Candlestick Chart Analysis

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Wondering how Candlestick Chart Analysis helpful in understanding the price level and in doing smart trade?

Well, it all depends on whether you know how to read those charts. For better understanding you can invest time to learn stock market analysis.

Here is the information on how to do candlestick chart analysis and its significance in trading.

What is a Candlestick Chart Analysis?

Candlestick Charts are used in stocks, equity, foreign exchange, and commodity trading that helps in keeping track of the price movement.

These charts are helpful for all long term investors and day traders.

One can construct the chart using the data set containing open, close, high and low values for each time.

The final image that comes in display contains:

  • Hollow or Solid Portion: Body
  • The line above and Belo Body: Lower and Upper shadow respectively.
  • Top of the Upper Shadow: Mark the highest price
  • Bottom of the Lowest Shadow: Mark the lowest trading price.



One gets the solid body during the selling pressure (Bearish tendencies) when the opening price is more than the closing price.

Hollow Body

The hollow body is during the buying pressure (Bullish tendencies) when the closing price is more than the opening price.


These charts are represented using different colors that depend on the price action of the security for a particular day.

The complete red color is when the closing price is below the opening price.

In general, any color is used to represent the candlestick chart. The white, blue or green color represents higher trading than the previous one. On the other hand, black or red color reflects less trading than the previous day.

Thus, the color representation is used to determine the trading pattern of the instrument at a particular time.

In all, the candlestick chart analysis help traders to know the opening price, closing price, highest trading price, and the lowest trading price of the stock on a particular day.

One can interpret these charts using the Candlestick pattern.

Candlestick Chart Analysis for Intraday Trading

If you are an active day trader then following the candlestick chart pattern is always proves to be fruitful.

These charts are the best way of conducting technical analysis. The best you can do is to choose any one of Candlestick Chart Types that will best analyze the stock type according to your investment.

Each candlestick represents information related to the market dynamics like high, low, open, and close.

Along with this, it represents the bullish or bearish price action.

With the proper analysis of candlestick charts, you can increase the probability of increasing profit in intraday trading.

Here are two major reasons why to use candlestick charts for day trading. 

1. Assist in Knowing the Entry or Exit Time: Candlestick chart analysis helps in determining the right time of entering or exiting the market depending on the momentum, breakout, or trend.

2. Helps in Management of Trade: When doing day trading, it becomes very important to know the risk. With these Japanese charts, it becomes easy to manage risks and pros and cons of holding or closing the current position.

Bottom Line

Although, the candlestick chart analysis is quite tricky it is helpful in identifying the current market state and subsequent direction of price.

One and identify the potential path of the price that further help the trader to craft an optimized strategy that helps in reaping good benefit and profit.

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