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Investing in IPO has become an easy way to earn quick profits from the share market. Whether you a beginner level investor or an expert trader, IPO is such a financial product that entices all kinds of stock market stakeholders.

At the same time, it is certainly important to make sure you analyze the business completely before putting in your hard-earned money into buying its stocks.

Investors are always on the lookout for investment avenues that will help generate wealth and maximize returns. Many companies offer an ’Initial Public Offering’ (IPO), which is the first sale of stock issued to the public.

IPO is also known as going public by the company. It is an opportunity for the company to raise funds from the public.

Investing in IPO – 3 Things to Know

Investors need to understand the basics of investing in IPO before making an investment decision. Precisely, there are 3 most important aspects that are super crucial for you to know if you have made up your mind towards making IPO investments.

How to invest in IPO

Based on the price of shares, there are two IPO Types, one is a fixed price and the other is a book building issue. In the fixed price IPO, the price of the shares will be fixed in advance and the investors will have to purchase the shares for that rate through the demat account.

In case of a book-building issue, investors may bid on the shares.

There will be a range of prices and the investors may bid within the range. Based on their bidding, the company will allot the shares.

In order to participate in the book- building, investors need to put money into the IPO trading account before the closing date of the IPO and place an order.

If the bid is successful, the shares will be allotted on the date of settlement. In case the shares are not issued, the money will be refunded within a period of 15 days.

Pick the best investment strategy to invest your funds in the different IPOs.

Benefits of investing

Investing in IPO will allow investors to buy a stake in the company at an early stage. The first investors in the company will get the shares at a relatively cheaper rate and investors can benefit from the rise in share prices in the future.

There are higher chances for retail investors to get an allotment of shares.

If the share prices go up after the allotment, investors can significantly benefit from the same.

At the same time, if you are someone who is looking for a short-term holding period, IPOs of the proven businesses most likely provide investors with quick profits as well.

Risk and Returns

IPOs are issued by those companies, which are not yet established in the market; hence, the risk associated with the same is higher.

They may or may not have a strong brand equity at the time of IPO filing. Investors simply bet on the growth prospects of the company and make an investment decision. Investors can generate wealth or lose all their money.

The risk associated is high since it will be difficult to track the past performance of the company without financial statements. However, the returns can also be quite high if the company achieves profit and growth.

Investors need to open a demat account with the bank in order to invest in an IPO. The account will be linked to the savings account of the bank, thus making it easier to make transactions.

Every investor is advised to thoroughly read the prospectus and learn about the business of the company, the sector it operates in, the purpose behind the IPO, and their long-term financial goals.

Investing in IPO is a risky decision especially when you are not performing any research from your side and are simply relying on the market whispers.

Hence, it should be carefully made by research, analyses, and thinking it through. Investors can seek the advice of stock market brokers who can help them to make the right investment decision. To know if it is worth investing in the Upcoming IPO, look at the table below, click on the IPO that you want to know details about:

Before we wrap up this piece on this piece on invest in IPO, there are some quick information points for your reference:

  • IPOs help businesses to raise funds for their expansion plans and operations, at the same time, it is a direct way for a generic investor to be part of a potentially large conglomerate and earn a secondary income.
  • Investing in IPO comes with its own set of risks and opportunities. It is highly recommended that a reasonable level of research must go in the background before an investment decision is taken. This research must include looking into the financial health of the business, past expansions, management quality and more.
  • Investing in IPOs of a few smaller unproven businesses can be hazardous. Make sure your research helps you to stay away from such offerings.

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