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Samco Margin Calculator tells you the different margin values you get from this broker across the segments. This discount broker is known to provide pretty reasonable margin values across the trading segments, especially at Equity intraday level.

Let’s have a detailed look.

Last updated 13th April 2021

Samco Margin

Samco is one of the leading discount stockbrokers in India and one of its primary propositions is Exposure or Margin across trading segments. In this detailed review, we will look at all the margin values the discount broker provides while checking the detailed Samco Margin Calculator.

Like we mention every time we discuss exposure, this needs to be repeated here as well. The margin in itself can be a risky concept, especially if you are a beginner trader or have a limited understanding of the way it works. Thus, it is advised that you use Margin only when you know or understand the implications linked to it.

Samco Span Margin

Let’s start with Samco Span Margin.

Just to give you a quick understanding, here are the details on different Span margin and the exposure margin requirements laid out against each specific stock based on aspects such as volatility, price movements, market situation etc.

The Exposure margin is generally levied as a specific percentage of the total contract value along with the Span margin.

Here is the Samco Span Margin for NSE trades:

Samco Equity Margin

On a general level, if we talk about the different order types provided for trading by Samco, then here is a quick glimpse into the leverage provided along with the respective square-off policies:


This also needs to be understood that each specific stock has a leverage multiplier depending on the order type as well. Like mentioned above, there is no hard rule on the leverage and it depends on the stock type, market volatility etc.

Here are the exposure values for different stocks at Cash & Carry as well as MIS levels:

Samco Cash Plus

In case you are looking to avail margin in the Delivery segment, then Samco has introduced ‘CashPlus’ margin product for you. With this, you can avail a margin of between 2 to 4 times and enhance your buying position in this form of trading.

This facility can be availed on over 300 stocks listed on different indices.

You just need to place an NRML order while placing the trade to use this service.

At the same time, you need to make sure that the requisite trading account balance is maintained otherwise your order may get rejected. For instance, if you are placing an order of ₹10,000 while using a margin of 2 times, then you MUST have at least ₹5,000 in your trading account while placing the order.

This is a subscription-based service where you need to pay an amount of ₹1000 per year to avail of this service. In case you have an outstanding balance, you will be charged a delayed payment charge of 0.05% per day as well.

Samco Intraday Margin Calculator

When it comes to intraday trading, things may get a bit trickier (with a jump in the risk factor too). You can get Intraday leverage of up to 33 times across 500+ stocks listed on different indices in the stock market.

However, it depends on the order type you are using to place the trade.

For instance, for an MIS order, you can avail leverage between 3 to 15 times where the position will be squared off before the market session closes.

For cover and bracket orders, however, the leverage extends till 33 times.

Samco Margin Calculator F&O

Furthermore, if you are someone who likes to trade or invest in Futures and Options, then with Samco, you will be provided margin values as mentioned below.

The table below mentions information at scrip level with details such as Expiry Date, Lot Size, Price, NRML Margin, MIS Margin etc.

Feel free to use the search feature to find the specific stock you may be interested in: