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Dollar Advisory and financial services is a SEBI registered stock market research and advisory firm based out of Indore. With a major focus towards technical analysis and thus, intraday trading, Dollar Advisory provides you advisory services across Equity, Commodity, Currency (Forex) & Comex market segments.

Dollar Advisory Review

Some of the communication channels used by Dollar Advisory include SMS, Email and Telephone, however, SMS is the quickest method they use for tip communications. Talking about segments, Dollar advisory provides services across:

  • Equity – NSE & BSE
  • Derivatives – NSE Bullions (Gold & Silver)
  • MCX Base Metals (Copper, Nickel, Lead, Zinc, Aluminum)
  • MCX Energy (Crude & Natural Gas)
  • MCX Agri Commodities (Soybeans, Soyaoil, RMSeed, Chana, Jeera, Sugar, Dhaniya, Chilli, MenthaOil)

Thus, as you can see that the advisory firm offers services across a variety of segments, especially within the commodities segment.

Dollar Advisory Services

Let’s talk about the different services offered by this research and advisory firm across different segments.

Equity Cash

Here are services from the Equity Segment:


Derivatives – Futures

Here are services from the Derivative Futures segment:


Derivatives – Options

Here are services from the Derivatives Options Segment:


International Commodities

Here are services from the International Commodities Segment:


Agri Commodities

Here are services from the Agricultural Segment:


Combo Packs

Here are some of the combo services across different segments:

Dollar Advisory Pricing

Moving ahead, let’s discuss the pricing asked by this firm for its services. Dollar advisory is pretty expensive in most of its offerings and can certainly introduce monthly plans for its users to get some initial trust.

Paying lumpsum amount for 3 months straight away can be a little tough for a lot of users, especially who can come without any reference and have not really heard much about the company.

Nonetheless, let’s talk about the different pricing plans across various services offered by the advisory firm:

Equity Cash

Here are the pricing schemes of 8 different services under Equity Cash:


Derivatives – Futures

Here are the pricing schemes of 8 different services under Derivative futures trading:


Derivatives – Options

Here are the pricing schemes of 8 different services under Derivative options trading:


International Commodities

Here are the pricing schemes of 11 different services under Commodity MCX Segment:


Agri Commodities

Here are the pricing schemes of 3 different services under Agri-Commodity segment:


Combo Packs

Here are the pricing schemes of 5 different services under Combo packs:

Dollar Advisory Free Trial

Dollar Advisory, like most of the other stock market advisory firms, provides a free trial plan to its clients.

In this trial, the firm provides tips based on the service you plan to pick. Users are suggested not to place any trades based on the tips provided in the trial plan.

You should ideally be observing the stocks covered in the tips. If they prove successful as per the claims made by the advisory, you may choose to go ahead with the subscription.

Dollar Advisory Contact

If you are looking to get in touch with the customer support team of Dollar Advisory, here are some of the details that you may use:

In a sense, you can get in touch with this advisory firm through the following communication channels:

  • Phone
  • Email
  • WhatsApp
  • Chat

Although, Dollar Advisory has a reasonable number of methods to get in touch with, however, when it comes to the quality part, there is a lot that the firm can work upon. This includes the turnaround time, professionalism of the executives, quality of resolutions etc.

Dollar Advisory Complaints

Like most of the stock market advisory firms, Dollar advisory has received its share of complaints against it. Most of the complaints raised against this advisory have been around areas such as:

  • Low-quality customer service: Users have reported multiple instances where post taking the subscription, the executives stop providing tips to clients.
  • Regular push on plan upgrades: Clients are invariably pushed to upgrade their plans every now and then even if the client has seen losses in his/her portfolio.
  • No Complaint hierarchy: A few clients have reported that if the executive they have been aligned to stops picking up the calls, there is no senior or head that you can directly get in touch with to get a resolution to your concern.

Dollar Advisory Disadvantages

Here are some of the concerns of this advisory service:

  • The services offered are relatively pricey in nature
  • Multiple concerns raised by clients on advisory services quality and regularity
  • Limited lines of customer support and communication

Dollar Advisory Advantages

At the same time, here are some of the positives of using the research services of Dollar Advisory:

  • The firm offers a wide variety of services under Equity, Commodity and Derivative segments
  • A free trial plan is available
  • Different communication channels including Email, SMS and Phone

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