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Have you ever considered learning the stock market through apps? Or Are you confused between several apps because they tend to offer the best services as compared to others? So, let’s just stop here as we are about to share the Top 5 Stock market learning apps with you.

This article is completely unbiased and all the information shared in this article is properly researched and well analyzed.

As you might already know that stepping in into the stock market sector or in any other field requires proper knowledge and understanding of the different terms, processes, concepts, etc.

No doubt that these details can be obtained from various sources but in this modern world having access to a learning app is essential as you will be aware of the fastest-changing sector at your fingertips. 

Secondly, a few of the stock market learning apps listed below help you in learning through various audio-visual aids. Therefore, your learning scope widens at a peek.

Thirdly, having a Stock Market learning app in India keeps you updated with the information without any delay, and definitely, an app can never be lost or damaged.

Do you wish to professionally learn stock market courses and build your career specifically in the finance segment? Then, worry not we got you covered in that too!

So, now let’s talk about the Top 5 Stock Market learning Apps that are highly popular in the financial world.

Best Apps for Learning Stock Market

Although there are a plethora of stock market learning apps available in the market and even on Google.  

But, we have shared some of the Top Stock Market Learning apps for you that can enhance your learning journey and goals too.

After going through their fees, courses, and learning assets, we have rounded up the Top 5 Stock market learning apps to be considered by beginner level as well as an advanced level learner.

Apart from these stock market learning apps, if you are a bookworm or if you do not have access to a smartphone, then several stock market books can be really helpful for you! 

Best Stock Market Learning App

Here are the top 5 apps that provide stock market courses online.


Let us now understand each of the above best apps for learning the stock market in a detailed way. 

1.  Stock Trading Basics

Stock Trading Basics has successfully reached the top position due to impeccable features and a rating of 4.6 on the Google Play Store.

It is surely one of the Top 5 Stock Market learning apps in India that are helping users to learn stock market basics to advanced topics and processes in a simple and easy way.

By downloading this application from the Google Store, you can get a lot of learning courses on the stock market completely free of cost.

The courses are explained in a very simple and understandable way. So, you can learn all the complex terms in an uncomplicated way.

This stock market learning has innumerable courses for its users to enhance their knowledge skills.

Each chapter has been ended well with the help of a quiz.

This Stock market learning app follows a similar pattern- Learn, Note, Test, and Exam. 

Once you have downloaded this one of the stock market learning apps, you will know that the courses are well written in a long essay format.

By the end of the chapter, you can review it too by giving each of them a score or star. 

To download the app, click here


Now, let’s talk about some of the Stock Trading Basics app pros and cons-

Suitability for Free Learning

2. Stock Pathshala

Stock Pathshala gets the next spot here since it offers impeccable learning features to its users and which is why the app has received around 4.5  ratings on the Google Play Store.

Their basic version is perfect for beginner level traders and the ones who wish to start everything from the beginning.

If you wish to understand how the stock market works then this app is a must for you!

On the contrary, an advanced level investor or an active investor can opt for their paid version where they can easily learn complex processes and terms. 

Additionally, they offer courses on a number of concepts and terms. Hence, you will get an abundance of learning material.

One of the major features of this Stock Marketing learning app is that it offers learning courses in different languages such as English, Hindi, Tamil, Gujarati, Telugu, and continuously they are adding more languages too.

Thus, your learning won’t be affected by your language choice.

Apart from this, the reason why this is one of the best stock market learning apps is that all the courses are shared in multiple learning methods such as audio, video, and textual base. 

So, if you are comfortable in learning the course via listening to a podcast or audio, then without any hassle you can go ahead with the same. 

Subsequently, a new course or topic is added after every week. Thus, this clearly means that this stock market learning app is proactively working and giving information on the latest stock market topics.

Besides this, Stock Pathsala offers technical support to its customers. They are available on call, email, and chat options. 

Also, another major feature of this stock market app is that if a user is stuck before or after opening a demat account, or while trading, then they dedicatedly help them without any charge! 

Stock Pathshala believes that examining yourself is highly important otherwise you won’t be able to fill the loopholes. 

Therefore, at the very end of the chapter, a free of cost quiz is given to identify and analyze one’s learning journey.

Furthermore, the app offers courses in Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Gujarati languages. Fascinating, right? 

You can download the App easily from the Google Play Store.

Hence, the aforementioned features in an app are eagerly researched by many learners, which is why it is included in the list of Top 5 Stock market learning apps in India.

However, one of the drawbacks of this application is that it is not available on the App Store and currently the app doesn’t offer certifications. 


Now, let us have a glimpse at this Stock Market learning app benefits and drawbacks-


Suitability to Efficiently Learn Stock Market Trading.

3. MyWallSt

In the list of Top 5 Stock Market learning Apps, MyWallSt can be marked as third place due to its rating of 4.5 on the Google Play Store.

The app tends to offer 100% original content and teaches a user on How to invest in the Stock Market.

So, if you are keen to learn the fundamentals of the US Stock market, then the app is perfect for you! 

This stock market learning app is completely user-friendly and the courses are well-written in simple and different languages that will help you in your goal-based investing in India.

Although contrary to other Stock Market learning apps, it does not have quizzes or MCQs at the end, however, it confirms that each chapter can be read in under 1 minute. 

Additionally, each chapter has an audio of the same.

This is one of the Best apps for learning the stock market, especially for traders at the beginner level, since the app has been dedicated to help the user in the smart investment and to smoothen the trading process easy for them.

To install MyWallSt on your Android Phone, you can refer to the link by clicking here.


Now, let’s have a sneak-peak into its key features and some of its drawbacks:


Suitability for a Beginner level trader

4. Udemy

Udemy can be placed in the fourth position among the Top 5 Stock Market Learning apps due to its popularity in the current market.

Udemy tends to offer multiple ranges of courses for a beginner level as well as an advanced level investor and trader.

To go through the Stock market learning courses, all you require to do is search for your category and choose your desired course from the list of many.

However, on the drawback side, this Stock market learning app requires you to pay a certain sum of amount even to have access to a simple course. 

The courses on this platform or Stock Market learning app are given by experts only so it’s a bright sign for you because now you can trust their words and the given advice too.

On this platform, you can learn any course at your pace and can ask questions to the online teachers or other students too.

If you wish to download the Udemy app on your Android phone, then just tap here.


It’s time that we should talk about the things or features that we really like in this stock market learning app along with some of its cons.

So, here we go! 

Suitability for Passive Learners or Students

5. Varsity by Zerodha

Varsity by Zerodha scores a rating of 4.4 on Google Play and successfully spots among the top 5 stock market learning apps.

Varsity is a learning product of Zerodha- a prominent discount broker in the Indian Stock Market. 

Although this is a stock market learning app, surprisingly, it is an online trading learning platform too.  Zerodha Varsity gives open access to the users and the courses given in this application are completely free of cost. 

No doubt, the cost is a useful parameter while analyzing the best Stock market learning apps list.

Through their text-based courses, you can learn multiple numbers of simple to advanced level courses in a simple and user-friendly way.

Along with each course, a well-structured is illustrated to explain the content in an understandable way. 

Beginning from what is stock market is to how to trade on the stock market, each chapter is clearly covered in this app. 

And, one of the prominent features of this stock market learning app is that each course has been divided into three different difficulty levels- easy, moderate, and complex.

Along with this, each chapter ends with a quiz to evaluate the performance of the user. 

If you find this stock market learning app interesting, then you can download this by clicking here.

Key Features:

App Name: Varsity Zerodha

Fee: Free

Learning courses: Stock market, technical analysis, fundamental analysis, trading systems, etc.

Courses Format: Textual only


Suitability for Free Readers

How to Choose the Best Stock Market Learning Apps?

Now a question that arises in your mind is How to choose the best stock market learning apps for you. 

Well, the answer is quite simple! 

From the aforementioned article, you must have obtained your answer. But, in case you still have any doubts related to the same, we are here to make the process easy and simple by referring to the table given below:

By following the above table, you can easily make a comparison between the Top Five stock market learning apps and wisely make a choice about the stock market learning app you should choose or install on your mobile.

We believe that everyone has different learning goals and levels of experience. Hence, it’s important to choose the appropriate goal based investing app after doing extensive research.

The most important places to look in a stock market learning app is its content quality, formats of the courses, languages available on the platform, rating, cost, and support. 

In case, you are stuck somewhere, it is essential that the support of the firm must be easily connectable. 

Some of the stock market learning apps offer paid advanced level courses too. So, from their demo or free courses, you can determine the quality level of the paid or advanced ones. 

Also, make sure that the payment (if available) is on a yearly basis since it saves much of the amount. 

If you are unsure of the stock market learning app, then you can quickly download the app, and do a bit of research on the shortlisted ones. 

Closing Thoughts

A majority of the people ask about the top stock market learning apps that they can choose to quickly grasp the important concepts, processes, and terms related to the Indian Stock Market. 

To save your time from a long search on Google and exploring different sites, we have presented the top 5 stock market learning apps after extensively studying them and practically going through the understanding of stock market

The right stock market learning apps, or even if you are looking for an Indian stock market learning app then the appropriate one will not only offer you the information about different concepts and structures of the Stock Market.

Rather it will also help you in proactively trading and investing across different segments so it’s better to take some time to choose appropriately.

Always make sure that your chosen stock market learning app is available in different formats- text, video, and audio based, and also includes multiple courses, quizzes, available in different languages and most importantly must be available offline.

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