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Every investor has a common dream of making huge profits in the stock market. This is easily possible with the help of an experienced and well-known advisory firm. Nifty Alert, one of the Indian Stock Market advisory site, was initiated in the year 2012.

Ever since its inception, the firm has proved to all its clients that trading in the Indian Stock Market can be rather profitable irrespective of the movements of the market.

Their team of experts use the modern techniques of research and analysis to show the direction to their clients in order to help them create wealth and capital.

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The sole mission of the experts is to put some light on those opportunities which many others may miss.

Their wide range of services is provided through several electronic options such as Yahoo Messenger, SMS, as well as, personal calls according to the requirements of their clients.

Nifty Alert Review

This advisory site offers a wide range of services to its clients. If you are planning to seek their advisory services, then it will be a good idea for you to go through their list of services and read about them properly and carefully. This will put you in a better position to make the right choice.

Equity Market

When you talk about the equity market, it basically means the market where all the different company shares and purchased and sold. These companies are listed in the Indian Stock Market, either NSE or BSE. These company shares are traded based on their values applicable at that particular point.

With the help of Nifty Alert services, you can expect to get timely and accurate tips related to the Equity Market.

With the help of these tips, you can make the most out of these market movements without any major problem. There are several features you can enjoy if you opt for this service.


  • Proper plan especially for intraday traders.
  • Proper recommendations for trading especially in the cash market.
  • Based on the technical research of the stocks you will get timely tips from the experts at Nifty Alert.
  • You will get 1 to 3 recommended tips on a daily basis.
  • Expert advice is given to clients only during market hours pertaining to current market prices.
  • Recommended capital for this service plan is ₹50000.
  • Advice is given through SMS, Yahoo Messenger, and WhatsApp.

Stock Futures

When you talk about stock futures, it means the derivative segment of the equity cash market. Under normal circumstances, stock futures come with an expiry date which is the last Thursday of each Monday. You are allowed to trade on an intraday basis, as well as, on the positional basis.

However, this is largely based on the requirements of the clients. You are eligible to experience several features if you opt for this type of service.


  • Proper and expert recommendations related to trading in Stock Futures.
  • Technical research on stock futures-based tips for clients.
  • You will get 1 or 2 tips per day.
  • At any given time there will be a single open position.
  • Recommended capital for this service is anything between ₹70000 and ₹1 Lakh.
  • Expert advice is given during market hours through WhatsApp, Yahoo IM, and SMS.

Stock Options

Stock options are basically privileges which are sold to one party by another. This gives the buyer the right to either buy or sell the stock at a pre-agreed price within a specific time frame or period.

However, the buyer is under no obligation to carry out the dealing if not needed.

Some of the key features of this service provided by Nifty Alert is discussed below.


  • Clients opting for this service will get proper recommendations based on stock options.
  • You will also get tips based on technical research carried out only on stock options.
  • Clients will be given 1 or 2 tips per day and the recommended capital for this service is ₹20000 to ₹30000.
  • Expert advice is forwarded to clients during market hours and through SMS, WhatsApp and Yahoo Messenger.

Nifty Futures

Nifty future is primarily the index of NSE and comes in the derivative segment of NSE. Nifty future comes with some expiry date attached to it and usually expire on the last Thursday of each month.

When you opt for Nifty futures trades, you either trade on the discount or the premium.

However, it usually equals on the very last day of the expiry contract.


  • Recommended capital needed for this service is between ₹70000 and ₹1 Lakh.
  • Tips are provided which are based on the technical research carried out n nifty futures only.
  • You will be given 1 or 2 tips each day for trading in Nifty Futures.
  • Exert devices are provided through either SMS or Yahoo IM or WhatsApp and these advice pieces are provided only during market hours.

Nifty Options

Another one of the various derivative tools is the Nifty option. This tool helps clients understand when it is time to either buy or sell or simply remain idle based on market conditions.


  • Recommended tips are provided during market hours through various electronic means such as WhatsApp, SMS, and Yahoo IM.
  • Each day you will receive 1 or 2 tips.
  • Recommended capital needed for this service is between ₹20000 and ₹30000.
  • All the tips suggested are keeping at par with individual client target and proper SL.

Bank Nifty Futures

The movement of Bank Nifty is largely based on the movement of 12 different banking sectors stocks, in the NSE. Just like any other derivative tool, Bank Nifty also has an expiry date of every last Thursday of each month.


  • Technical research of Bank Nifty based tips are provided through SMS, Yahoo IM or WhatsApp of around 1 or 2 tips each day.
  • Recommended capital needed for this service plan is between INR 50000 and INR 80000.

Bank Nifty Options

Bank Nifty Options is basically a privilege which is sold to one party by another. It gives the buyer the right to either buy or sell at an agreed price within a said period of time. However, the buyer is under no obligation to carry out the dealings.


  • Recommended capital needed is between ₹20000 and ₹30000.
  • Proper tips on bank nifty options are provided during working hours. Daily 1 or 2 tips are provided through SMS or WhatsApp or Yahoo IM.

HNI Services

This type of service is only for those clients who trade with the capital of a minimum of ₹5 Lakhs. Future calls of a few handpicked stocks with a single target of a minimum of ₹7000 are given to clients. You may expect 2 or 3 days on a weekly basis.

Nifty Alert Charges

The Nifty Alert advisory service provider is offering a trial membership for a period of a week. However, if you feel that their services are fulfilling your needs, then you may opt for their paid services.

Here is the pricing of their services listed for your knowledge.

  • All the services include equity market, stock futures, stock options, nifty futures, nifty options, bank nifty future, and bank nifty options come with a similar monthly package price of ₹8000, quarterly pricing of ₹20000, half-yearly package pricing of ₹35000, and yearly package pricing of ₹51000.
  • Commodities services come with a monthly package pricing of ₹12000, quarterly package pricing of ₹30000, half-yearly package pricing of ₹51000, and yearly package pricing of ₹80000.
  • HNI services come with a monthly package pricing of ₹55000, quarterly package pricing of ₹135000, half-yearly package pricing of ₹250000, and yearly package pricing of ₹400000.

Nifty Alert Free Trial

This advisory firm provides a free trial that goes for 7 days.

Most of the other stock market advisories offer a trial for 1 or 2 days but this one is definitely long enough to judge the consistency of the quality of tips provided.

You are suggested not to place any trades based on the tips provided in this trial, even by Nifty Alert themselves. During this free trial, you will be provided with 1-2 tips on a daily basis.

If you observe the performance of the tips provided every day, you would get an idea on whether to believe in their research and pay for their subscription or not.

Nifty Alert App

Providing a mobile app to clients is a huge differentiator in any industry. This becomes even more crucial when we talk about stock market advisory firms where the speed of tips usage is of utmost importance.

Unfortunately, Nifty Alert does not offer any app to its clients.

This comes out as a turn-off as clients nowadays prefer such a platform as compared to relying on Email, SMS, Call or Whatsapp to get recommendations.

Nifty Alert Benefits

Here are some of the advantages you can enjoy the services provided by Nifty Alert.

  • Their expert advice has helped many clients avoid major losses in the past.
  • Proper trading training is provided to clients to make them more self-confident.

Nifty Alert Complaints

Here are some of the complaints raised by users against Nifty Alert:

  • Frequent filling up of different forms such as KYC may bother you.
  • Their suggestions and tips may not bear fruit all the time.

It is true that seeking services from any service provider requires you to fill up various types of forms. It is also true that not all the tips may prove to be beneficial for you. Nonetheless, the track record of Nifty Alert is still clean.

They have a weeklong trial program which you can avail and then decide whether you wish to go ahead with their paid services or not.

In case you are looking for research and tips from an advisory firm, then just fill in some basic details below.

A callback will be arranged for you:

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