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As per the CDSL data, the demat accounts number has increased from 2.12 crores in March 2020 to 6.50 Crores in April 2021. Now with this increase, the demand to learn stock market increases but people are not aware of which course is suitable for their trading style. To give you a quick overview of this, here we are with the list of stock market courses name. 

This list helps you to know what the course comprises and its learning outcome. So, let’s have a look in detail. 

Stock Market Courses

Now there are many offline and online platforms including NSE offering stock market courses for beginners and intermediate traders. More or less all the course providers follow the same pattern and structure when it comes to topics.

Whether you opt for stock market courses online or offline what’s important is to check for the content and the format of delivery. The better the way to explain the concept, then it is easier for one to know what they want to learn.

Also, these courses offer a very basic to advance level of understanding to all kinds of traders and investors in the market. There is 6 major stock market courses name that is generally preferred for learning by newbies.

1. Stock Market Basics

Assuming that a beginner in the stock market has no knowledge of financial transactions, the online stock trading courses begin their tutoring journey from scratch.

You must be acquainted with the basic terminologies used regularly in capital trading, dig beyond their definitions, and know how to comprehend them while performing trade.

The stock market basics course provides you with fundamental knowledge regarding stocks, their various types, and ownership details.

It gives you the concept of market capitalization, preferred & common stocks, hybrid stocks, stocks with embedded derivative options, growth stocks, income stocks, overvalued & undervalued shares, blue-chip stocks, defensive stocks, and cyclical stocks.

Moreover, you need to understand the stock market thoroughly before trading in it.

Here are some of the important topics covered in this course:

As a whole, the stock market basics course will offer you an overview of how the stock market works, what are its components, and the pros and cons of performing trades.

2. Intraday Trading Course

Traders have different financial goals, trading habits, time constraints, and risk appetites. Some may want to hold stocks for a long, while others prefer earning small and quick profits.

Intraday trading signifies buying and selling your stocks within the market timings of the same day. You may close the position within minutes, or wait hours for a profitable sale.

Intraday trading demands quick decision making and therefore it requires in-depth knowledge about market performances, stock price fluctuations, trend analysis, and strategic decision-making.

The intraday trading course thus acquaints you with the basic buy and sell systems of different financial instruments like stocks, commodities, Forex, futures, cryptocurrencies, and more.

The course covers the major topics like:

3. Technical Analysis Course

After a robust foundation in the stock market, the technical analysis course will help develop your trading and analytical mindset. Technical analysis of a stock is the most advanced and extensively utilized method of comprehending the market position with well-defined charts, line-, and bar diagrams.

This module will introduce you to the basics of technical analysis and different types of charts used by traders to evaluate the market trend with the Open, High, Low, and Close (OHLC) price points.

You will learn the concepts of gaps, uses of support and resistance, trend lines and trend channels, and how technical indicators facilitate a trader in tracking the movement of stock prices.

All technical analysis is the course that every short-term trader must opt for. It gives you a basic and advanced understanding of how you make a profit from short moves in the market.

Here are some of the main topics that help you learn technical analysis:

  • Why technical analysis is important
  • Introduction to Charts
  • Intraday Technical Analysis
  • What are Candlestick Charts?
  • Different patterns of candlestick charts
  • Technical Indicators
  • How to analyze the market using indicators

There are lot more things that help you learn stock market and build your trading skills. 

4. Fundamental Analysis Course

Before committing to long-term investments, you must analyze the organizational structure, management, operations, and market capitalization of the issuing companies thoroughly. Now, this seems to be simple, but it is actually not and for this, you need to know the basic and advanced concepts of fundamental analysis of stocks. 

Once you learn fundamental analysis, you can know the right way to find the right stock and company that can give you better returns in the future.

Also, the advanced stock market courses names are:

  • Sector and Industrial Analysis
  • How to read balance statement
  • Cash Flow Statement
  • Ratio Analysis
  • Financial Modelling

This module helps you gain the basic concepts of fundamental analysis and stock selection strategies. You will realize the factors of fundamental analysis, learn to assess balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements, and conceptualize risk and return.

5. Futures & Options Trading Course

Trading in derivatives is an advanced concept and requires in-depth knowledge and expertise. They have a flexible time of production and delivery but involve high risks for traders who have limited and superficial knowledge about futures trading.

Thus, this module aims to empower you with the basic concepts of derivatives, margins, futures, and options.

Moving ahead, stock market course names are:

  • Advanced Futures Trading Strategies
  • Options Trading Strategies
  • Open Interest and Volume
  • How to Read Option Chain
  • Option Greeks

6. Commodity Trading Courses in India

A novice trader may count stocks, equities, shares, mutual funds, bonds, or ETFs among his investment options, but trading in commodities like agro products, precious metals, and energy holds immense potential to earn profits.

The commodity trading course will introduce you to the topics like:

  • Commodity derivatives
  • Classification of Commodities
  • Arbitrage and Spreads Trading Strategies,
  • How to Perform Fundamental Analysis of Precious Metals.

You will explore the regulations of commodity trading in the Indian capital market and analyze the progress of commodity futures over the course of time.

Where Can I Learn Stock Market?

Now after getting the course overview, you might be thinking that where you can gain the proper knowledge and understanding of these courses.

Well! the best way to learn is to refer to some of the best stock market books. Other than this, as discussed in the beginning there are many platforms, you need to choose the preference between online and offline courses. NSE, NISM, IIFM and there are other platforms offering offline learning.

Along with this, there are many stock market courses online that are offering the benefit to learn from your comfort zone at the minimum cost.

One such platform is Stock Pathshala, one of the stock market learning apps, that provides basic and advanced learning on the stock market. The app is designed for all level of traders and investors in the market and deliver the content in two major languages Hindi and English.

Also, these courses are provided in textual, audio, and video format, which makes it even more convenient for the beginner to understand complex concepts in the simplest way.

The above stock market courses name is just an overview that is provided in this app. You can explore more learning options by enrolling yourself in one or two different courses as per your requirements.

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