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There are tons of technical analysis books available in the market, covering topics like trading system development, candlestick chart patterns, crowd psychology etc. But all books will not give you relevant and updated information regarding the technical analysis.

So, it’s important to choose those books which will give you information that is useful as well stays with you for the long term.

Best Technical Analysis Books

Technical analysis of a stock focuses on price chart patterns for analysis of stocks. The right analysis helps you in taking the right position and booking profit in the volatile market. 

But understanding it and executing the right trade is a challenge for every beginner and therefore it is important to give proper time to understand the concept and basics. No doubt, books can help you in that but which book to pick is another important decision that a trader should take before investing their time

Here we have selected some of the best books, which help a beginner trader understand the concept of how to do technical analysis of stocks. Further, it gives them a basic and advanced understanding of market volatility, chart patterns, technical indicators, and lots more. Let’s go through these books one by one. You may choose to click on the book name or image to check those out on Amazon as well.

Getting started in Technical Analysis by Jack Schwager

If you want to learn technical analysis, then this book is excellent for you. The author has mentioned every small concept of technical analysis, so that novice traders can also cover major topics related to technical analysis.

You can find topics like entry and exit points, developing a plan for successful trading, developing trading systems, etc. Also, Jack Schwager has introduced price-and-time charts, Oscillators, online charting applications, and much more to investors.

Getting started in Technical analysis” covers the following important points

  • Chart patterns, Top and bottom formations, continuation, and the information of failed signals.
  • Pattern recognition, counter-trend.
  • Types of chart bars, candlestick charts, point-and-figure.
  • Software research, time frame/trading style consideration.
  • Risk control strategies, trading- approach trading- philosophy, choosing markets, establishing a trading routine.

Technical Analysis of Financial Markets by John J. Murphy

The Author has tried his best to explain every minor concept for beginners of the stock market. The book lays down the basic concept of technical analysis and its successful application in the real world.

The book helps the trader to better under the technical analysis and the necessary tools which are made for traders to know about intraday trading and other forms of trade. 

The author explains many important points like stock rotation, candlestick charts, inter-market relationships, etc. Besides all these, the author has focused on the F&O market also. He explained how technical analysis is useful in the future market. 

This is also one of the free audio books on stock market that you can find online.

“Technical analysis of Financial markets” covers the following important points.

  • Explains many concepts related to the technical analysis of stock and clears many difficult concepts in simple language for beginners of the stock market.
  • The book is one of the best technical analysis books for future and options traders.
  • Covers useful information on technical analysis indicators, chart-pattern, and candle stock charting with relevant examples, which helps you to understand each one clearly.
  • A must-read book for technical analysis lovers.

Technical analysis Explained by Martin J. Pring

You can say it is a guide for successful traders to catch trends of stock and turning points. This book is also known as the ‘Bible of technical analysis. Now, technical analysis is an essential part of the average trader’s investment strategy.

The author has explained how an investor’s confidence with a better technique and tools can make a profit in a complex market also.

The focus of the book is on the development and implementation of successful strategies and tools for the stock market. Readers will find a complete guide to a profit-making strategy in this book.

‘Technical analysis Explained’ covers the following important points.

  • Focused on almost each and every aspect of trading in the current market situation keeping technical analysis as the main focus area of the book.
  • Each concept is explained in very simple language, that a layman can also easily understand.

Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques by Steve Nison

Japanese Candlestick charting technique is an excellent way of knowing the price movement in the market. It was first used in the Japanese rice market.

But, now this technique has become very popular among traders and it has been applied with great success. This approach can also be used for the equities market, future market, hedging, or speculation.

This book is full of examples of this successful approach. So, every trader who wants to go through technical analysis books is recommended to read this book once at least.

“Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques” covers the following important points.

  • Supported with hundreds of Japanese candlestick charting techniques, which will help beginners as well as professionals.
  • It has explained the complex and wide range of techniques of technical analysis, which are required to use in today’s complex market.
  • This book has explained in a very well manner how can you apply a candlestick with any other tool of technical analysis to get the best result.
  • An interesting and necessary book to book for every investor who wants to invest in the stock market with the help of the candlestick technique.

Technical analysis by Charles D. Kirkpatrick II, Julie R. Dahlquist

This book is a complete guide for financial market technicians. The author has explained almost every tool and technique of technical analysis. It explained concepts like Risk mitigation strategies, the flow of funds, testing systems, momentum indicators, and tested sentiments, etc.

To keep the readers updated, this book also covers many advanced concepts related to market analysis, pattern recognition, and experimental indicators. Its combination of practical and academic concepts makes this book best for students as well as professionals.

“Technical analysis” covers the following important points.

  • This book is a complete investment guide for both students and professionals.
  • Hundreds of practical illustrations and knowledgeable information add value at every step for traders.
  • Its easy language makes it easy for average readers also.
  • A complete knowledge resource for market lovers.

Encyclopedia of Chart Patterns by Thomas Bulkowski

No doubt, understanding and identifying the chart patterns make it easier for the trader to predict the market. To give you every little detail of the same, here is the complete encyclopedia on Chart Patterns.

In this book, you will get every small thing related to chart patterns in this book. Thomas Bulkowski has explained every pattern of charts in a very systematic way that a reader will not face any problems while going through.

An in-depth technical analysis book with different chart patterns in the bull and bear market and updated information related to the stock market all are included in this book for the benefit of readers.

Twenty-three new chart patterns and ten event patterns have been added in this book. The author has also discussed many effective strategies which can be traded with the help of chart patterns.

“Encyclopedia of Chart Patterns” covers the following important points.

  • Each and every aspect of chart patterns have been covered with great clarity for the traders in this book.
  • Specially written for beginners in the stock market who want to trade with different chart patterns in the complex stock market.
  • One of the best technical analysis books that want to learn the application of technical analysis through chart patterns.

Technical Analysis for Dummies by Barbara Rockefeller

The author of this book has done a lot for the lovers of the stock market. This book is highly informative and easy to understand for new entrants to the stock market. Barbara Rockefeller has explained the basics of technical analysis with examples, with clear concepts. So, the traders can easily use them in day-to-day trading and profit maximization.

This book gives light on how to use data in the current market situation to decide which stock should buy or sell. This is famous among investors and traders for its easy-to-understand language.

“Technical analysis for dummies” covers the following important points.

  • This is one of the best books for learning the basics of technical analysis and using every concept in a very clear way.
  • Right from utilizing real data for the trading of stocks through the reliable trading decision and drawing a trend line for study in a tough market.
  • This help trader to choose the right analytical tool of their own choice and make a trading decision with full confidence.
  • A highly recommended book for a new trader.

Technical Analysis of Stock Trend by Robert D. Edwards, John Magee 

The book is an excellent book for technical analysis and in-depth analysis of chart patterns. Dow Theory is discussed with its possible replacement.

Since its publication in the year 1948, this book continued to be famous among market players. The main reason for its popularity is its charting and vertical bar charts with their market utility.

Its latest edition includes many more for traders. It includes an expanded version of the pragmatic portfolio theory and the Leverage Space Portfolio Model with other concepts. You can say this book is the best guide for chartists and technical analysts.

“Technical analysis of stock trend” Covers the following important points.

  • Popular among traders and technical analysts because of its best charting and vertical bar charts. They can easily apply this in their day-to-day trading.
  • Updated with new concepts, techniques, and tools of technical analysis to cope with the current market situation.
  • Among technical analysis books, this book has its own position because of its wide chart patterns and its relevance in today’s market.

Market Wizards, Updated by Jack D. Schwager

This book is very different from all technical analysis books available in the market. This book contains interviews with the topmost traders. They shared their first-hand experience of trading in this book.

The author has put his best in collecting all the important opinions of traders for giving something different to new traders.

This book contains interviews with Marty Schwartz, Bruce Kovner, Tom Baldwin, Ed Seykota, and many more. They have shared their art of trading and method of risk management with new traders and professionals.

“Market Wizards, Updated” covers the following important points.

  • A totally different book from all others available in the market.
  • The secret of super traders has been shared by them with their risk management way to new traders who are curious to know ‘how to trade and get profit’.
  • A book is full of inspiration for everyone who wants to know the technique of trading.

Technical analysis from A to Z by B Steven Achelis

As the name reveals its meaning; it is a complete book that will provide everything to a new trader. This book has an excellent read for new traders from the basics of technical analysis to different types of chart patterns.

The author has divided this book into two parts. The first part is for beginners with the basic concept and the second part is with chart patterns, over 100 technical indicators, and other commonly used charts.

The main thing which makes this book different is its lot of illustrations, given by the author which are relevant to practical examples.

“Technical analysis from A to Z” covers the following important points.

  • An easy-to-read book, especially for beginners who just want to enter the market with technical analysis charts.
  • Technical indicators and chart patterns are written in a simple way that it clears everything without giving any extra effort.
  • A must-read book for those who are new to technical analysis.

Technical Analysis Books by Indian Authors

Whether it is a global market or an Indian share market, the basic concept of technical analysis remains the same.

The above stock market books cited examples of the global market but to gain a better understanding of the Indian market you can go through the examples and concepts with the books written by Indian authors.

These books present the Indian share market charts and provide you the information on charts and patterns that are common in Indian stocks.

How to Make Money Trading With Candlestick Charts, By Balkrishna M Sadekar

As discussed above, Japanese candlestick charts have made a life of a trader simpler and easier. But for a newbie trader it is difficult and challenging to understand these charts.

With this book, you can make your learning easier as it gives you an understanding of how candles generate different signals. Also, one can learn about the psychology behind every candle formation that further help a trader in placing an accurate trade.

As a beginner, stop loss is something that prevents you from loss and this book provides you the knowledge of how to place stop losses using charts and by identifying charts signals.

A few important points covered in the book are:

  • How to keep your emotions away from trade.
  • Understanding candlestick chart signals to make a profitable trade
  • How the right analysis of candlestick charts benefits both traders and investors in the stock market.

Trading and Technical Analysis Course, By Mandar Jamsandekar

What’s more beneficial than understanding and learning the market concepts from the experience of an expert trader. Here is one such way where you can learn from the trades of one such trader, Mr. Mandar Jamsandekar.

He summarized all his trading techniques in this book and tried to explain the importance of discipline in trade.

With his serious analysis practices and ground-breaking technical analysis tools, you can easily learn the complexities of the market in the easiest way in this book.

Here are some of the important topics covered in the book, Trading and Technical Analysis Course:

  • What precautions a trader must take while placing a trade.
  • Understanding the importance of discipline in a trader’s life.
  • Tools and techniques to maximize profits.

Technical Analysis of the Indian Stock Markets, By Shriram Nerlekar

For every trader, it is important to trade in the discipline. No doubt, every trader is different and so does their strategies, but when it comes to some similarities, understanding the market condition and price action gives them a clear context and understanding.

If you are a beginner and want to know how the market works for traders, then here is the book that helps you in learning concepts, tools, and techniques of the Indian share market.

Not only the book gives you a clear context of price action but also provides awareness about the associated risks that help a trader to take the right trade call.

Technical Analysis of the Indian Stock Market covers the following important points:

  • An understanding of the Indian share market
  • Thorough knowledge of price action in trading.
  • Art and Science of technical analysis and how the market works.


Understanding the technicalities of the market takes time but the right book helps you in knowing the market better in the shortest time possible. Apart from books, there are other ways to learn stock market.

For example, you can take share market courses where along with the theoretical information you can learn the practical aspects of the market too.

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