & PE
  • There are NO securities banned as of now

For Zerodha Margin in the equity derivatives segment, here are the details for your reference:


Few Considerations that need to be taken care of while using Derivatives margin:

As per the new circular by SEBI, Zerodha and all the registered stockbrokers are required to collect the total exposure as well as span margin so that the derivatives positions can be carried forward the next trading session. Thus, its client’s responsibility to have a reasonable amount of margin in the account. This will help in avoiding any penalty and automatic squaring off of the positions held up.

Under equity options trading, you can place cover orders as well along with NRML & MIS orders. While placing cover orders with Zerodha, you need to have a relatively low margin requirement for overnight trades. These trades are settled with the National Stock exchange on T+0 basis.

Zerodha Margin Commodity

Moving ahead, let’s talk about Commodity Trading margin.

The below-displayed table talks about Zerodha margin provided at each commodity level with the corresponding lot size. This gives you a decent idea of how much investment you need to put in while using the margin provided for that commodity.

Furthermore, there are a couple of products with different margin values discussed below:

NRML is the normal order and can be held till expiry with a condition that the margin is present in the trading account.

MIS: Margin Intra-day Square Off gives you an additional margin starting from 10 am every trading day till before 25 minutes market close.

Here are the details of the Zerodha margin across different commodities open for trading:


This needs to be noted that Zerodha does not levy the extra 5% special margin, thereby, reducing the margin requirements for NRML trades.

Zerodha Margin Currency

Be aware of the fact that currency, like commodity trading, has its volatility dependent on the global markets as well. Indian stock market does not allow you to trade in Forex, but you can certainly trade in some of the regulated international currencies that provide a reasonable promise of investment returns.

Nonetheless, for all the investors and traders looking to put their money into currency trading – here are the margin values you are going to get if you are a client of Zerodha.

Zerodha Margin – Points to Remember:

  • Margin policies can change anytime depending on the market momentum and any direct or indirect impact on the specific sector, both positively and negatively.
  • You are supposed to settle the margin amount within a stipulated time frame depending on the trading segment.
  • On almost a similar note, the funds you get after selling stocks gets credited to you on T+2 day, although it can still vary depending on the trading segment.
  • The auto-square off time for orders is around 3:20 pm on any trading day. Also, it is more of an indicative timing and can be plus minus a few minutes.
  • You get higher margin if you trade in Bracket or Cover orders

There are some more points that we will discuss as we move ahead and talk about the Zerodha margin provided across different segments.

Zerodha Margin FAQs

Some of the Important Questions You might have about Zerodha Margin:

Q. Is there any upper limit on the Zerodha Margin I get? For instance, if you provide a margin a 10X on a specific stock and I want to invest ₹25 Lakh, will you go ahead and provide me with leverage of ₹2 Crore+?

A. There is no limit on the margins you can get irrespective of the amount you are looking to invest.

Q. The margin value was different yesterday than what is being provided today. How?

A. Yes, margin values change every day.

Q. Are there any separate charges in order to use Zerodha Margin?

A. No, you are supposed to pay just the brokerage and the taxes levied. There are no separate charges added when you use margins on your trades.

Q. Do I need to keep a minimum balance in order to use the margins provided by Zerodha, especially when I use MIS orders?

A. No, there is no such minimum balance you need to maintain. Although, you could use the funds in your Trading account as margins in your trades.

Q. Are margin values provided for derivative trading? How is the segregation done with different order types?

A. Yes, 2.5 times for intraday (using MIS) and you can avail Zerodha margin up to 4 times if you are using bracket and cover orders.

Q. Does Zerodha or any other stockbroker use the blocked margin amount for their own business? Is my money safe if I get the amount blocked or shares pledged with a broker?

A. Exposure amount is blocked by the exchanged. Client funds cannot be used for any other business needs.

Q. Can I withdraw my margin amounts?

A. No, you cannot.

Do you have any specific queries or questions regarding Zerodha Margin on Equity, Commodity or any other trading segment?

Mention your concern in the comments below and we will try to answer that as soon as we can.

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