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Many investors have their eyes stick on the upcoming IPOs and what’s the most important thing that they wish to know about is what is the Nureca IPO date? 

Well, today is your lucky day as we are here to present you with the complete Nureca limited details related to its closing, opening, and allotment dates. 

Before starting, don’t miss to check our comprehensive Nureca Limited IPO review that covers this IPO objective, promoters, pros, cons, and even its financial report! 

Let’s have a quick glimpse of the Nureca company!

Nureca Limited is a home healthcare and wellness company that was established on 02 November 2016 and is known to be the fastest and growing company in this sector. 

Furthermore, it is believed to be India’s first digital company that sells its products online through various e-partners, retailers, and distributors.

The company has tie-ups with a plethora of leading brands such as Dr Trust, Dr Physio, and Trumom

Nureca Limited products are categories into five distinctive categories namely Orthopaedic products, chronic ailment products, nutrition supplements, lifestyle products, and mother and child care products. 

Broadly speaking, the products distributed by the firm include a wheelchair, walkers, sticks, physiotherapy massager, baby carry coat, aroma diffusers, nebulizers, blood pressure monitors, pulse oximeters, thermometers, smartwatches, diabetes meters, poster correction bands, humidifiers, steamers, iron, calcium, vitamins supplements, fish oil, and so on!

Now, let us have a quick insight into the Nureca IPO Date. 

Nureca Ltd IPO Issue Date

Dates are very much important while investing as time is the king in the stock market. Wrong and unawareness about the right time can lead to multiple issues. If you don’t know the accurate dates of Nureca Ltd then you can even lose a chance. 

Underneath are some of the important dates related to this IPO: 


Hence, from the aforementioned table below key points are must be considered: 

  • Nureca Ltd IPO will begin on 15 February 2021 (Monday) and will be available for bidding for the next two days i.e. 17 February 2021 (Wednesday)

Perhaps, now you might be wondering how to apply for Nureca Limited IPO? Well, the first and foremost thing is to have a demat account with a registered stockbroker

If you have the demat account then through ASBA or UPI gateway, you can apply or bid for this IPO.

However, in case you do not have a demat account and wish one, then quickly fill the below registration form with your valid name and mobile number. 

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Our executive will call you shortly and will assist you in opening a FREE demat account; thus no need to pay for anything! 

Nureca Ltd IPO Allotment Date

Now, what after you have bid for Nureca Limited IPO? Once you have subscribed for this IPO, you will be required to check the allotment status. In this stage, you will know whether the shares have been allotted to you or not.

In this stage, you need to keep an eye on the below post bidding dates: 


The above table allows an investor bidding in this IPO to consider the following highlights-

  • Once the bidding is completed, the news of shares allotted to the investors will be given on 23 February 2021. Hence don’t forget to activate the alerts and notifications buttons! 
  • On 25 February 2021, allocated shares will be safely and securely credited to the investor’s demat account.

When the shares are allotted to you, the amount blocked by your registered bank will be debited from your account and if the shares are not allotted to you, then the money will be unblocked and you can use it as per your needs.

Nureca Ltd IPO Listing Date

Many active investors are aware of this stage where the equity shares of a company are ready to be listed on exchanges. 

Following is the date when Nureca Ltd IPO will enter the world of the stock market through the listing process- 

  • As we can clearly see from the above table that the shares will be available on 2 major exchanges of India namely BSE and NSE by the following day, which will be 26 February 2021.

Then a trader or an investor can buy or sell them through trading platforms made available by their stockbrokers.

So, these vital Nureca IPO dates must be noted down or remembered by an investor while planing to bid in this IPO. 

Now, let’s close the article with a few closing thoughts! 

To Sum Up

Dates are highly important while investing in an IPO or even in Nureca Limited. We have clearly presented the closing, opening, allotment, and listing dates in the above section. 

The bidding on Nureca Ltd IPO will begin from 15 Feb 2021 and the last day to subscribe will be 17 Feb 2021. Hence Retail Individual investor (RII), Non-Institutional Investor (NII), and the Qualified Institutional Buyers (QIBs) can bid for only three days in this IPO through ASBA (online and offline) and UPI gateway method. 

The shares allotted to the investors of various categories will be shared on 23 Feb 2021 followed by the initiation of shares. On 25 Feb 2021, shares of the Nureca Limited will be credited online to the account holder’s demat account.

By the next day i.e., 26 Feb 2021, Nureca Limited shares will enter the world of the stock market through NSE and BSE exchanges. Thus, the IPO process cycle will be completed and trading and investing ways will be opened! 

Know the procedures and begin to invest in IPO! Just look into the form below

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