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Profit Aim Research, established in October 2011,  is an Indore based advisory service. The advisory firm has a running membership from SEBI and offers stock market research services across multiple trading and investment segments.

The firm claims to have a team of 30 research analysts and a total team size of around 500 (not-verified numbers).

Profit Aim Research Review

Profit aim offers a free 1-day trial, using which you can get a practical experience of their services and thus, get an idea of whether to go ahead with their services. You also need to know that there is NO refund offered by the firm once you have made the payment.

Thus, be wary of that particular fact and then make a final conclusive decision accordingly. A good part of Profit Aim is that they run a blog and post fresh content on a regular basis. With this, users get in touch with the market momentum and research services.

Let’s go ahead in this review and talk about the different services offered by Profit aim so that you can decide which service suits your trading and investment style.

Profit Aim Research Services

Profit aim primarily offers services in Commodity, Derivatives and Equity segments. However, within these financial products, there are multiple sub-services offered depending on your trading style, risk appetite and investment goals. Let’s discuss all these services one by one:




If you are looking to trade or invest in company shares listed on different indices of the stock market, then the research firm can assist you in taking the calls. Before you jump and book a specific service, you need to understand your own requirements in terms of:

  • Are you looking for long-term investments or short-term trades?
  • How much you can spend if you perform intraday trading?
  • What are your initial capital and corresponding monthly targets?
  • How much risk you can take (or how much money you can afford to lose)?

Once you have clear answers to the above-mentioned questions, it will be much easier for you to pick a plan that suits your requirements. Let’s discuss all these plans with Profit Aim and what you get in these plans now:



At the same time, if you are looking to put your money into commodity investments, Profit aim offers tips and research at multiple levels. Commodity segment is relatively less volatile as compared to Equity but still offers decent returns if things are done at the right time.

Here are the different services offered by the research firm:


Apart from mentioned above, you are provided with the following:

  • Daily and weekly newsletters
  • Market news and information
  • Communication through SMS, messenger and WhatsApp

At the same time, realistically speaking, all these above mentioned returns have a lot to do with your initial capital and market sentiment. Furthermore, even if we discount that, the returns seem to be tall claims and you are advised to not completely fall for what the research advisory has to say.

Its always to start small with gradual investments and once you have reasonable confidence, you can increase your capital scale.

You can read this review in Hindi as well.

Profit Aim Research Pricing

Here are the pricing details of different services offered by Profit Aim:

Equity Segment – Pricing


Commodity Segment – Pricing

Profit Aim Research Disadvantages

However, there are few issues in using the services of Profit Aim Research as mentioned below:

  • No advisory assistance in the currency segment
  • No mobile app offered, especially in this day and age of mobility
  • Tall claims of returns and profits, thus, better be steady in your subscriptions
  • Average customer service with limited channels of communication

Profit Aim Research Advantages

Furthermore, here are some of the merits of this advisory firm:

  • Wide pricing ranges depending on service duration
  • Multiple services within the commodity, equity, derivatives depending on the user’s preferences.
  • Been around for around 6 years now, thus, an old name relatively
  • 1-Day free trial available for users

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