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Sharekhan is one of the renowned budgetary trade associations.  Sharekhan Account Opening will assist you to approach all Sharekhan Products. 

The brand Sharekhan was initially a part of the SSKI Group and was later obtained by BNP Paribas Group. It has branches and establishments in more than 550 urban communities across India. 

Through an online trading site, Sharekhan brokerage services are provided. It also has an international presence in countries like Oman and UAE. 

Stay with us to get more information concerning Sharekhan Products.

Sharekhan Products and Services

Sharekhan clearly products with regards to systematic investment plans, mutual funds, currency, commodity, equity, futures, and Options.  

However, they don’t have any product in terms of Banking, insurance, forex based trading. 

Having a Sharekhan trading account gives you the opportunity to trade in the trading platforms offered by Sharekhan to its clients; these platforms are Trade Tiger, Web Trader App, Dial n Trade. 

Sharekhan Equity

Sharekhan is an enlisted member of NSE and BSE; you can exchange Equity Cash and Equity Derivatives with Sharekhan utilizing the web or disconnected network. 

Sharekhan offers equity-based exchange to the financial specialists to purchase/sell a share at a market cost.

Sharekhan equity research group is there for you to give daily research reports, weekly research reports, most recent market updates and news, and intraday stock tips.

To avail all these services, it is good to check the details of Sharekhan equity brokerage charges.

Sharekhan Commodity

Sharekhan is registered with commodity exchanges such as MCX and NCDEX. Traders can exchange in commodity futures with Sharekhan utilizing the web or offline network. 

In Commodity trading, traders purchase and sell physical goods such as metals, energy, and agricultural products. 

For speculators, commodities can be an effective method to differentiate their portfolio past customary protections. 

Since the expenses of the commodity will in opposition to stocks, a couple of examiners similarly rely upon items during seasons of market unpredictability. 

If you are looking forward to trade in commodities with the broker, then learn about the services and Sharekhan commodity brokerage in detail.

Sharekhan Derivatives

Derivatives are one of the Sharekhan products. Sharekhan derivatives include Futures and Options. These kinds of trading are very flexible like in the future, you can buy/sell a share at a specified price and future date, and in options, you will do the same, but without any obligation. 

  • Futures: Futures are a deal between two parties for the buy and delivery of an asset at a settled cost. The parties engaged with the futures transactions are committed to fulfilling a pledge to purchase or sell the primary resource.
  • Options:  Options are quite similar to futures in that it is an understanding between two parties to purchase and sell an asset at a fixed future date at a particular cost. 

The critical contrast among options and futures is that, with an alternative, the purchaser isn’t required to practice their consent to purchase or sell. It is an open door, not a commitment, whereas futures are commitments. 

Seems interested in derivatives, then Sharekhan Futures Margin is the best option, as you can trade with less money in your trading account.

Sharekhan Mutual Funds

With Sharekhan, you can invest in Mutual funds online. You can invest in significant mutual funds. Mutual funds are a kind of financial medium made up of a pond of cash gathered from shareholders to invest in securities such as bonds, stocks, money market tools, and other assets. 

Mutual funds give small or individual financial specialists admittance to expertly managing equities, bonds, and different securities. Every investor, consequently, engages relatively in the gains and losses of the reserve.

Sharekhan Mutual Funds encourages you to diversify your portfolio. Sharekhan Mutual fund administration is accessible to its clients free from cost.

Sharekhan IPOs 

The initial public offering is the fundamental offer of sales of shares when an association opens up to the world. As per the new SEBI principles, you can place money in the early stock, which an association puts up for sale. 

IPO implies Initial Public Offering. It is a cycle by which a privately held organization turns into a traded on an open market organization by offering its offers to the general society for the first time. Through the IPO, the organization gets its name recorded on the stock trade.

With Sharekhan, you can put resources into IPOs. Sharekhan IPO speculation administration is paperless and accessible on the web. Sharekhan IPO Flash examination administration is available for you to make better choices before applying for IPO.

The facility is accessible for HNI, similar to retail clients. This facility helps in growing the chances of allotting and task size.

Sharekhan Ignite

Along with the trading products, Sharekhan introduces a certified educational programme where it provides trading courses and live sessions that helps traders in polishing their trading skills.

The course covers different topics including risk management strategies.

Here are some of the key highlights of the course:

  • Personal mentorship and hand-holding
  • Live sessions
  • 40 live trades after course completion
  • Guidance in the preparation of trading plans
  • Certificate on completion

The course is offered at the minimal subscription fee of ₹24,000/-. The duration of the course is 1 month to a year and one can practice the trade under the guidance of their mentors.

Sharekhan Financial Products

 It is a non-banking finance company listed with the Reserve Bank Of India. This includes the following products: 

  • Loan against Securities
  • ESOP Funding
  • Margin Funding by Sharekhan

Let’s talk about this one by one.

Loan against Securities

 With Sharekhan, you can get Loans against Securities. The Loan facility is accessible to people as well as corporate customers. Loan against Shares or Mutual Funds is a loan facility offered against the security of Equity shares.

ESOP Funding

A worker who has been granted ESOP can gain loans against practiced shares. ESOP financing is a loan facility offered against the shares distributed to workers.

Margin Funding by Sharekhan

 Margin Funding product permits you to take advantage of situations in the capital business sector fragment, encouraging the acquisition of securities with the assistance of sums obtained from SFSL against securities or money set as security.

Also, know about the Sharekhan Partner and, Sharekhan Partner Program.

Sharekhan PMS

Under the Sharekhan PMS, the Client’s assets will be overseen by a group of experienced experts. The Portfolio Manager’s speculation theory underlines the hazard of balanced profits depending on the customer’s hazard resilience.

The Initial PMS minimum investment sum in the Sharekhan portfolio of the board administrations is Rs 25 Lacs; this sum will put resources into the different results of the portfolio supervisor.

Sharekhan PMS administration is not free assistance; customers need to pay different charges like administration charges, brokerage, and exchange costs, securities lending, and expert expenses, benefit-sharing. With Sharekhan PMS, all profit on your securities will be credited to your record.


In the end, we would like to date that if you want to invest your money in the stock market or mutual funds, bonds, etc., then you must think of Sharekhan. 

Sharekhan Mutual funds are accessible to its clients at free of cost. It doesn’t charge any brokerage, entry load, and commission. Sharekhan NEO and Robo advisor provides a tool to offer the best fund advice to meet financial goals.

A portfolio management service handles your portfolio and offers you tailor-made solutions that realize your investment goals.

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