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Although the Angel Broking Sub Broker model is new in the industry, it has received an excellent response from its audience.

Angel Broking is one of the leading stock broking firms in India, and with its Sub Broker program, it is reaching beyond the expectations of its customers.

In this article, we will be discussing the Angel Broking Sub Broker model, its charges, registration, commission, benefits, and much more in a detailed way. 

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Along with this, we will find out whether this Partnership model is the right choice for you or not. So, let’s begin!

Angel Broking Sub Broker Review

Without a doubt, Angel Broking has had a prominent name in the Indian financial segment since 1987. 

It is not just one of the oldest and largest full-service stockbrokers in India but also ranks among tops in offering impeccable trading services to its customers.

Angel Broking Sub Broker Program offers a wide range of business values to its customers, and you will be surprised to know that to date, they have more than 11000 authorized persons or Sub Brokers registered with them.

For this, they have been recognized as the largest Sub Broker program in June 2020.

This Angel Broking Sub Brokership is very popular among the Stock Market niche as it has diversified investment products for its customers such as 

Although there are multiple Angel Broking sub broker plans you would want to be aware of, here we discuss specifically one of those.

Angel Broking Sub Broker List

There are three different types of Angel Broking Partnership models or lists that a person can choose to be a potential Sub Broker with the firm.

This Angel Broking Sub broker list includes the following

  1. Authorized Person or Sub Broker
  2. Master Franchise
  3. Remisier

Authorized Person

Under the Angel Broker Sub Broker, one can be an “Authorised Person” for progressive growth and excellent earning opportunities.

So, what exactly is the “Authorised Person”? 

According to the NSE (National Stock Exchange)- An Authorised person is the person who acts on behalf of a stockbroker and handles its business by assisting customers in their trading needs.

A Sub Broker is also known as an Authorised Person or AP in the Financial segment. They are very important players as they have a couple of important roles to play. 

Since there are around 9,33,128 active clients of Angel Broking, it is quite difficult to help each and every investor in the trading process. So, that was the point when a strong need for Angel Broking Sub Broker was felt.

Angel Broker Sub Broker or AP acts as an intermediary between a The Authorised person to help traders and investors related to the Angel Broking to trade efficiently in the Indian Stock Market and make excellent progress.

Not just that, they assist them in making the right decision towards finding the right stock in which they can invest, and help them in understanding its pros and cons. 

So, if you are looking ahead to avail any kind of help or assistance with any kind of brokerage service then get in touch by locating an Angel Broking sub broker near me. This helps you in availing all kinds of assistance from opening an account to trading.

Angel Broking Sub Broker program- Authorised person helps the customers with the various investment options such as a commodity, derivatives, equity, and so on.

Although the Angel Broking Sub Broker or Authorised person is not necessary to be registered with an Exchange, however, they can still work and create an advanced business network for them.

Roles and Responsibilities of Angel Broking Sub Broker or Authorised Person

Angel Broking Sub Broker or Authorised Person is required to perform multiple tasks in different frontiers. That task can be linked with any investor, stock exchange, or even with a stockbroker. 

Duties with Investor

  1. Angel Broking Sub Broker is pivotal in assisting traders and investors in expanding their benefit from their investments. 
  2. A ton relies upon the Sub Broker capacity to recognize great arrangements for customers and urging them to contribute more.
  3. Along these lines, they fill the double need of helping the broking house extend business and customers to get a sweet profit for their investment. 
  4. The essential part of the Angel Broking Sub Broker is to help customers in settling on investment decisions. 
  5. They stretch out each conceivable assistance to help customers to put resources into protections viably and win the best profit for their investment. 
  6. Another duty includes helping the customers by sending tips and market news on the best deals to make their investment cycle simple. 
  7. They comprehend the customer’s needs and money related objectives and appropriately direct them with the best investment opportunities.  
  8. Aside from that, they keep up associations with customers, update them on deals and offers through ordinary bulletins and emailers, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. 

Duties with a Stock Exchange

Angel Broking Sub Broker or Authorised Person works under their brand and help them shape the business scope. Some of their functions of an Authorised Person with a Stock Exchange are as below-

  1. The main role of an Authorised Person is to help the brokers to maximize their profit and reach in their area.
  1. Along with this, he is responsible for increasing business volume by reaching more potential customers that want to put their money in stocks or shares of different trading and investment segments.
  1. Angel Broking Sub Brokers are also responsible for maintaining clear transparency in the details. They differentiate between a good and a bad document.

Functions with Stock Exchange

  1. After receiving a franchise, Angel Broking Sub Broker or AP undergoes an important and useful way by offering tips related to that stock Exchange to the clients. 
  2. This helps them in making better trading and investment decisions. 

Benefits of Angel Broking Sub Broker or Authorised Person

Some of the benefits related to the Authorised persons are as follows

  • Reasonable initial investment cost
  • Flexible and Excellent revenue sharing model
  • 3 Day Tag Generation Process
  • No cost demat Account facility to the clients of Sub Broker 
  • Account opening in less than 5 minutes

Angel Broking Master Franchise

This model of Angel Broking Sub Broker permits one to have syndication of brokership in a characterized territory, region, or jurisdiction. 

Generally, such a model requires an attractive venture sum and a good framework. 

Like other Angel Broking Sub Broker models, even this model influences the organization and customer base for making active progress. 

Some of the advantages of Master Franchise include the below:

  1. If you opt for this model, then you will have completely independent control over a particular Area, Location, or Town. 
  2. Through this Angel Broker Sub Broker program, one can avail maximum profit that has never been given by any other broker to date. A commission of around 80% can be offered by them.
  3. You can independently work without any boss and even no competitor.
  4. Through this program, one can reach the sky of unlimited business possibilities in a quick time. 

Angel Broking Remisier

This is one of the simple and profitable business models under the Angel Broking Sub Broker program.

In this partnership model, register or the agent hires new clients that are interested in opening Angel Broking Demat Account and further efficiently trade through their platform.

In this model, Angel Broking Sub Broker or Remisier can haggle with the compulsory security deposit on the off chance that he/she can give great business possibilities.

To proceed with this business program, a register is required to pay an initial amount of Rs. 30,000 (approximately) to Angel Broking. 

This amount is completely refundable in nature, so once the agreement is expired or terminated, the amount is automatically transferred to the agent’s account.

Angel Broking Sub Broker or Remisier Revenue share begins with 30% and can go as high as half. 

Advantages of Angel Broking Remisier:

  1. Low Initial Investment 
  2. Appealing Commission of 30%-half 
  3. Easy onboarding measure

Angel Broking Sub Broker Registration 

To quickly complete the Angel Broking Sub Broker process, one must have followed certain rules and steps.

But the question arises “How to become Angel Broking Sub Broker”? The answer is quite simple and straightforward.

To join Angel Broking Sub Broker that has over 11,000 Authorised Persons (AP), 110 branches across India, more than 1 million retail clients, and 11,000 trading terminals, one needs to fulfill certain necessary conditions. 

These conditions and skills required are as follows

  1. One must have successfully cleared 10+2 or have passed Graduation with good scores.
  2. Candidate must have a good command of the local, regional language, and English so that he can easily handle clients.
  3. The person opting to be an Angel Broking Sub Broker must possess good communication skills and excellent decision making qualities.
  4. The person must have in-depth knowledge of the trading and investment segments such as equity, mutual funds, commodity, currency, derivatives, and much more!
  5. You must also have a bit of information about the country’s economy and politics because that directly or indirectly affects the behavior of the stock market.
  6. If you have not passed 10+2, then you will be required to show your experience letter. Candidates must have at least two years of working experience with any Financial sector company to be an Angel Broking Sub Broker.

Once you have gone through the Angel Broking Sub Broker eligibility condition, you can start with the registration process.

This process is simple and quicker than any other process. You just need to follow the instructions as below-

  1. Simply enter the details in the below form, and in no time, you will receive a Call Back from Angel Broking Sub Broker Department.
  2. Their business executive gives you a call back on your number and will note down your details and other information. Along with this, he will understand your business goals and revenue background.
  3. Once you are an eligible candidate, he will book a slot or appointment with your local area, Angel Broking representative. 
  4. He will disclose the revenue sharing system, sub-broker models, investment amount, etc. to take the business to the next level.
  5. Post this, an executive will arrive at your given address or location to collect the necessary documents, and also an agreement will be shared with you containing all the important details.
  6. Once the entire process is successfully completed, you will be shared with an Angel Broking Sub Broker login ID.

Angel Broking Sub Broker registration process generally takes 2 to 5 working days.

To complete this process, the following are some of the required documents

  • Valid identification proof like PAN card or Adhaar card, etc.
  • Copy of the current or permanent Address proof such as Electricity Bill, Adhaar card, Passport, and much more!
  • Academic certificates
  • Registration certificate with SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India)
  • Four passport size photographs
  • Investment proof
  • Proof the Initial payment deposit 
  • Chartered Accountant (CA) reference letter
  • Age proof

Angel Broking Sub Broker Login

Once you have completed the registration process successfully, you will receive login credentials, including your user ID and password.

These credentials hold a very crucial place in the login process. There are two different ways to complete the Angel Broking login process. These ways are as follows

  1. Angel Broking via mobile
  2. Angel Broking via web 

To process with Angel Broking login via mobile, you can download their mobile app- Angel Partner Interface App, and you will be required to enter your User ID and password on this platform.

The same will be followed on their web platform, known as BeeNXT. Simply click here, and a new window will appear in which you are required to enter your credential details- User ID and password.

Once you successfully enter these details, you can have access to your partnership platform containing all revenue details, personalized dashboards, and much more!

Angel Broking Sub Broker Apps

When you are a part of one of the top Stockbrokers- Angel Broking, then the very first question that arises to your mind is, Does Angel Broking offer any Sub Broker App for its customers? 

Surprisingly the answer to the above question is YES! There are two different Angel Broking Sub Broker Apps that allow their partner to carry all the business process through this pocket-friendly guide.

An Angel Broking Sub Broker can download these applications to view, analyze, and modify the customer’s details, calculate revenue flow, etc. all the information in real-time.

If facing any difficulty in downloading their app, then you can contact at Angel Broking Sub Broker Contact Number.

As we said, there are two Angel Broking Sub Brokers Apps that are specially designed for their partners. These two are as follows

  1. Angel Partner Interface
  2. Angel Broking Next-Gen Business Platform

Angel Partner Interface- If you want to handle all your business and clients at your fingertips, you can opt for Angel Partner Interface. 

This Application is available for different mobile users such as Android, iOS, and iPad.

Once you enter your login details in this Application, you can view active clients of the Angel Broking from a single app.

You can also daily view your revenue and turnover report in a user-friendly manner.

The Application is completely free of cost and has highly advanced features to carry out the trading process.

It allows its partners to mark funds for payout on a real basis. Also, you can call the clients quickly from this app.

Moreover, you can record your telephonic conversation with the clients and use them later when necessary.

It has a single dashboard to quickly have access to all the desired information related to your revenue, business, clients, and other areas.

It’s not a long time since Angel Broking has developed this Application, and still, now, they are making various amendments for offering exciting features to its customers and enhance their experience.

Angel Broking Next-Gen Business Platform – This is a web-based platform that can be used on the computer, desktop, or laptop. 

This is a highly advanced platform offered for Angel Broking Sub Broker to manage and monitor leads from time to time.

It tends to bring a digital revolution in the business area by offering customized ARQ’s, a single dashboard, etc. 

NXT allows Angel Broking Sub Brokers to expand its business rapidly. It is powerful and allows its partners to overcome all the obstacles that occur while generating customers.

With a single dashboard, they can manage and monitor customers at a single go. Even they can compare their business goals or achievements with their peers and work accordingly.

Another feature is that Angel Broking Sub Broker can easily track market movements with the help of Heckyl F&O. 

They can view market or stock movement, top losers and gainers, heat maps, screeners, open interest analysis, and much more.

They can even refer to the Angel Broking Sub Broker program to any of their friends or peers by sharing a quick referral link.

The framework for clients has been designed, keeping in mind the needs of the customers. An automated system is offered to carry out the process in one go.

Undoubtedly, this enhances the proficiency and efficiency of the Angel Broking Sub Broker as well as results in better client satisfaction. 

NXT has an inbuilt CRM Module feature that consists of personalized notifications, customer meeting scheduling, alarms on macro-economic and company meetings, updates for past call conversation notes, and meeting schedules for customer birthday events and celebrations. 

Angel Broking Sub Broker Income

Angel Broking Sub Broker income holds the key element while choosing this partnership model. 

As it is said that if a stockbroker offers a lucrative commission, then many people join him, and if the commission is not good, then people will hesitate to join that broker.

The Angel Broking Sub Broker commission is earned from each transaction that a client makes and pays Brokerage fees as per his trading and its volume.

How much an Angel Broking sub-broker will earn that totally depends on two important factors. These factors are as below-

  • Amount shared by a broker which is usually in a percentage
  • Number of clients a Sub Broker can gain

Let’s take, for an example-If you bring 5 fresh customers per month onboard with Angel Broking; then the average commission will be around Rs. 3 lakh annually. 

If you follow the same business strategy for two and three years, then the average Angel Broking Sub Broker income will be around Rs. 4 lakh and Rs. 5.5 lakh per annum, respectively.

Also, as it is said that Sub Broker commission entirely depends on the brokerage a client pays for each transaction, so let us assume that if the client pays a brokerage of 0.5 percent on each order, then on the order of Rs. 10000, the total would be Rs. 500. The Angel Broking Sub broker income is calculated on this amount.

Angel Broking grants a commission of a range between 50 to 70 percent, so the authorized person’s or Sub broker’s share would be around Rs 250 to Rs 350

Clearly, in order to earn Rs 50,000 per month, he or she is required to carry out transactions worth Rs 20 lakh.

Other than this, it is also important to consider that each partnership model to become Angel Broking Sub Broker has a different commission flow. 

The below table will give you complete information on the Angel Broking Sub Broker Commission


Angel Broking Sub Broker Deposit 

In the sub-broking business, there is an entrenched concept of making certain deposits by the sub-representative with the chief Stockbroker.

Particularly in this contest, this initial deposit amount is mandatory in nature and gives authority to the Angel Broking Sub Broker to independently carry out the business processing until the agreement or contract is valid.

The measure of this initial amount ranges between Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 3 lac depending on the model of Sub Broker program, income, the customer base, and other comparable variables.

This act of making a security deposit is received by all the broking houses with no special case. 

Likewise, this deposit is altogether refundable in nature. For example, once the tenure of the contract is completed, this initial deposit amount is returned back to the Angel Broking Sub Broker or Authorised Person. 

Infrastructure Investment by Angel Broking Sub Broker 

The other class of investment that an Angel Broking Sub Broker undergoes is commonly expected to make is the working space. 

This directly refers to the work environment set-up along with hiring potential staff to handle the existing customers and also to generate fresh clients for Angel Broking.

Angel Broking, being one of the prominent brands, expects the Sub broker to keep up a decent infrastructure with the end goal that the work environment is of a fair size, is situated in a nice area, has adequate workstations, web network, phone lines and so forth to maintain a smooth business. 

Underneath table gives a superior point of view of Angel broking Sub Broker Deposit



Angel Broking Sub Broker Benefits

Choosing an Angel Broking Sub Broker program is one of the best decisions that you could make in your business area, and to support this statement, we have come up with six benefits. 

Following are the six Angel Broking Sub Broker Benefits

  1. Top-Notch Platforms: One of the most prominent benefits of being an Angel Broking Sub Broker is that it has a full packed basket of highly advanced and most awarded platforms that gives an outstanding experience to the traders, investors, and partners linked with them.
  2. Strong Revenue System: Angel Broking Sub broker allows its customers to avail of a highly competitive revenue system with constant income flow. Their commission is higher than other brokers with a regular income in hands.
  3. Fair and Transparent play: Another feature of Angel Broking Sub Broker benefits is that it plays quite fairly and transparently. Each and everything is shared with the client before onboard, and later the commission process is clear as crystal.
  4. Advisory Support: In case you got stuck at a place, Angel Broking keeps your back by offering free research and advisory support to carry out your business goals passionately.
  5. Strong Brand: Being a part of a well-established and strong brand is always fruitful. Hence, you can easily be a part of a team with more than 9,33,000 active customers in India’s different regions.
  6. Training sessions: Another benefit of being an Angel Broking Sub Broker is that it offers training sessions to its partners from time to time. These sessions allow them to perform well and succeed at a high peak by getting knowledge from these discussion portals.

Closing Thoughts

The Angel Broking Sub Broker business can be highly competitive because of the large number of people associated with them. 

However, it would be beneficial to remember that interest in their investment avenues like stocks, mutual funds, equity, currency, and other products is growing at a rapid pace.

Angel Broking offers fantastic workspace, branding – offline and online, and training support. With a smidgen of funding of assets and energy on your part, you could make the achievement of it.

The commissions are liberal; on the off chance that you get a broad customer list. Undoubtedly by being a part of the Angel Broking Sub Broker program, the sky could be unlimited. 

You needn’t bother with an extravagant degree, yet basic education would help alongside information on Financial Markets. 

To succeed in the Angel Broking Sub Program, the most significant thing you need is business getting, energy, and enthusiasm to succeed, alongside a ton of hard work.

In case you are looking to get started with your entrepreneurship journey in the stock market with Angel Broking, let us assist you in taking the next steps ahead:

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