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Motilal Oswal is one of the best full-service brokers in India; thus, it provides investment tips and advice to its clients. Motilal Oswal research services are quite well known and popular among traders.

Motilal Oswal provides many services other than trading platforms and Demat accounts such as advisory and research services. They have a research team of more than 30 analysts responsible for analyzing different stocks and companies.

They have also won awards for their research services. In this article, let us deliberate about different kinds of Motilal Oswal research reports.

Motilal Oswal Research Review

Motilal Oswal research services provide comprehensive data to clients by analyzing various reports so that clients have good options to choose for trade from the different segments.

Motilal Oswal’s research team is a team of 30 analysts who are responsible for analyzing different kinds of stocks and companies to make suitable recommendations to their clients. 

They have also won awards for their research services. In this article, let us deliberate about different kinds of Motilal Oswal research reports. For equity research, You can go through Motilal Oswal Equity Research. There you will get a satisfying report.

Motilal Oswal Research Reports

The Motilal Oswal research reports cover the detailed, comprehensive ongoing analysis of more than 225 companies currently operating in more than 20 sectors in the Indian economy. Now, let us discuss all the kinds of Motilal Oswal research reports here –

1) Daily Reports – As the name suggests, these reports are published on a regular, frequent basis. Some of the most common and popular daily reports of Motilal Oswal are Market Outlook, Daily Derivatives, Commodities Morning and Evening.

2) Weekly Reports – The Motilal Oswal research team makes a detailed analysis report on the stock, currencies, and commodity markets during the whole of last week. The most popular weekly research report of Motilal Oswal is Week in a Nutshell and Most Valuation Guide.

3) Industry Reports – These reports focus on some sectors and the current events affecting them. On the basis of research, trends are predicted, and analysis is given. Some of the industry reports to look out for are Tele Talk Time, Gasoline, etc.

4) India Strategy Report – This Motilal Oswal research report gets released every quarter and focuses on the global investors that are interested in investing in Indian markets. This report contains a lot of useful information like Sensex targets, sector allocations, etc.

5) The Annual Wealth Creation Report – Mr. Raamdeo Aggarwal, a well-known person in the field of equity research. He does a detailed analysis of stocks that can give the best returns in stock markets in the minimum possible time. This is published on a yearly basis.

6) Thematic reports – Some of the best Motilal Oswal research reports under this category are Corner Office and Ecoscope. They contain information about the current events happening inside the biggest companies as well as the macroeconomic situation in India.

7) Company Reports – These Motilal Oswal research reports contain a detailed analysis of more than 225 listed companies in India. These are created by the research team of MOSL.

Motilal Oswal Stock Research

If you need to search for specific Motilal Oswal research reports regarding a specific company or a sector, on the whole, you can go to the website of Motilal Oswal and Research – Search – Listing section. 

There, you can view different Motilal Oswal research reports in the order of their publication. 

Now, for a particular Motilal Oswal research report on a company or sector of your choice, type the name in the search window and click the search button. 

There you will be able to view all the reports related to that company or sector. If you want to know how this looks like on the website, here is the picture of this section –

Motilal Oswal Commodity Research Report

Motilal Oswal’s research team also provides you with research reports on the commodities market, their current happenings, and all the microeconomic as well as macroeconomic factors that are having an impact on the commodities market and indices. 

If you have a Motilal Oswal trading account, you can get access to more than 30 thousand Motilal Oswal research reports on the commodities segment, which have been categorized by frequency as well as theme. 

Also, there are separate teams for fundamental as well as technical analysis. They give the facility of providing intraday as well as delivery-based calls. 

Motilal Oswal’s research on commodities includes special focus reports and market updates on a daily as well as weekly basis.


Motilal Oswal research is a good and award-winning service that can be availed in the form of their regular research reports. The research reports are of different types that cover stocks as well as commodities. 

One can check the website of Motilal Oswal for getting their daily or weekly updates on markets and different sectors as well as best performing companies.

They provide calls to take trades in intraday trading as well as positional trades. 

Motilal Oswal Research helps beginners and existing investors and traders to plan investments on the right stocks. 

You can rely on tips and advice to earn better returns from the stocks and commodity markets. 

Stay educated, stay wealthy!

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