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The past few years have witnessed the growth in the financial sector, and many people have started to join reputed stockbrokers Franchisees such as Sharekhan’s, and to achieve the same, it is vital to be familiar with Sharekhan Franchise requirements.

Due to its plethora of benefits and wider opportunities, the number of Sharekhan franchisee has been growing rapidly.

This full-service stockbroker has over 2400 offline offices across 575 cities of India and is still making various efforts to maximize his business horizons.

Know about How to get Franchise of Sharekhan?, and Sharekhan Franchise Near Me

Sharekhan is one of the biggest and oldest retail stockbrokers in India. Incorporated in 2000 by Shripal Morakhia, it is well-known for its brokerage service through its website and its Mobile Trading application across the country.

Sharekhan tends to offer its services to NRI’s, corporates, Indian investors, and traders.

Sharekhan Franchise is the platform that offers people to join as Sharekhan Partner to run their business with the support or name of Sharekhan and earn a massive profit. Along with it, its good to know the Sharekhan Fanchise Cost.

There are a variety of partnership models offered by Sharekhan that are customized to meet the requirements of each person.

These three Sharekhan Franchise List or partnership models include the following

  1. Sharekhan Power Broker
  2. Independent Finance Advisor
  3. Sharekhan Remisier

Each partnership model has its own features and benefits.

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Requirements To Open Sharekhan Franchise

To open a partnership program with Sharekhan, there are a few criteria that are important to be fulfilled.

Sharekhans’ partnership program is a great feature to expand your business area and earn well by joining a reputed stock broker in India.

Although their Partnership Models do not require extensive experience or technical skills, however, there are certain conditions that are mandatory to be fulfilled by a person.

Sharekhan Franchise Requirements are as follows

  • One must be an Indian citizen and over 21 years of age or above.
  • Have cleared 12th standard from a recognized school or above.
  • Valid and clear PAN card
  • Bank statement or Passbook
  • Adhaar card
  • One Address proof
  • Two or more colored passport size photographs

Also, it is mandatory to submit office space documents. If the site is owned by the Partner then he has to submit the property owned documents to them, and if space is on a lease, then agreement documents will be shared too.

In addition to the above Sharekhan Franchise requirements, there are some other qualifications too that can enhance your file while applying for a partnership with them.

These qualifications and skills include the below

  • Having a Bachelors’s or Master’s degree in Finance from a recognized college or university.
  • Having one or more years of experience in Finance as a Financial Advisor or a Finance Distributor.
  • Having experience in the same as an owner of the Financial firm.
  • Having prior experience in handling customers queries and other grievances related to the financial market.

Apart from the conditions, qualifications, and skills stated above, there are some specific Sharekhan Franchise Requirements that are mandatory to be fulfilled by every person interested in being a Sharekhan Partner.

These mandatory requirements are stated as below

  1. One must have a valid sub-broker recognition from either one of the Indian Exchanges – BSE or NSE.
  2. The person must be SEBI recognized.
  3. Skills such as communication, client handling, client acquisition, team management, business management, crisis handling, etc. are key important by Sharekhan while selecting the Partner.
  4. The person must be able to fulfill the age eligibility, which is 21 years to run a business.

Along with these mandatory conditions, one must have a sufficient amount to set an office space and hire staff. 

Furthermore, in some partnership models, a minimum amount is required to be paid to the Sharekhan. The amount is approx Rs. 70,000 to Rs. 1,00,000/-

Benefits of Sharekhan Franchise

Partnering up with Sharekhan comes with a plethora of advantages. Some of these benefits are as below:

  1. Through Partnership with Sharekhan, one can get strong and powerful support of the leading stockbroker. The brand is well trusted for its services and tools.
  2. Sharekhan is known to pay much higher partnership commission to its partners than other stockbrokers in the Financial world.
  3. Another benefit is that Sharekhan follows fair and transparent values among its customers.
  4. To keep their business partners up-to-date with the latest tools and concepts in the market, Sharekhan provides free technical training to its partners.
  5. The business partners of Sharekhan also get customized support and help throughout day and night. 

There are several other benefits too for the Sharekhans’ Partner. Such as hands-on latest and advanced trading platforms, and each Partner is given a single Relationship Manager (RM) to handle his queries.

To promote each Partner, Sharekhan helps them in offline and online branding. 

Closing Thoughts

From the aforementioned article, we can clearly say that being Sharekhan Franchise or Partnership gives you multiple unexpected business opportunities. 

There are three partnership models shared by Sharekhan to its partners. These models are Sharekhan Power Broker, Sharekhan Remiser, and Independent Finance Advisor.

To apply for one of the models in the Sharekhan, the person must be able to fulfill the eligibility criteria shared above and have the required documents with him.

There are many benefits of being a Sharekhan Partner such as a strong revenue base, regular support and help, personalized RM or Managers, support of a big brand, help in personalized online and offline branding, and much more!

We hope that this article contains all the desired information related to Sharekhan Franchise Requirements!

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