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If you are an active customer of Sharekhan, then the very first thought that might arise in your mind will be the “Sharekhan franchise near me.”

And to clear that thought, we are sharing an article with you which will cover all its prominent offline places.

Sharekhan is a full-service stockbroker in the Indian stock market. It has recently launched its partnership program to widen its business horizons and reach more and more people through its business partners.

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Here is the Sharekhan Franchise List or Partnership Models as follows-

  1. Sharekhan Power Broker
  2. Sharekhan Independent Finance Advisor
  3. Sharekhan Remisier

These three models stated above have their own features and benefits for each person, and choosing one of them is entirely your choice. 

Although there is no such massive requirement of Sharekhan to be eligible for its Partnership program, certain mandatory conditions are essential to be fulfilled. 

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Sharekhan Franchise India

There are several Sharekhan franchises available in India. At present, there are more than 3000 branches of Sharekhan in the over 575 cities of India.

The registered office and corporate office of Sharekhan are located in Mumbai. The complete address is given below-


Sharekhan Franchise In Top Indian Cities

It is a golden opportunity for the people living in India’s top or metropolitan cities since they can quickly visit Sharekhan nearest franchise or can open one in these locations.

If you are residing in Mumbai, then it’s another perk for you since there are around 275 Sharekhan franchises in this city itself.

On the contrary, the least number of Sharekhan franchises can be seen in Vadodara. There is only one franchise in the city to handle its customers.

So if you want to assist more customers and establish an independent franchisee, then Vadodara is the right place for you. 

The number of Sharekhan Franchises in top cities of India are as follows-


Sharekhan Franchise In Other Cities

If you are not residing in Top Cities of India, then not to worry as many franchises of Sharekhan are available in other major Indian cities and towns.

In Gujarat, specifically in the Mehsana district, one can easily search for the Sharekhan franchise near me since they have around 39 offices in that particular area and know about the Sharekhan Franchise Cost.

Some of the cities and towns that have the least Sharekhan franchises. These towns and cities include Bhopal, Raipur, Guntur, Jalgaon, and Navsari, which have only one branch of Sharekhan.

To view the complete information in an easy way, please refer as below-



Find Sharekhan Franchise In Top Indian Cities

You can easily find a Sharekhan Franchise near your location. 

To view the complete franchise address of each significant state, simply click here. Here you can get information related to the Sharekhan offices in the major cities and towns. 

You can visit the nearest Sharekhan franchise and get your doubts solved in an instant way.


While writing this article, our main focus was to help you in locating the Sharekhan Franchise nearby, and we have tried to offer you the information in the simplest and easiest way possible. 

There are a plethora of Sharekhan franchises in India, estimated to be over 3000 branches in more than 575 cities and towns of India. 

The article covers the complete information in three different sections- the Head office, Metropolitan cities, and other cities. 

The registered office and corporate office are situated in Mumbai, and in major cities of India, you can easily find their franchises.

Either you want to open a franchise with them or want to find the Sharekhan Franchise nearby, you will get the desired details in this article.

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