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EquityPandit, Surat-based research and advisory firm, was established in July 2005. It offers its stock market advisory services at both institutional and retail broking level at both technical and fundamental segments.

EquityPandit Review

The EquityPandit team does not place trades for their clients but act as guides and provide regular research tips, trading calls and recommendations.

Here is a quick video review on EquityPandit:

The firm claims to offer personalized services to clients on a regular basis. Their website is pretty exhaustive in terms of data and information provided at multiple levels.

EquityPandit Services

The advisory firm offers an array of services depending on client requirements and preferences. Here are those listed:

Equity Basic

In this plan, users get access to intraday market calls on a daily basis with the minimum suggested investment amount of ₹50,000. You will be provided with 2-4 calls on a daily basis as per the claims of this advisory service.

The expectation is that you are required to place your trading amount equally among all the calls provided in the day. For instance, you are looking to trade ₹15,000 and Equity Pandit provides you with 3 calls, then you need to place ₹5,000 in each of these trades.

Suitable for part-time traders.

Equity Futures and Options Special

This plan is suitable for part-time future and options traders where they get a few calls every day. Again the expectation is that you need to divide your overall trading amount into equal portions based on the number of calls received.


The recommendations in this plan are provided around the afternoon and the user should ideally exit from the position the next morning. Used by both institutional and retail clients.

The broker claims to provide 1 call on a daily basis.

Bank Nifty

Set up for swing trading, this Bank Nifty plan offers positional calls on Bank Nifty based on an in-house model developed by the advisory firm. The minimum suggested investment under this plan is ₹1,00,000.

Investor – Short-Term Investments

Few short-term calls are offered under this plan on weekdays. Generally, the overall number of calls over the month will not be that high.

The recommendations are a mix of large and midcap stocks post looking at various aspects such as financial results, technicals as well as fundamentals, expansions, volumes stock, the book value of the company etc.

Multibagger – Long-Term Investments

This plan is for long-term investments and that is why only 1 recommendation is offered every month. The plan expects the client to have long-term patience to see gains.

The advisory firm publishes technical charts and tips on its website as well.

EquityPandit Performance

As far as performance is concerned, this advisory firm does well in few of its segments such as Equity basic and Investor – Short term.

However, you are advised to start with the basic plan and with limited capital initially. This will help you to gauge their performance based on your risk appetite and holding period.

As per the claims of this advisory firm, their performance stays in the range of 70%+ but obviously, it is hard to believe in numbers salespeople generally say to acquire clients.

Users are suggested to use their discretion while making a decision.

EquityPandit Pricing

Here are the details on Pricing of different services offered along with other relevant details:

EquityPandit App

The mobile app from EquityPandit gives users access to different types of research and tips in an easy and quick way. Over a period of time, users have faced a tough time accessing different features of the application from the usability point of view.

At the same time, EquityPandit does not update its app regularly. In fact, the last update was done on 26th February 2016 – which is basically more than 3 years back.

Any decent business, especially the one in dynamic financial space, updates its mobile app in a frequency range of 4-6 weeks. In the case of EquityPandit, they certainly need to improve their focus on the technology they provide to their client base.

Here are some mobile app stats from Google Play Store:

EquityPandit Complaints

You must be aware of the below-mentioned issues/complaints you may have to go through if you avail the services of EquityPandit:

  • Strategies on options missing.
  • There is a strict no-refund policy followed by the advisory firm. Thus, the amount once paid by you, will not be refunded in any case whatsoever (this is applicable for most of the advisory firms anyway).
  • Customer service is compromised at times. Support staff looks to cross-sell or up-sell the services provided by the advisory firm. Here is a look at the careless response from Google Play store:

The user is discussing the inconveniences he has gone through, while the response from the support is a copy-paste and applied directly without giving any concern to the issue raised.

  • Multiple complaints against calls not getting picked reported by users. This is certainly a grave concern.
  • The mobile app can be improved in terms of user experience and overall navigation.
  • Relatively expensive pricing plans.

Furthermore, there has been an instance when EquityPandit has been fined in the tunes of ₹40 Lakh back in 2018 by SEBI. This was for the reason that this advisory firm was carrying out advisory and investment services without taking a license from SEBI. They had been carrying out their operations without any license since 2013 before it was known in the later part of 2018.

Looking at the overall financials, EquityPandit was imposed with this fine. Here is one screenshot from Business Standard:

EquityPandit Contact

In case you are looking to get in touch with this advisory firm, they provide you with the following communication channels:

  • Web-form
  • Phone (8000816688)
  • Email (support@equitypandit.com)

The firm claims to have offices in Indore, Surat and Jaipur.

One concern that we have observed is that if you put in your details at the advisory’s website, you will initially be called by the EquityPandit sales team but then over a period of time, you will start getting random calls from different advisory firms.

Having said that, it is the reality of research firms and this concern of your data being shared is applicable across most of the research firms in India.

EquityPandit Advantages

Here are some of the benefits you will get with the services of this advisory firm from Surat:

  • Multiple service plans are available for users to choose from depending on their preferences and requirements.
  • The advisory firm has been around for around 11 years bringing in some sort of reliability factor.
  • There is a free trial plan available, however, it is not availed to traders looking for multi-bagger or long-term investor services.
  • Optimal for long-term investors and users looking for multi-bagger shares.

Equity Pandit Good or Bad?

A lot of users have this query whether EquityPandit is good or bad in its research quality and overall service. Well, there is no direct yes or no answer to that. Mostly, the advisor provides an experience better marginally than the Industry average but there have been few bad experiences as well.

That is why like we said above, it makes sense to start small and if you see consistency in the value the firm provides, you may choose to upgrade, if needed.

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