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Master stock Tips is a Chennai (India) based an Investment and stock advisory company. The company mainly gives recommendations and intraday trading tips related to the stock market and commodity market. It includes stocks, nifty, bank nifty, CNX IT, stock option and stock future.

Master Stock Tips Review

The company keeps the emphasis on the basics of market sentiment and impact of the world market on the Indian markets.

Master stock Tips do analysis and research on the world economy and markets on a continuous basis to update their clients on time. They examine each and every small piece of information, their research team shares the information with the traders and investors.

All equity calls given by the company are purely technical based. On the other hand, Commodity market Tips are given by the analysts of the company after observing the movements of the commodity market on the latest software. As the stock market prediction of a commodity is based on software, the accuracy ratio is relatively high.

Stock master Tips was established in the year 2007. And its hours of operation are between 9.00 AM to 4.00 PM.

Master Stock Tips Services

If you subscribe to any of the below-listed services of this advisory firm, you will get notifications through SMS, Email or Whatsapp. Following are the services rendered by the company:

Plan A – Equity Intraday:

This pack is specially designed for those traders who want to trade in Equity segment. Intra-day is one of the best options to earn a profit on the same day without too much risk. So, most of the traders choose this Intra-day method to get profit from the equity market.

In this method, you make a position and square of it on the same day.

Features of the equity Intra-day plan.

  • You will get cash calls only.
  • Daily 5-6 calls will be given to the clients.
  • Above 85% of accuracy can be expected.
  • A proper follow-up message will be given with entry, exit and profit book.

Plan B – Index Pack:

This plan is purely for the traders of the Index like Nifty, bank nifty CNX IT. As there is high movement in any Index, Traders and investors get a better chance to book profit. Master stock Tips gives call and suggestions to the clients after analyzing Indian as well as global market.

Features of Index Pack

  • Intra-day Nifty future calls are given
  • 400-500 NIFTY profit
  • Approximately 85% of Accuracy expected.
  • Monthly two positional calls are given.
  • Call/put positional calls are given.

Plan C – Delivery Pack:

This Plan is designed especially for the traders who keep the position.

Features of delivery Pack are:

  • Positional/delivery calls are given
  • BTST calls
  • Above 95% of accuracy is expected.
  • No overtrading.
  • Full follow up msgs will be sent by the company during trading hours.

Plan D- Stock Future:

This plan suits those who prefer to trade in the future market. This is the best way to save your investment in which no single market fluctuation will ruin your portfolio.

Features of the stock future:

  • They provide daily 1-2 future calls only.
  • Positional calls are provided
  • STBT/BTST calls.
  • The accuracy of the calls is expected above 90%.
  • Proper follow-up message during trading hours.

Plan E – Any two-pack:

This is one of the Preference plan given by the company to its clients. As per this plan clients can choose any two of the above plan with one price.

This plan will help those traders who want to take any two plans of the company.

Features of Any two-pack plan:

  • Cash Intra-day plan.
  • Nifty intra-day plan
  • Delivery pack
  • Stock future plan.

Plan F – All Pack:

This plan suits those traders and investors who want to subscribe to all plans offered by the company. You need not think over any single plan, you have the choice to take all plans with a single and minimum price.

Features of all pack Plan:

  • Cash Intra-day plan.
  • Nifty intra-day plan
  • Delivery pack
  • Stock future plan

Master Stock Tips Pricing

Here are the pricing details against each of the services provided by this advisory service:

Master Stock Tips Payment Method

You can make instant online payment through a payment gateway. They accept all major debit and credit cards and through internet banking also.

Master Stock Tips Advantages

Here are some quick positives about Master Stock Tips you must know about:

  • Charges are pretty low as compared to Industry benchmarks.
  • The advisory firm has a provision of combo plans.

Master Stock Tips Disadvantages

At the same time, there are a few issues about this advisory service:

  • There is no free trial available for potential clients to try out.
  • No mobile app provision.


Master stock tips is an old stock advisory company, has limited service offer with low cost. At the same time, the company does not offer any free Trail. So, clients are advised to do their own research once before taking any subscription.

In case you are looking to get services from an advisory service for tips and recommendations, let us assist you in getting started:

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