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Stock trading is risky and at the same time comes with multiple opportunities to earn profit. If you are a newbie and want to taste the trade profit then swing trading is something that can offer you a better experience. But even in this case, it is important to know the concepts, strategies, tips, and tricks for which you can begin with swing trading books.

Nothing can guide you better than the right book but which is the best is the biggest challenge. So, without any further delay let’s provide you with some of the best picks of books on swing trading.

Swing Trading Books in India

Swing traders are momentum traders who are looking forward to reaping the benefits of rapid price appreciation but this is only possible if you develop the art of developing your trading strategies. 

Now, this requires a lot of time, patience, failure, and consistency in the market. Even though the stock market avails a lot of opportunities to make money but there is no lie behind the fact that every trader loses some money in the beginning. But you can minimize that loss if you follow some basic rules and principles.

Here is when books become your best friend.  So, if you are thinking about how to start swing trading then given below are some books that can help you in choosing the right direction.

1. Mastering the Trade

This book is an exquisite choice for beginners as well as people who are familiar with trading. The author is the founder of simpletrading.com and is one of the most successful traders.

It covers topics based on how markets work and the motivation behind trading. The second section contains in-depth knowledge about swing trading. It includes swing trading set up, insights, advice from successful traders, and real-life scenarios.

This book is considered to be the go-to guide for making a valuable career in swing trading.

2. How To Swing Trade

How to Swing trade is arguably the best book for beginners that was ever written. This comprehensive book will equip you with a better understanding of where to start, how to start, and what to expect. You can develop your strategy based on your investment goals.


You will learn about swing trading, its basic principles, swing trading vs day trading, risk management tools, and basic fundamental analysis of stocks, etc.

In short, this book is best for traders who want to step into the world of swing trading.

3. Come into my Trading Room: The New Trading for a Living

Elder, who is a legend among professional traders, has also covered classic topics like risk management and market indicators. He has provided us with eye-opening advice in terms of critical timing and money management.

It contains lessons and reasons that you should know before beginning the trade. It enlightens us about how attention to detail can bring out an enormous difference.

This book is a valuable read for anyone who wishes to swing trade although the book is not solely focussed on swing trading.

4. Swing Trading For Dummies

Pump your portfolio and make valuable profits by learning from this incredible book that guides you on how to master swing trading. This book is perfect if you are a newbie as the topics have been discussed in a very simple and understandable manner.

It covers techniques and swing trading strategies that will assist you in calculating investment returns and enlighten you about how to take advantage of strong price swings.

Very few stock market books discuss step-by-step trade anatomy in such detail which makes this book a must-read for people who are interested in swing trading.

5. Swing Trading as a Part Time Job

Nothing can stop you from earning profit from swing trade if you learn the art to do emotionless trading. This is what is described and explained in the book by Brett Brown.

During the day, the stock market comes with explosive moves that help a trader in earning profit. All that is required is to identify those moves and make a perfect entry. In this book, you can learn all those skills that a swing trader must have.

So, get this book now and simplify your journey of swing trading.

6. Swing Trading with Technical Analysis


This comprehensive book is one of the most recommended and best stock market books by Indian authors. It will assist you in acing short-term trading techniques that are involved in swing trading.

It contains plenty of examples and techniques that help you in gaining an understanding of swing trading pros and cons.

The book guides you on how long you need to hold your position and helps you take home most of the gains every time you swing trade.

7. Swing Trading: The Definitive and Step by Step Guide to Swing Trading

Andrew Johnson is a passionate trader who is also considered to be the stock market educator for all investors and traders. He has highly contributed to the construction of trading algorithms and software.

The book spans critical strategies and provides you with the secret of swing traders. It guides us about the importance of timing while trading. It also reflects on strategies that help gain maximum profits.

The book is a go-to guide for learning specialized and advanced swing trading techniques.

Free Audio Books on Stock Trading 

Now, apart from the books enlisted above, there are a few audiobooks that provide you a better understanding of swing trading. You can listen to these audio books by great authors and use their principles and techniques in trading in the share market.

Also, these books are available for FREE in a platform like Audible where by paying a subscription you can listen to these books anytime, anywhere.

You can either choose to read them or listen.

8. Trading In The Zone

If you master your confidence level for trading in the stock market, then this is the book that can help you in gaining that. This audiobook provides you the detail of myths in trading.

Also, the audio summarizes the concepts of trade and tries to make the listener understand the true realities of risk. One can learn trading by making calculative decisions and by understanding market probabilities.

9. The Daily Trading Coach

Trying and failing in a few trades, in the beginning, is the major reason most of the traders quit the trade. For those beginners, here is the book that motivates you and prepares you to trade without fear in the share market.

The author provides a list of 101 lessons on trading psychology that help one in becoming a master. With the right strategy and attitude, anyone can make and earn a profit in the share market.

This is all that you can know and learn in this book.

10. Trading Beyond The Matrix

The book help you in becoming the master of your trader by understanding the ways and strategies of trading psychology. This book explains how we can be an enemy of our own trades by trading with wrong attitudes.

The author guides on how to practice self-transformation for better outcomes and to make winning trade strategies. By listening to this audio books you would be able to bring a change in your thought process and can learn to make a profitable trades.


Books are the best friend of any person who wants to learn new concepts. Swing trading books enlisted above give you a basic and advanced understanding of the trading type.

Also, it helps you in understanding the market with a completely different mindset.

So, what are you waiting for? Get the best one and start building your knowledge and understanding of swing trade in the Indian stock market.

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