Is Motilal Oswal Good?

Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd. is a full-service broker that has been in operations since the year 1987. Motilal Oswal head office is in Mumbai and provides many services to its clients. Is Motilal Oswal Good or not is the question that we would try to address in this article.

Its services include the Demat and broking services, research and advisory services, investments in mutual funds, portfolio management services, etc. It is easy to find Motilal Oswal near me through the branch locator.

Thus, with Motilal Oswal Mutual Fund Statement you can reap its many benefits and enjoy trading.

There are many companies that are operating under this brand name that has been created for specific functions. They are also into home finance, investment banking, private equity, etc.

Is Motilal Oswal Good for Trading

In order to trade with Motilal, one needs to open an account with them. A Demat account is opened to hold financial securities whereas a trading account is required for trading in stocks, currencies or if you want to trade in Motilal Oswal Commodity.

Before one decided to open an account with them, it is obvious to ask this question – Is Motilal Oswal good for trading?

We are going to discuss various aspects of Motilal related to trading here in this section. Let us first examine the various good aspects of trading with the broker here.

We will go through the advantages that we gain if we go further along with Motilal Oswal.

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Motilal Oswal Advantages

Here are the advantages of trading with the broker which makes it different from others in this market.

Good Quality Research

For investors and people who are thinking about beginning their journeys of investments or trading in stock markets, the research reports can be very helpful. Their research services have been awarded for their quality.

They have different teams for researching different kinds of stocks on the basis of their market capitalization i.e. they have different research teams for large-cap, mid-cap, and small-cap companies.

Also, different teams are dedicated to fundamental as well as technical analysis of stocks.

Motilal Oswal Report is on daily, weekly, and monthly reports on stocks and overall market conditions and events regularly.

Their repository consists of more than 30 thousand research reports on more than 260 companies which are operational in more than 21 sectors in the Indian economy.

Advisory Services 

These services are especially beneficial for beginners and who do not have a lot of time to do the research themselves and then make investments in stocks.

These advisory services are provided for investments in all segments like stocks, their derivatives, mutual funds, currency, commodity trading, etc.

They also provide strategies for investments to suit the requirements of different kinds of customers based on their risk-taking capabilities and time horizon of their investments.

They have quite advanced tools as well as strategies for different types of investments and trading.

Good Technology 

Next, come the technology and the trading platforms offered by the broker.  It uses the latest technology to design the trading platforms that further helps the trader to trade efficiently through the Motilal Oswal web login.

Their powerful and fast platforms can be accessed through any of the devices that are connected with the internet like a desktop, tab, mobile phone, etc. They also have a mobile trading application to fulfill all your trading needs

They provide live streaming quotes as well as tools to do technical analysis like technical charts and technical indicators to spot trading opportunities in the stock markets.

Services and Products 

Trading platforms give the facility to trade over all the major stock and commodity exchanges in India like NSE, BSE, NCDEX, etc.

Their trading platforms are quite a user friendly and updated with the latest technology. Their call and trade desk is also one of the good ones.

They also provide customer care services to their clients to resolve their difficulties if they face during trading.

Disadvantages of Motilal Oswal

Just like every coin has two sides, the question – “Is Motilal Oswal good” can not be answered without discussing some of the disadvantages of trade with the broker. Let us look at them one by one.


Since it is a full-service broker, its charges and brokerages are in alignment with other full-service brokers but not good in comparison to the discount brokers.

The best discount brokers in India are providing their services for much fewer charges as compared to Motilal Oswal.

Non Availability of 3 – in – 1 Account 

It does not provide the facility of opening a 3 – in – 1 account which includes a trading account, Demat account, and a banking account.

These types of accounts are the most convenient for clients. However, they provide a 2 – in – 1 account which includes a Demat account and trading account that can be opened together.

One of the brokerage plans provided by the broker is the value pack plan. The brokerages under this plan are decent but they require an upfront payment to be paid at the time of selection of this plan.

This can not be modified or canceled later.


It is an award-winning full-service stockbroker in India. Along with its many group companies, it provides many services like broking services, research, and advisory services, investment banking services, asset management services, mutual fund investment services, portfolio management services, etc.

The technology part of the broker is quite strong and its platforms and software for trading are quite competitive and equipped with one of the best features available in Indian markets.

Their research and advice are also award-winning. They have thousands of reports on stocks that can be easily accessed through their platforms with a single click.

However, their brokerages and other charges are not as low as discount brokers. It is highly recommended to do your homework before deciding upon a broker.

Analyze the different advantages as well as disadvantages of the broker. They might meet your expectations. Stay aware, stay invested!

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