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Are you an active trader or investor and want to join Motilal Oswal and have this strong feeling to know what is delivery in Motilal Oswal? 

Also, feeling a bit confused about whether it is different from other brokers or not, we are here to help you. But before that, let’s gather a piece of quick information on Motilal Oswal first! 

Established in 1987, Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd. is a Mumbai-based company.

Being a full-service stockbroker, its network spreads in more than 550 cities and towns. It comprises 2300 business locations that are operated by the company and its business partners.

Suppose someone asks a reputed name in the world of financial service providers across Institutional Broking, Private Wealth Management, Retail Broking, Investment banking, and more. Motilal Oswal will surely be on the top.

Do you know that it offers its services for more than 20 years, having enriched experience in the stock market field?

Before jumping to what is delivery in Motilal Oswal, let us understand the delivery concept to make it easier to grasp the information piece available in this article quickly.

What Is Delivery Trading  In Motilal Oswal?

Now, you might be thinking that what is delivery trading in Motilal Oswal. 

Well, delivery trading is not much complicated. Instead, it’s a simple and profitable way to make money with Motilal Oswal.

When you buy stocks or shares, they are added to the Motilal Oswal demat account that you are holding, especially if you are doing Delivery Trading with them, so this implies what is delivery in Motilal Oswal.

These stocks remain with you unless and until you decide to sell them in the coming days, months, or years; they stay in your ownership.

So, in simpler words, the answer to what is delivery in Motilal Oswal is when you hold stocks for more than 2 to 3 days or for the long term until you find the profitable and right stock.

Hence, Delivery Traders in Motilal Oswal could hold the stocks as long as they want, ranging from several days to months. 

Once you know what is delivery in Motilal Oswal, you should be very well aware that the margin funding benefit is not available in delivery trading in Motilal Oswal.

When the stocks are bought, the traders have to pay the full sum, and until the stock is sold, the amount remains locked.

Certain cutting-edge technology trading platforms can help you in understanding what is delivery in Motilal Oswal. These platforms are available on the web, desktop, and mobile applications. 

Through these applications, you can buy or sell profitable stocks in quick and easy steps. 

Delivery Charges In Motilal Oswal

There is a certain sum of amount that an investor requires to pay if opting for delivery trading.

Delivery charges in Motilal Oswal are levied per transaction or trading order. 

These Delivery charges in Motilal Oswal are applied to each trading and investment segment, such as equity, derivatives, currency, commodity, and many more!

Also, the Motilal Oswal margin is not offered in this type of trading as only Day traders can avail higher margin through them in Intraday trading.

Besides knowing what is delivery in Motilal Oswal, it is important to know what are the delivery charges in Motilal Oswal too and these charges are as below-


Motilal Oswal brokerage charges in the equity delivery range between 0.15%- 0.50%. If you opt for Intraday cash or futures in Equity & Commodity, the brokerage charges range from 0.015%- 0.05% for both. 

Delivery charges in options equity are from Rs. 25 to Rs. 100 per lot for both sides, and for the currency, F&O Motilal Oswal charges Rs.20 per lot for both sides. 

Further, Motilal Oswal offers various brokerage schemes in which the charges vary.

Hence, having this detailed information on the delivery charges helps you understand what is delivery in Motilal Oswal more easily.


Motilal Oswal comes into existence in the year 1987, having the main branch or Head Office in Mumbai, a diversified financial service firm in India. Motilal Oswal offers services in currency, derivatives, commodity, and equity. 

If you desire to open a demat account with them, the very first thought that might appear in your might will be what is delivery in Motilal Oswal and what are the delivery charges in Motilal Oswal. 

Selling the stocks after a day or two is how delivery trading in Motilal Oswal works.

Further, if you choose delivery trading in Motilal Oswal, you will be liable to pay a certain amount per trading deal or order. These delivery charges in Motilal Oswal for each investment segment. 

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