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Motilal Oswal is a renowned full-service stockbroking firm established in 1987 in the Indian stock market. Today Motilal Oswal Algo Trading is our main concern in this article. 

The founder of Motilal Oswal was Ramdeo Agarwal, and it offers its client across various trading segments such as currencycommodityequityderivatives, Mutual Funds, and IPO

Currently, Motilal Oswal head office is in Mumbai, and branches have been spread over 2300 locations functioned by the organization and its business partners.

Motilal Oswal has a huge client base, as it is quite popular among the Indian stock market

Lets now furnish you with a brief intro regarding Algo TradingAlgo Trading is a predefined set of instructions used to do fast trading and place orders quickly to make profits.

Algo Trading is also called Automated Trading, Black-Box Trading, and Algorithmic Trading. 

It is a buying and selling process through a computer program with a set of strategies installed in it by a trader is known as Algo Trading. 

The process is started after the detailed analysis of trading history so that by knowing the mistakes, strategies are made in a way that will help to make profits.

Nowadays, Algo trading is becoming famous; almost 60% of the traders are using the Algo Trading procedures to get profits. 

Motilal Oswal Algo Trading App 

Motilal Oswal has incorporated a feature known as ACE Cash, which is fundamentally an algorithm-based portfolio creator, and the aim is to release high returns on investments. 

It has incorporated another feature to function as Algorithmic trading known as ACE Derivatives, which is commonly used as a portfolio creator that caters the investor to gain higher exposure and produce a good amount of return on investment within the time period of 1-3 years. 

Motilal Oswal Algorithmic Trading

Algorithmic trading is the other term used for Algo Trading. The clients of Motilal Oswal are provided with the facility of artificial intelligence trading, which is pretty useful for the clients. Some of the features are listed below 

  • The signal given by the algorithms set in the system will assist you in making entry and exit in numerous asset classes. 
  • Strategies are made by the team of Motilal Oswal in ogre to get beneficial returns. 
  • The software is installed so that whenever an opportunity arises in the market, the trader must get an alert so that he knows that trading at that time will help him generate profits. 
  • Using Motilal Oswal Trading, the client can also get backtesting reports to know the various aspects of trading like the strategy’s performance, margin requirements, etc. 

Motilal Oswal Algo Trading Tool

The Algo trading tool provided by Motilal Oswal is totally a ruled based tool known as Trade Guide Signal ( TGS). 

For different types of traders like positional swing, momentum, trade guide signal is a trending tool that assists the trader by automatically generating signals of buying and selling the stocks in different segments like equity, commodity, and currency.  

The working of TGS is based on strategies and innovative techniques that utilize advanced algorithms to predictive the intensity of the trading variables. 

To make the TGS perform extraordinarily well in various market situations, traders keep on backtesting the various situations on a regular premise.

All the information investigation and decision causing will be made quickly by the framework with no emotions and works in a disciplined manner. 


Motilal Oswal was incorporated in the year 1987, and the founder of the firm is Ramdeo Agarwal. The firm assists its clients to invest in different sectors like equity, commodity, currency. 

The speed of computer software can not be beaten by Manual trading.  Trade guide Signal is a rule-based Motilal Oswal Algo trading tool that automatically generates signals to executes the trade. 

Backtesting is done by the trades to keep track of the market condition and the changing trends of the market by keeping backtesting on a regular basis trader and perform according to the market situations. 

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