STT Charges in Kotak Securities

STT Charges

If you are planning to begin trading with Kotak Securities then it is important for you to know all the Kotak Securities Charges, including the STT charges in Kotak Securities. 

STT charges or the Securities Transaction Tax is a direct tax that is charged on every buy and sell of securities that are registered in the stock exchanges. (BSE, NSE)

The STT charges are dependent on two major factors, namely the trading segment and the transaction type

STT charges are directly paid to the government of India and are calculated on the average price.

What are STT Charges in Kotak Securities?

Kotak Securities, a full-service stockbroker, charges a minimal STT charge on every transaction in different segments.  The details of STT charges in Kotak Securities are tabulated below. 


So, before picking any of the trading segments do consider the above transaction cost to evaluate the exact fees and charges. 

Kotak Securities Brokerage Calculator

Most of the traders, especially the beginners remain unaware of the STT charges in Kotak Securities. To get the overall cost of trade, it is good to look deep into additional costs. 

You can also refer to the Kotak Securities brokerage calculator to calculate the total brokerage including STT, stamp duty, SEBI charges, and other taxes applicable on trade. 


STT charges are often neglected and add to the distress when an investor sees the final cost. It is therefore important that you stay aware and take a step forward in your profitable trading journey.

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