IIFL Intraday Brokerage

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For all intraday traders associated with IIFL or the ones looking forward to executing day trade, here is the complete information on the IIFL Intraday brokerage.

Let’s dive in to grab details and to understand the complete brokerage plan with an example.

IIFL Intraday Brokerage Charges

No doubt the intraday trading brokerage is the most and especially when you are trading with the full-service broker you need to pay the brokerage fees on the basis of trade volume. In case, you end up making an unprofitable trade, the additional brokerage increases the overall value of the loss.

To cope up with this, India Infoline, the full-service stockbroker comes up with the discounted brokerage plan, IIFL Z20.

According to this plan, you can reap the benefit of day trading at the flat brokerage of ₹20 or 0.05% per trade whichever is lower.

The IIFL intraday brokerage detail is tabulated below:


IIFL Intraday Charges With Example

To understand the table above, let’s consider an example. Let’s suppose, you want to trade in the stocks 100 shares of ICICI having a current market price equals to ₹35.

Now here, to get the exact brokerage is either flat or depends upon the total turnover, whichever is lower. So, again let’s assume that the total turnover is ₹10000.

0.05%*10000= ₹5

Thus, although the flat brokerage is ₹20, you still end up paying the brokerage fees of ₹5.

On the other hand, if the turnover value is 1,00,000 then;


Here, the brokerage for this trade would be flat ₹20.

In this way, the brokerage varies depending upon the volume you trade and finally you just have to pay the least charges to execute the order.

IIFL Intraday Brokerage Calculator

Now apart from brokerage, there are some hidden charges as well, that includes, the transaction fees, STT charges, Stamp duty charges, GST, SEBI fees, etc.

Thus, although the brokerage is either equal to or less than ₹20, you have to pay some additional charges as well, which you can calculate easily with a brokerage calculator.



So, if you are thinking of day trade then reap the benefit of maximum trade without worrying much about the brokerage.

Along with this, IIFL comes up with the trading benefits like research tips and recommendations, that make it easy for traders to trade in volume with the least risk involved.

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