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Do you want to join Sharekhan as a sub-broker or franchise partner? If that’s your query, then you should be aware of the Sharekhan franchise cost.

And, trust me, this article is all that you need at the moment. So, read this to the bottom and find the right answer to the Sharekhan Franchise cost.

But before jumping to our main topic, are you sure that you want to be a part of the Sharekhan Franchise program? If you are unsure or a bit doubtful, then let’s take a sneak-peak inside Sharekhan services.

Sharekhan being a full-service stockbroker in the Indian financial service sector has a plethora of impeccable services, tools, and trading platforms on its platter.

This platter is not just available for traders or investors but also serves the requirements of Sub-Brokers or Franchise partners.

Sharekhan is assisting traders and investors in exploring their short-term and long-term financial goals by offering multiple trading and investment segments. To mention a few:

  1. Equity
  2. Commodity
  3. Currency
  4. Derivatives
  5. IPO (Initial Public Offering)
  6. Mutual Funds
  7. Portfolio Management Services (PMS), and much more!

Hence, if you are a trader or an investor, you can easily buy or sell stocks, shares, debentures, etc., in these segments on Sharekhan mobile trading app such as Sharekhan Mobile Trading App, Sharekhan Mini, Sharekhan Trade Tiger, etc. 

However, it serves as an advantage for the sub-brokers or franchise partners too because instead of generating new leads only in a single segment, they can acquire multiple leads trading or investing in different segments.

Thus, it widens their business network since they can connect with different types of traders and investors, fulfilling their goals in different products. 

And to avail of their outstanding services or to know more about their Sharekhan Products, you can directly visit the local Sharekhan branches

To date, they have a presence in around 3000 locations in different cities and towns of India, so it’s relatively easy for you to locate them, or else you search for a Sharekhan franchise near me

If you are here to know the Sharekhan Franchise cost, then we believe that you might always be aware of the essential Sharekhan Franchise details that include three different partnership or franchise models. Thus, the Sharekhan Franchise List is listed below-

  1. Power Broker
  2. Independent Finance Advisor 
  3. Remisier 

These three different models fulfill the requirements of varied sub-brokers or franchise partners, and they are entirely separate from one another; in terms of revenue-sharing and working process.

Before you desire to know the Sharekhan franchise cost, you must have an in-depth understanding of the Sharekhan franchise requirements necessary to fulfill before choosing them as your partner.

If you are aware of all such useful information and utterly aware of Sharekhan Franchise benefits, then it’s time we should start discussing Sharekhan Franchise cost.

Franchise Cost Of Sharekhan

The franchise cost of sharekhan is affordable but has to be paid in advance before applying for the partnership model.

In the real world, no firm allows us to use their services without paying a certain amount. Similarly, in the stock market sector, too, if you want to join a firm like Sharekhan, paying Sharekhan Franchise cost is highly mandatory.

Sharekhan franchise cost consists of the security deposit and infrastructure cost required to set-up an office space and professional staff.


The infrastructure cost refers to the amount required to set-up an office, hire candidates, and other primary requirements such as internet facility, decent workspace, computers or laptops, working phone lines, etc.

This entire Sharekhan franchise cost is different from person to person which depends on certain factors, including some of the below-

  1. Geographical area
  2. Age
  3. Experience
  4. Financial background or support
  5. Type of Sharekhan franchise model
  6. Revenue-sharing model
  7. Client base
  8. Trading and investment segments and many other factors.

Generally, the Sharekhan franchise cost is very specific since it depends on the sub-broker capability. On average, the security deposit for all the three partnership models is Rs. 70,000, and the infrastructure cost ranges between Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 2 lakhs.


Although the security deposit is mandatory, it is entirely refundable. If your contract terms or agreement expires or terminates with the Sharekhan, you get the entire Sharekhan franchise cost back in your account and expect the infrastructure cost.

Once you have received complete information on the Sharekhan franchise cost, you might wonder how to get franchise of Sharekhan program.

Well, if you have passion, experience, and sound financial background, you can go ahead with this process.

Closing Thoughts

To summarize the conversations above, we can say that Sharekhan offers an assortment of partnership plans to suit various sub-brokers’ necessities.

It gives a fair revenue sharing proportion, which is dynamic and may increase as the deliverables multiply. 

Sharekhan franchise program or model is straightforward and does not need immense experience.

The help that Sharekhan gives according to the business, research, marketing- online and offline, operational activities, advisory, etc. is highly commendable.

Sharekhan franchise cost is mandatory and includes a security deposit along with infrastructure cost. This amount has to be paid in advance to the stockbroker before applying for the partnership program.

The Sharekhan franchise cost for all three models is around Rs. 2,00,000 inclusive of security and infrastructure amount.

This amount is different from a sub-broker to another and depends on various parameters like revenue projections, existing clients, physical location, franchise model, etc. 

Moreover, the amount is refunded in the sub-brokers’ account once the franchise agreement expires or terminates.  

Finally, it won’t be wrong to say that the Sharekhan franchise cost is reasonable and excellent as the income-sharing model is always higher on the franchise side. So, it’s a good deal to make! 

In case you are looking to get started with your entrepreneurship journey in the stock market, let us assist you in taking the next steps ahead:

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