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One may get intimidated by options trading as many people find it a strange and mysterious investment practice. On the contrary, options trading is an investment endeavor that can yield huge benefits. But to make the right trade decision, it is important to gain proper knowledge first for which we have enlisted some of the best books for options trading. 

So without any delay, let’s find out the list of best reads to understand options trading

Best Books for Options Trading in India

When you think to get into options trading then it becomes important to know how it works, and how to read the options chain. 

Also, it is important to know the important terms and parameters that impact the option value and lots more. 

In all, options trading is a bit different from equity trading and therefore one must step into it only after having useful and complete information. 

For this, you can opt for the stock market courses on options trade or if you want to learn the basics first by yourself then here are some of the stock market books that can help you in taking the right step and increasing the chance of making a profit. 

1. Options as a Strategic Investment

The book is marked to be one of the best as it provides you with a directional view of the share market. The complex topics have been explained in an easy-to-understand manner.

Explore new options strategies for investment management via non-equity option products and listed options. It helps you learn how to enhance your portfolio’s earning potential with market-tested tools.

Various techniques and strategies have been covered within the book that can be employed while investing in option products. 

To make you understand the power of each technique the author has used some real-life examples.

If you are thinking of beginning options trading, Options as a strategic investment is a must-read for you.

2. Options Trading for Dummies


If you wish to learn about options trading from the start then this book is perfect for you as each concept has been covered thoroughly.

Based on your investment needs this book will help you select the right trading strategies and best indicator for option trading. It will assist you in constructing a cost-building tactic with which you can yield maximum gains.

The author has described option trading as risk management. The book also involves detailed information regarding ETFs ( Exchange-traded funds) and techniques that can help you become an established trader.

Overall, the author provides theories and tactics that can be put into action to yield maximum benefits.

3. Options Trading: Quick Start Guide

This easy-to-understand book is packed with lots of information on options trading. It talks to readers about numerous trading decisions and how to resolve critical decisions.

It inspires the readers to become sharp cunning traders with the help of real-life experiences and examples. It discusses call-and-put options, the importance of option greeks, and popular techniques to deal with critical market conditions.

Overall, this book is a must-read for someone who wishes to explore all aspects of the market.

4. Options Volatility and Pricing

This book has been named a bestseller for new professional traders as one can learn the techniques and strategies easily. The author has covered fascinating topics which are as diverse as the share market.

The author explains how options trading is an art and lists various techniques which allow one to master this art to make huge gains. It gives insight into how the theories are applied to the practical models of pricing techniques.

This book is best for those who are looking forward to ruling the market by learning to master option trade.

5. The Options Playbook

This comprehensive book is for investors and traders who understand the market but wish to enhance their strategies and techniques to gain more profits. The book comprises 40 strategies and a guide on how these strategies can be put into action. 

The author has covered every concept from the pricing variables to the market’s volatility. The accuracy of the strategies is a driving force for the gains earned.

The book is a perfect pick for someone who desires to explore the world of options trading.

Option Trading Books By Indian Authors

Now the above-listed books are good and offer you ample knowledge on an options trade. But if you want to learn the concept in the context of the Indian share market then here are a few recommended books written by Indian authors. 

Here the basic terms and parameters are however same as in the above books but the examples and strategies are defined in context to the Indian share market which helps you in gaining a better understanding. 

6. Option Trading Strategies

This book is amongst the best option trading books for the Indian market. It includes various strategies on how to trade options in the market. You can formulate a successful strategy based on the techniques mentioned by the author.

With this book, you can enhance your skills to maximize your earnings and minimize loss. The author has used simple-to-understand language so that a newbie with little knowledge can understand options trading easily.

7. How to Make Money Trading Options

How to make money trading options is a step-by-step guide for generating income and teaches us how to make huge profits. The author gives knowledge about how to generate income regularly with the help of non-directional trading.

The book reveals concepts like non-optional trading, strategies for non-directional trading, and how to use trading techniques to suit your style. The book comprises many charts and illustrations along with real-life examples for better understanding.

Option Trading Audiobooks

Many people prefer listening to the summary or content in the book and that is why audio books are in much demand. So, if do not find reading a book a good option then here are some of the audio books.

These audio books help you in understanding the basic and advanced concepts of the market and how options are different form another form of trading in the simplest and easiest way.

8. The Bible of Options Strategies

This book contains information on options trading from start to end, giving us insight into how advantageous option trading can be.

The examples discussed in the book have been cross-referenced so that one can have access to it anytime he wants. The author has covered all the major concepts involved in options trading.

The complex techniques have been explained smoothly. Some of the concepts covered in the book include trade with leverage, reduced risks, trade for the generation of income, how to yield profit via declining stocks, etc.

Several traders highly recommend this interesting book as every detail of options trading has been covered thoroughly.

9. Options Trading Crash Course

If you wish to know how options trading works in the real world, this book is for you. For novice traders, the options trading market can be quite difficult to understand but with the help of this book, you can understand the concepts easily.

The author has explained various ways to attain healthy profits via strategies. He also throws light on how to trace patterns and huge opportunities in the market.

This book is a great pick if you are looking for all strategies and concepts compiled in a single book.


Options trading can be the best way to earn huge profits but it carries risk. Gaining appropriate knowledge and techniques is crucial before beginning options trading. 

Kickstart to learn stock market and trading like a pro with the help of these books. You can easily get them on any online website like Amazon, Flipkart etc. 

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