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The best Intraday Trading App is an essential topic of discussion among intraday traders. A quick trading platform tops the list of necessary ingredients to earn profits from the share market.

Since you’re here, we assume that you know what intraday trading is and what an intraday trader. But if you are new to the trading industry, let’s brief you a bit about it.

As the name suggests, intraday trading is where you buy and sell the financial instrument in one trading session. A trader that follows this strategy is known as an intraday trader.

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Now that we have a basic understanding let’s discuss the best app for intraday trading.

Best App For Intraday Trading

Selecting the most efficient app is mandatory for an intraday trader so that they don’t lose out on making profits due to a lousy trading platform. Are you confused about how a trading platform could lead to losses?

With two simple examples, we can explain the importance of an intraday trading app.

Ramesh is an intraday trader and works in an IT firm. He practice day trading without any particular trading app.

Now due to the workload, he has less time to check the stocks, track their movements, and conduct technical analysis using other alternative methods. Thus, his income from the stock market is decreasing with each passing day.

On the other hand, Amit is a Sales Manager at an export house and trades in the stock market. For trading, he uses an intraday trading app provided by his stockbroker.

The app gives him technical indicators and other various instruments to analyze the trade.

Amit’s income has been increasing with time and has become his second source of income.

We think that this basic comparison between two intraday traders is enough to explain the trading situation with or without a trading platform.

Let’s list the top intraday trading apps in India.

Intraday Trading Apps India

With the growing advent of technology, people are now looking ahead to the best and seamless alternatives for everything they do. 

So, when it comes to investing or trading in the stock market, trading apps and other platforms acquire another demand and position in the market. 

But with more than 250 registered brokers in India, it is difficult to choose the best trading platform. So to clear the air of confusion, here’s a list of the top 7 Intraday trading apps.

1. Angel Broking App

Angel Broking is a well-known name in the stock brokering industry. It is a full-service broker that provides multiple trading platforms for varying devices. Let’s talk about the best mobile trading applicationAngel Broking App, for trading.

Some features of this app are listed below:

  • Live stream of the Stock Prices.
  • Intraday Chart Patterns.
  • Various Technical Indicators.
  • News gets updated instantaneously.
  • Shows the latest market trends.
  • Provides more than 40 technical chart indicators.
  • Variety of reports about the Indian and global markets.
  • Secured funds transfer for hassle-free transactions.
  • Online payments via more than 40 Indian banks are facilitated.
  • Well researched stock market reports.
  • Facility to trade in all segments.
  • Option to trade on multiple stock exchanges.
  • Access to personalized support from the Angel Broking helpdesk.

The process of placing and executing an intraday trade is the same in all brokers. The only point of distinction is the number of indicators and charts provided in the application. If you trade in options then you have the right app to choose the best indicator for option trading in order to earn the profits.

Angel Broking extends more than 40 technical chart indicators.

A look at the Google Play Store statistics is tabulated below:


A look at the login page of the mobile application is as follows:

2. IIFL Markets

Selecting the best app for intraday trading is challenging as there are many options available in the market. IIFL or India Infoline stands out as it is a well established full-service broker in India.

The mobile application by IIFL is named IIFL Markets.

Some of the features are listed below:

  • Allowing trading in multiple stock exchanges like NSE, BSE, NCDEX, MCX, etc.
  • Facilitates trading in various financial segments.
  • You can go through the in-depth research reports of more than 500 stocks prepared by the financial experts.
  • You can make customized watchlists for stocks.
  • Thorough and complete information about a company like historical data, key ratios, shareholding pattern, research, PnL, etc.
  • Instant updates of the financial and business news.
  • Specific news related to your investments and trades.
  • Customized price alerts to avoid missing any opportunity in the market.
  • The app is easy to navigate through and use.
  • You have the option to access the application via Guest Login. It helps in making better decisions.

To know about the application, you can always look at the numbers as they never lie. According to the IIFL official website, IIFL Markets has over 6,05,000 Android users, 1,23,000 iPhone users, and more than 50,000 iPad users.

A look at the Google Play Store statistics are tabulated below:


A sneak peek into the application is attached via screenshots below:

3. Stock Note

Intraday trading has to be executed and done with the utmost care, and this requires a strong backing by the trading platform you use. SAMCO is a rising name in the stockbroking industry as a discount broker.

It offers its customers a mobile application called Stock Note that helps them trade in the markets with ease and at a faster speed. Let’s list some of its features below:

  • Allows you to trade in multiple financial instruments.
  • Simplifies the experience of the traders in the Indian stock market.
  • Extends the service of Giga Trading Engine (GTE), which combines advanced analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) to recognize trends, patterns, and opportunities from the ocean of data.
  • Has quick on-boarding.
  • Sends you various types of alerts like never before to help you trade at one touch.
  • Provides the latest news and updates from the markets to guide you in making the best decisions.
  • The trader can personalize the complete application from feed, watchlist, portfolio to settings.
  • Provides multiple technical indicators and chart patterns for stocks listed on various stock exchanges.
  • Equips you with a range of order types like Bracket Order, Cover Order, Limit Order, Stop Loss Order, etc., for trading in the markets at the least risk exposure.

For better  use of these order, types understand cover order meaning and bracket order meaning along with other mentioned above

The most differentiating factor for an intraday app is the number of technical indicators and chart patterns provided in it.

Stock Note provides more than 100 technical indicators and multiple chart patterns like Candlestick chart types, Bar chart, Mountains, Line charts, etc.

A look at the Google Play Store statistics are tabulated below:


You can have a look at the application in the screenshots below:

4. Kite

Zerodha is the top stockbroker in terms of the number of active clients and is the best discount broker out there. Zerodha introduced the concept of Discount Broking in India. The intraday trading app provided by the stockbroker is Kite.

Let’s list some features of the mobile application below:

  • Lightweight mobile application.
  • Easy to use user interface.
  • More technologically advanced than its peers.
  • Provides embedded console widgets and reports.
  • Enables biometric login (Face Identification and Fingerprint).
  • Instant updates of order executions and placements.
  • Push notifications for order update.
  • Single set of credentials for all platforms provided by Zerodha.
  • The trader can customize the market watchlist created.
  • TradingView charts and various technical indicators.

The various charts available in the application are –

In addition to this, the application provides more than 100 technical indicators like – 

  • Stochastics
  • MACD
  • Darvas Box
  • Alligator
  • Bollinger Bands
  • Moving Average, etc.

A look at the Google Play Store statistics are tabulated below:


A look at the mobile application is as follows:

5. MO Trader 

Motilal Oswal is a well-known brand of the stockbroking industry. It is a full-service broker and provides multiple platforms for easing the trading process. The intraday trading app by Motilal Oswal is known as MO Trader.

Let’s talk about the features of this mobile application in brief:

  • Provides latest updates of the financial and business news to facilitate the traders.
  • Gives access to various technical indicators and chart patterns.
  • Enables trading in multiple financial instruments as it is a member of many stock exchanges of India.
  • Sends customized price alerts.
  • You can square off trading positions at just one click.
  • Executes orders at a fast speed.
  • You can create maximum 10 positions across segments in one screen.
  • Real-time margin updates.
  • Sends real-time MTM, turnover, and P&L updates.
  • You can pin net positions for future references.
  • You can personalize the application shortcuts.

MO trader provides you with 19+ technical screeners to assist you in finding the best market opportunities at the right time.

A look at the Google Play Store statistics are tabulated below:


A sneak peek into the Motilal Oswal Mobile Trading App is as follows:

6. Stoxkart Pro

Stoxkart is a discount broker with robust trading platforms for its clients. The intraday trading app by the broker is known as Stoxkart Pro.

It is considered one of the most technically advanced mobile applications for trading in the stock market.

Let’s discuss the features of this application below:

  • Facility to access the application via Guest Login Feature.
  • User-friendly application.
  • You can view all the trades on one screen at the dashboard.
  • Quick live updates of the business and financial world, which is powered by ‘Live Squak’.
  • Permits you to set unlimited price alerts.
  • Get personalized notifications about the instant updates.
  • Create customized watchlists.
  • Order placement at the tip of your fingers.
  • Multiple charting tools.
  • Various charts types of multiple intervals and drawing styles.

The application provides you recommendations that are in line with your goals and enables thematic trading.

A look at the Google Play Store statistics are tabulated below:


You can have a look at the user interface in the screenshots below:

7. Fyers App 

Fyers is a discount broker in India. It is a fairly new participant in the stockbroking industry but has been gaining popularity due to the brokerage plans and the quality of trading platforms.

The intraday trading app is known as Fyers App.

Let’s list a few features of this mobile application below:

  • Has more than 2 years of intraday historical data.
  • Unique User Interface and is easy to use.
  • Provides over 22 years of EOD data in the form of TradingView charts.
  • You can favorite financial instruments for easy access.
  • Enables trading in a range of trading segments as it is a member of various stock exchanges.
  • Facility to open an instant Demat account with the broker.
  • Realtime and historical charts are available for spot indices.
  • Easy access to the support team.
  • Access to the back office of the stockbroker.
  • A range of ways to secure your mobile application – Biometric, Pattern based passwords.

This mobile application provides you with more than 65 technical indicators and multiple chart patterns for easing the process of picking out the best stocks and trading process. Also, read the Best Indicators for Day Trading Futures.

A look at the Google Play Store statistics are tabulated below:


A look at the application has been provided by the screenshots as follows:


Selecting a suitable intraday trading app is one of the most important steps in commencing your journey as an Intraday trader. A trader requires a fast and lightweight application to execute trades at the correct time.

It is possible only when the application is technically advanced and provides all aspects of information like technical analysis, charts, and news updates on time.

A well-informed trader is certain to make more profitable decisions against an uninformed one.

This brief list of 7 intraday trading apps was an attempt to guide you towards the best trading platforms available in the Indian markets.

We hope that it helps you in making the tough decision of choosing the most suitable application from these.

Happy trading!

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