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Intraday trading is all about buying/selling shares and closing your positions before the market closes. But here comes the question, till when you can close your open position? Well! this depends upon the intraday square off time.

Intraday Square Off Time in India 

In general, the standard market timings are 9:15 AM to 3:20 PM but every stockbroker has a specific square off time.

You need to close your position as per the square off time of the broker to avoid losses and further from paying the additional fees of auto-square-off charges.

These charges are the penalty charged by the broker for squaring off your intraday position on your behalf.

Wondering how it can impact your overall trade?

For this let’s take an example.

Let’s suppose Nikhilesh buys 10 shares of Infosys at ₹800 each. Here he was looking forward to make the profit of atlesat ₹25 per share. 

For this, he waited the whole day and being unaware of the auto square off time of his broker, the trade get executed at ₹812 per share. 

Now what are the charges he ended up paying. 

Here let’s assume that he is having an account with 5paisa where the brokerage is ₹20 per trade. 

Thus, he had to make a payment of ₹40 plus taxes. Apart from this, Nikhilesh had to make an additional payment of ₹20 as the auto-square off charges. 

So althought the profit he could make was (₹120-₹40) ₹80 but it was reduces to ₹60 due to the penalty he had to pay. 

Thus, this make it more important for you to know the square off timing of your broker before initiating trade.

Want to know the square off time of your broker, here is the detail.

Zerodha Square Off Time 

Zerodha is the best discount broker in India and carrying a client base of over a million, and is increasing day by day. 

Although the broker allows you to trade at the least brokerage, but charges some fees for auto-square off.

Here is the detail of the square off timing of the broker in each segment.


5paisa Intraday Square Off Time 

Again another discount broker comes into play where a trader can easily trade in various stock exchanges, including NSE, BSE, and MCX. It is 5paisa. Therefore a trader can also trade in the commodities segment under intraday trading.

Before executing the trade with the trade, have a look on the 5paia intraday square off time in the following table.


What is Square Off in Upstox

Apart from Zerodha and 5paisa, here comes another discount broker, i.e., Upstox, which likewise offers services in the various segments and also allows trading with different stockbrokers like NSE, BSE, and MCX.

The intraday square off time of Upstox is given in the table below:


Intraday Square Off Time Groww

Here comes a new broker that suits the newbies, i.e., Groww, with the comfortable trading features available in the trading platform. 

Many newbies are attracted towards its brokerage and investment services.

But at what time Groww auto-square off your positions in intraday.

Well! for that here is the detail in the table below:


Intraday Square Off Time Angel One

Angel Broking now known as Angel One, offers the hybrid services i.e. full-service stockbroking services at the discounted price.

If you are specifically doing intraday trading with the broker, then here is the important piece of information for you, intraday square off time in Angel One.


Intraday Square Off Time HDFC Securities 

After the discount brokers, here comes the bank-based stockbroker, i.e., HDFC Securities that is already linked with the best banks of India, HDFC Bank, and allows trading in various segments in the stock market.

Willing to trade with HDFC Securities, then here is the detail of the square off time in HDFC Securities that prevents you from paying the auto-square off charges.


Intraday Square Off Time Kotak Securities 

Again in the list of full-service stockbrokers, here come the Kotak securities. Another broker is bank-based and offers free intraday trading to the traders. 

But what if you forgets to square off your position on time. Well for that you need to pay the additional charges and thus here is the square off timings detail in the table below.


Auto Square Off Charges

Mark the time to start intraday trading with the brokers to maximize the return and overall profit percent. 

So, let’s dive into a little more detail to check the charges imposed by these stockbrokers to auto-square off your position.



It is true that the traders do research to gain more profits and minimizes the risks, but at the same time, before starting trading with any of the preferred stockbrokers, it is essential to note the intraday square off time of a broker.

Likewise, the informative piece dealt with the various stockbrokers and the intraday square off time particularly.

Hence it is right to explore, understand, and then trade accordingly!!

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