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ICICI Direct is one of the most popular financial services companies in India. By opening the Demat Account with the firm, you would be able to access multiple ICICI Direct Products. 

Since it caters to more than 2 lakh clients spread across the whole country the firm avails its products in more than 200 of their stores located in 87 places. They are many in number and we will discuss them in this article.

To grab complete information on different products and services dive in!

ICICI Direct Products and Services

ICICI Direct products cater to the different needs of their varied clients who belong to three major categories – investors, active traders and beginners. 

Investors and traders can do their investments and trading, respectively using a 3-in-1 ICICI Demat Account. This account is a combination of a Demat account, trading account along banking account.

Beginners can also invest through ICICI Direct using the help of their relationship managers who provide assistance to beginners.

ICICI Direct also provides a Center for Financial Learning which can be used by beginners. This center consists of many online learning resources and classroom training. You can refer to ICICI Direct How to Find ICICI Direct DP ID.

Now, let us discuss the different ICICI Direct products and services offered.

ICICI Direct Equity

Equity trading, the most common and obvious service provided by ICICI Direct. You can invest and trade in stocks listed on the NSE as well as BSE through your trading account. 

There are different ways in which we can invest in stocks through ICICI Direct like the ones mentioned below –

ICICI Direct Cash Trading 

This means investing in stocks and buying them in cash in delivery-based trades.

Thus you do not have to rely on the margin money to invest in a particular stock. ICICI Direct offers a cash trading account that helps you to get into the cash trading of different products. 

ICICI Direct Margin 

This is one of the popular ICICI Direct products which helps the traders in making intra-settlement trading the worth of which can be up to 4 times than the actual available funds in the trading accounts.

ICICI Direct Margin PLUS Trading

Another most used ICICI Direct product that helps the traders in making intra-settlement trading the worth of which can be up to 25 times than the actual available funds in the trading accounts. 

This is used by traders for intraday trading when they want to square off their trades within the same trading day.

Different types of orders can be placed for buying or selling stocks. For example, a limit order helps one to buy stocks at a predefined price set by you. 

A market order gets executed at the market rate when the order gets placed. 

Additionally, the facility of call and trade is available in more than 11 states in India. 

ICICI Direct Derivatives

This is one of the most used ICICI Direct products. Derivatives contain two types of contracts – futures and options.

Futures contracts can be taken on the buy as well as sell-side in indices as well as stocks on the National Stock Exchange. Through ICICI Direct, you can take positions in futures contracts with a contract period of up to 3 months. 

The stocks that have good liquidity and high volumes of trading can be selected for trading in futures.

Options contracts are of two types – call and put. They come at a specified price and a fixed expiry period. ICICI Direct product allows its clients to trade in option contracts of indices as well as stocks.

Make sure you are completely aware of the ICICI Direct Options Brokerage charges in case you choose to go ahead with this format of trading.

ICICI Direct Currency Trading

Through ICICI Direct, you can start trading in currency. Trading in 4 major currency pairs can be done in India – USD / INR, EUR / INR, GBP / INR and JPY / INR.

This ICICI Direct product helps traders to diversify their trades among different asset classes through currency trading. You can have a convenient and paperless experience of trading in currencies through an ICICI Direct trading account. 

Also, one of their services is research and advisory through which one can access their daily research reports and research reports based on fundamental as well as technical analysis.

You just have to select the currency trading segment section on your existing ICICI Direct trading account in order to trade in currencies. 

Sometimes, it can be disabled which can easily be enabled by submitting your KYC details to the broker.

ICICI Direct Mutual Fund

This ICICI Direct product is good for those investors who want to invest in stocks but do not have the time to study their details and keep themselves updated with the current happenings of the stock markets.

ICICI Direct provides the facility of investing in mutual funds through their trading account. 

ICICI Direct provides an option to choose from more than 2500 mutual fund schemes that are running in more than 36 mutual fund houses. 

An additional facility that you get through investing in mutual funds through ICICI Direct is you get to benefit from their extensively researched funds. 

The research on funds is done on the basis of quite strict criteria because of which the chances of their good performance are high.

In order to avail the service of this ICICI Direct product, you just have to open your existing ICICI Direct trading account and go to the mutual funds section. 

If by any chance, this section is disabled for you, then, you just have to get it enabled by providing your KYC documents.


ETFs are financial securities that are also traded on exchanges just like stocks. The annual expenses of ETFs are lower than the expenses of mutual funds. 

There are brokerages that need to be paid with buying and selling of ETFs like stocks.

ICICI Direct product of ETF investment lets the trading account holders trade in banking, index, gold, international ETFs. 

You just have to log in to your trading account to make any trades in ETFs.

ICICI Direct Bonds

ICICI Direct products of this category are quite varied in nature. They differ on the basis of time frames of investment, rate of interest that the clients will earn on their investment and institutions, risk appetite of the investors, etc.

For the most risk-averse investors, corporate fixed deposits are a good option to invest their money as most of them are rated. 

The rates of returns of these FDs are better than the rate of return offered by bank FDs. Also, the rates are even higher for senior citizens.

These FDs offer the facility of availing a loan of 75% of the investment at 2% over the rate of interest of that particular deposit.

An option for the pre-mature withdrawal of funds is also available. The time frame of these FDs are in the range of 1 year to 7 years. 

These are those financial instruments that provide a fixed or regular rate of return on the amount of money that has been borrowed for a fixed amount of time. 

These bonds are issued by financial institutions or governments. These are some of the ICICI Direct products.


These ICICI Direct products and services give professional help to investors to manage their multi-asset diversified portfolios. 

These services have the facility of regular reviews and checks whether the desired outcome is being generated or not. 

Since portfolio management is being done by those professionals who have experience in investing and generating good returns from equity markets. 

The aim of these services is to generate superior risk-adjusted returns. The strategies are discussed with the clients and they are followed at every instant.


IPO, Initial Public Offering, gives investors a chance to invest in the stock of the company that goes public. 

This gives them the higher chance to earn a profit. If you are one who is willing to invest in IPO then ICICI Direct offers you a seamless provision. 

You can do it online by visiting the IPO section of the trading app or platform. 

Is ICICI Direct Good?

ICICI Direct being a full-service stockbroker offers multiple trading options to its customers. Along with this, the robust trading platforms make it easy for its clients to trade seamlessly.

So, if you are looking ahead to trade in the share market and invest your hard-earned money smartly and securely then you can begin now by opening a free demat account with ICICI Direct now.

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