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  • Average Customer Service
  • Free Trial Available


  • Expensive for Beginners
  • No Mobile App
  • Multiple Issues raised by Clients

TradeIndia Research is an Indore based Stock recommendation and advisory firm that offers assistance across Equity, Commodity and Forex segments.

The advisory firm offers a 2-day free trial to prospective clients so that they can gauge and understand the day to day offerings (however, be wary of the fact that the quality of service may differ later).

TradeIndia Research Reviews

Established in the year 2010, TradeIndia Research caters to multiple kinds of investors and traders through its vast array of services and now, claims to have a turnover of ₹50 Lakh this financial year.

The advisory firm houses around 70 employees and has shown decent growth in its tenure as far as monetary momentum is concerned, however, there has been a consistent voice against TradeIndia Research from some of the duped clients. We are not sure, whether TradeIndia Research was able to solve their concern.

You can read this review in Hindi as well.

TradeIndia Research Services & Pricing

As explained above, TradeIndia Research offers multiple types of services to their clients depending on their preferences and requirements. Here we list different plans along with services and corresponding pricing of the plans offered by TradeIndia Research:


This plan is suitable for traders who are looking to trade in Equity segment across the 1300 listed stocks on the National Stock Exchange (NSE). Clients get 3-4 intraday calls in Equity segments on a daily level and 1-2 weekly momentum calls depending on the chosen plan.


Derivative Trading

Speed is the key to this particular plan when it comes to communication. The channel can be SMS or email and the users are required to take quick actions based on the suggestions made.



The calls are specific to users looking to trade at the Index level itself. Thus, clients get access to 1-2 index market calls under this plan.



Users looking to trade or invest in the commodity segment under MCX opt for this plan where they can get access to intraday and weekly calls depending on the chosen plan.



Under NCDEX, users are provided recommendations on the agricultural commodities such as Soybean, Jeera, Turmeric, Dhaniya, RMSEED, Soya Oil, Guar, chilli etc. with intraday as well as weekly calls as per the chosen plan.


Currency Trading

Currency segment requires researching global market and economies and based on that requisite calls are provided to clients at both macro and microeconomic levels. Clients get access to 1-2 intraday trading calls with reasonable support.



As the name of the plan suggests, users may choose to customize different segments and services within these types of plans. The focus in such plans is the accuracy of calls and not the quantity of them.

TradeIndia Research Customer Care

This advisory service provides the following communication channels to its clients to resolve any of their concerns:

  • Phone
  • Email
  • Chat
  • Web-form

Although, TradeIndia research provides multiple communication channels to its clients, however, the quality part is pretty average in nature.

A lot of users have complained about the delay in picking the calls or no picking at all at crucial trading junctures. Furthermore, the service team seems to have a limited understanding of the products and services offered to clients resulting in unnecessary delays.

Lastly, the company has listed that they provide their clients with an escalation matrix of the compliance officer. However, the contact number of the customer support team and the compliance officer are the same.

In simpler terms, TradeIndia customer care has limited value. Here are the details, nonetheless:

TradeIndia Research Free Trial

This research and advisory firm offers a free trial of 2 days. Subscribing to this free trial is pretty straightforward where you just need to provide your contact details.

An executive will be calling you back and assist you in setting up the free trial for you.

If you are looking to subscribe to any of the services of TradeIndia Research, it makes total sense to make the best use of this trial so that you get a decent idea of the kind of recommendations you might be getting once you make the payment to avail a particular service.

TradeIndia Research Refund Policy

It is more of a convention in the advisory space in India where most of the research firms DO NOT offer any refunds to their clients.

Thus, if you are looking to subscribe to any of their services, well make sure you are 100% sure of going ahead with it since you will not be getting your payment back once you are into it.

TradeIndia Research is pretty firm in its policy and there are almost no chances that you will get your payment back once done.

TradeIndia Research Complaints

Here are some of the concerns you must be concerned about:

  • Expensive plans when it comes to short-term commitments with the advisory firm.
  • Customer service communication channels can be increased.
  • No mobile app in the offerings, especially when most of the prominent research firms offer their individual mobile apps.
  • No money refund policy.
  • Multiple issues raised by clients.

Overall, it seems that a bunch of clients have had experiences where they made the payment to this advisory firm but nobody returned their calls post payment. In our experience, we have seen users getting low-quality research or mediocre service but getting no service or recommendations at all is rare.

Thus, users are advised to perform due-diligence before making any payment to TradeIndia Research. User discretion is recommended.

TradeIndia Research Advantages

At the same time, you get the following benefits from TradeIndia:

  • Reasonable pricing for long-term commitments with the advisory firm.
  • Average customer service.
  • Free Trial available.

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