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So, if you are keen to join the Angel Broking Sub Broker process, then you must be very well aware of this Stockbroker, its partnership program, benefits, eligibility requirements, an initial security deposit, commission, registration, and login process in brief.

And also, find out whether this Angel Broking Sub Broker process is beneficial for you or right.

Let us begin with the quick introduction of Angel Broking first! 

Angel Broking is one of the oldest full-service stockbrokers established in 1987 and ranks among the top broking firms in offering impeccable trading platforms to its customers. 

Because of the stunning Angel Broking Sub Broker Process, over 11000 sub-brokers or authorised persons are registered with this broker and expanding their business area. 

Angel Broking allows its demat account holders to buy or sell stocks or other securities in different trading and investment classes. These classes include the following

  1. Equity
  2. Commodity
  3. Currency
  4. Futures Trading
  5. Option Trading
  6. Mutual Funds
  7. IPO (Initial Public Offering)
  8. Insurance, and many more! 

Thus it’s very easy for a sub-broker to grab a customer dealing in any of the above segments. 

Now, talking about their partnership categories. There are three distinct categories to complete the Angel Broking Sub Broker process, and these categories are shared as below-

  1. Authorised person
  2. Master Franchise
  3. Angel Broking Remisier

Each of these categories serves different functions and requires one to fulfil certain eligibility criteria. 

An authorised person is the one who acts on behalf of the Stockbroker and helps its customers with trading needs. 

Master Franchise is one of the profitable sub-broker programs. By opting for the Angel Broking Sub broker process, one controls a specific geographical area such as a district, town, or city. 

Under Master Franchise, one is required to set-up his own workspace with professional staff that can easily cater to the needs of the customers.  

Thus, this kind of Angel Broking Sub Broker process demands an attractive venture sum and a good framework. 

Remisier is another partnership category that requires the sub-broker to generate new customers who are willing to open an Angel Broking demat account.

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Angel Broking Sub Broker Process Eligibility

Now, we need to understand the Angel Broking Sub Broker process eligibility before registering with them. 

Although each of the categories discussed above requires the sub-broker to be eligible for specific criteria, however, some requirements are mandatory to be fulfilled. 

These requirements are shared as below

  1. To apply as an Authorised person, register, or master franchisee, the person must be registered with India’s top security board- SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India). 
  2. Further, to proceed with the Angel Broking sub-broker process, you must have successfully completed at least 10+2 or above from a recognized school, college, or university.
  3. You must also be well-aware of the local or regional language of the area so that you can easily understand their requirements and, in turn, help them in solving the queries.
  4. To be an efficient sub-broker, you must also possess good communication skills along with better sales skills to attract customers in high quantity. 
  5. In addition to the above points, one must have an understanding of the different trading and investment products. These products include equity, derivatives, commodity, currency, mutual funds, IPO, etc. 

Please Note: In case you have not cleared 10+2, then you are required to present your valid experience certifications, which must be of two years in total. 

Apart from the above, other eligibility conditions are necessary to be fulfilled before continuing with the Angel Broking Sub Broker process, such as a Master Franchise along with different categories must be able to make the initial security deposit to the Stockbroker. 

A Remisier should have an excellent client base to generate new clients to Angel Broking. 

Before moving ahead with the registration process, one must have complete information on these requirements and should be able to fulfil them. 

Now, let us view the Angel Broking Sub Broker registration process. 

Angel Broking Sub Broker Registration

Once you have gone through the eligibility criteria, you must proceed with the Angel Broking Sub Broker registration process. 

We have made this process quite simple and straightforward to minimize your time and save your cost. 

Hence, simply fill the registration form in the following steps-

  1. Correctly enter your details in the form given below, and shortly, a callback will be arranged from the Central Head Department of the Angel Broking. 
  2. The business executive will verify the requirements and will learn your marketing goals.
  3. Now, he will arrange your physical meeting with the local or nearest business representative, who will brief you about the desired sub-broker category. 
  4. If you will be interested in proceeding with the Angel Broker sub-broker process, then an agreement will be shared with you.
  5. Once you sign the agreement along with the required documents or certificates, your file will undergo a background check.
  6. After the verification process, which usually takes 2 to 3 business days, you will be shared with login credentials. 

It is the easiest and quickest way to register with Angel Broking as a Sub Broker

To complete the registration process, certain documents will be required from the customer, which is as follows-

  1. Documents for identification purposes like PAN card, driving license, Adhaar card, valid passport, etc. 
  2. Copy of current address proof such as the latest electricity bill, water bill, etc. must only be of the previous three months. 
  3. Certificates of academics
  4. Experience certificates
  5. Valid registration certificate with SEBI 
  6. Proof of Investment 
  7. Passport size photographs- At least Four
  8. Initial Security deposit proof
  9. Reference letter from a licensed CA (Chartered Accountant)
  10. Any valid age proof

Now, what next? After finishing the registration process, you can begin your business through the Angel Broking sub-broker platforms. 

Angel Broking Sub Broker Login process

Let us understand the Angel Broking Sub Broking login process so that you can view and manage all your customers at your fingertips. 

During the Angel Broking Sub Broker process, credentials hold an essential place. These credentials are shared with you after you proficiently finish the registration process. 

There are two different methods to complete the Angel Broking Sub Broker login process. These methods or ways are given below-

  1. Login via mobile
  2. Login via web

To proceed with Angel Broking Sub Broker process for login via mobile, you can download their sub broker mobile application specially designed for the partner’s named Angel Partner Interface App. 

Simply download the Angel Broking Sub broker app, and enter your login credentials- User ID and password and have access to all your business areas. Here, you can view your revenue generation, active and inactive logs, personalized dashboards, etc. 

The same Angel Broking Sub Broker login process will be carried out on its web platform, known as BeeNXT. Just click here, and a new screen will display in which will be expected to submit your sub-broker credential details- User ID and password.

Once you successfully submit these details, you can have access to your Angel Broking Sub Broker process of login reflecting your income details, customized dashboards, and much more!

Angel Broking Sub Broker Process Commission

Angel Broking Sub Broker process commission holds the key component while picking this association model. 

As it is said that on the off chance that a stockbroker offers an attractive commission, at that point, numerous individuals go along with him, and on the off chance that the commission isn’t acceptable, at that point, individuals will avoid choosing such a broker. 

The Angel Broking Sub Broker process commission is acquired from every exchange that a customer makes and pays Brokerage charges according to his exchanging and its volume.

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How much an Angel Broking sub-broker will procure that absolutely relies upon two significant components. These components are as beneath

  • Sum shared by an agent which is ordinarily in a rate 
  • Number of customers a Sub Broker can pick up 

Let us take, for instance- If you bring 5 new clients for every month installed with Angel Broking, at that point, the normal commission will associate with Rs. 3 lakh every year. 

If you follow a similar business technique for two and three years, at that point, the normal Angel Broking Sub Broker pay will associate with Rs. 4 lakh and Rs. 5.5 lakh per annum individually. 

Additionally, as it is said that Angel Broking Sub Broker commission altogether relies upon the business, a customer pays for every exchange. 

Other than this, it is additionally essential to consider that every association model to proceed with the Angel Broking Sub Broker process has a distinctive commission stream.

The below table will give you complete information on the Angel Broking Sub Broker Commission process:


Angel Broking Sub Broker Process Deposit

In the sub-broking business, there is a mandatory concept of making certain payments or security deposits by the sub-broker with the central Stockbroker. 

Especially in this challenge, this underlying security deposit is obligatory in nature and gives a position to the Angel Broking Sub Broker to freely complete the business handling until the arrangement or agreement is substantial. 

The Angel broking sub-broker process deposit ranges between Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 3 lakh relying upon the model of Sub Broker program, pay, the client base, and other practically identical factors. 

This action of following an Angel Broking Sub Broker deposit or initial security deposit is accompanied by all the broking houses with no unique case. 

Similarly, this deposit is by and large refundable in nature; for instance, once the duration of the agreement is finished, the total amount is returned back to the Angel Broking Sub Broker’s bank account. 

Infrastructure Investment by Angel Broking Sub Broker 

The different class of investment a person makes while undergoing the Angel Broking Sub Broker process is normally the working space. 

This straightforwardly refers to the workplace set-up alongside employing trained staff to deal with the current clients and furthermore to produce new customers for Angel Broking. 

Angel Broking Sub Broker process requires that the sub-broker should keep up a respectable infrastructure with the ultimate objective that the workplace is of a reasonable size, is arranged in a decent zone, has sufficient workstations, web network, telephone lines, etc. to keep up a smooth business. 

Underneath table gives an unrivalled perspective of Angel broking Sub Broker Deposit


Closing Thoughts 

The Angel Broking Sub Broker process can be exceptionally competitive in light of the enormous number of individuals related to them. 

However, it is useful to remember that interest in their trading and investment segments like stocks, mutual funds, equity, currency, and different products is developing at a fast movement. 

Angel Broking Sub Broker process offers awesome workspace, marking – online and offline, and training support. With a bit of subsidizing of resources and energy on your part, you could make an accomplishment of this partnership program. 

The commissions are liberal; in case you get a wide client list. Without a doubt, by being a piece of the Angel Broking Sub Broker process, the sky could be boundless. 

You needn’t mess with a lavish degree, yet essential instruction would help close by data on Financial Markets. 

To prevail in the Angel Broking sub-broker process, the main thing you need is business getting, passion, and excitement to succeed, close by a huge load of difficult work.

In case you are looking to get started with your entrepreneurship journey in the stock market, let us assist you in taking the next steps ahead:

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