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In today’s digital world, technology dominates all spheres of our life and now we can experience it in the world of investing too. Motilal Oswal with its Phygital approach has brought together physical advisory and AI-based digital stock recommendations.

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Wondering how?

Here are the complete details on Phygital investing and how you can enjoy its benefits 

What is Motilal Oswal Phygital?

In simple terms, it is a new way of investing where one can take advantage of Motilal Oswal’s physical advisors available in more than 5500 different locations along with the digital convenience of investing through Motilal Oswal apps.

For better understanding here is an example, 

In the present time, we all want to stay fit and healthy. Many of you might even go to the gym where you are provided with a personal trainer. This trainer analyses your health, fitness goals, schedule, etc, and comes up with a customized fitness plan.

Advisors in the share market are a lot like gym trainers. Instead of physical health, they evaluate the financial health and give recommendations accordingly.

When it comes to health, people have started using tech-based solutions like a fitness band along with a trainer to better track their health.

Likewise, in the world of finance, Motilal Oswal with its Phygital approach brings to you an AI-based consulting tool along with its advisors present in physical locations. This approach makes tracking and growing financial health more efficient.

Currently, Motilal Oswal has more than 5500 advisory services spread across 550+ physical locations and along with that they also have brought their advisory services on a digital platform through their trading app.

You can avail of all these services by simply opening a Motilal Oswal demat account.

With the help of this Phygital model, the investor gets the advantage of customized services such as analysis of risk appetite, financial goal, and capital in hand,  along with the real-time recommendation customized as per their profile. 

This makes it easier for new and seasoned investors to build their portfolios efficiently. 

Motilal Oswal Phygital Features 

Here are some of the benefits of the Phygital approach:

  •  More than 5500 advisors in 550+ cities offer free customized stock recommendations.
  •  An advanced digital platform to provide research-based investment advice.
  •  Offers recommendations for investment in different products like Mutual funds, equity, currency,   commodity, structured products, etc
  •  The better approach during a volatile market.
  •  Uses AI technology to access clients’ investment needs.
  •  Provides customized stock recommendations in real-time.
  •  Allows investors to create their portfolio by offering them multiple AI-designed portfolio products.
  •  24-by-7 portfolio restructuring in real-time.
  •  Provides an AI-based score of your current investment portfolio.


In the era of growing competition where every other stock broker is focusing on price and brokerage, Motilal Oswal-Phygital is dedicated to providing free advisory services and recommendations based on market volatility backed by in-depth research.

Enter the world of Phygital investing with Motilal Oswal today! 

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