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  • Provision to invest in Mutual funds and IPOs
  • App available across Platforms
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  • Performance concerns
  • Low Update Frequency Cycle
  • Low Utility User Experience

ICICI is a huge name in the Indian financial space and ICICI Direct is its full-service stockbroking arm. Thus, ICICI Direct runs under huge pressure in order to maintain the brand equity gained by its parent company. Although most of the services offered by the broker are reasonable, things get a little substandard when it comes to its mobile app – ICICI Direct Mobile app.

ICICI Direct Mobile App Review

The other trading platforms by ICICI Direct – ICICI Trade Racer and ICICI Trade Racer Web still perform well and provide decent user experience to their clients. However, the mobile app still has a lot of work upon.

When it comes to the user feedback, ICICI Direct Mobile App is one of the worst-rated mobile trading apps in India, especially when we talk about the top stockbrokers of the country. This certainly is a big let down, for the simple reason that bigger stockbrokers have bigger expectations from their (potential) client base.

Anyway, let’s talk at length about the different offerings of this mobile app.

ICICI Direct Mobile App User Guide

This mobile app from ICICI Direct has a lot to work upon in terms of its number of features, usage of current features and so on. But before we conclude anything specifically, here is a look at some of the features provided in this app for your usage:

  • As the user logs into the mobile app, the home screen displays latest data feed on the indices including Sensex and Nifty to go along with the top market movers (gainers and losers) for the day and glimpse of the scrips in the market watch.

  • You may choose to click on the gainers and losers tab to quickly see the top gainers and losers of the day in detail with an option to see top weekly gainers and losers. This feature is very helpful for traders that are looking for short-term quick profits or those who perform intraday trading on a regular basis.

  • The app allows you to add multiple watchlists with a limit of 50 scrips in each watchlist. Once the user creates a watchlist, it automatically is appended to the home screen of the mobile app.

  • Charting functionality available for users to perform technical and/or fundamental analysis within the mobile app.

  • The app has a provision for the users to view the scrips in a grid view and shuffle across multiple segments at the same time. Segments such as Top Sensex 30, Nifty 50, Industries such as Auto, Cement, Retail are one click away from where users can view top stocks from that particular segment.

  • All the different features available in the mobile app can be viewed in a grid format and the user can directly select from here. Thus, the app provides decent usability in terms of navigation to its users.

  • The mobile app allows users to view different stocks in a heat map format, by which different stocks are colour-coded according to their momentum. For instance, green colour implies the stock has gained value while red ones have seen a decline in their value. These colours can be customized as per user preferences.

  • Users also have the option to buy mutual funds through the mobile app itself.

  • To know complete details of a particular scrip, the user just needs to enter a few characters and the corresponding results will be auto-populated below the textbox. Further, multiple data points are directly fed from the index that gives a detailed understanding of the stock at a particular point in time.

  • Trading through the user’s access code one-time login is allowed in the latest version of this trading app without going through the pain of entering username and password every time you open the app.

This is the Google Play Store stats about this mobile app from ICICI Direct:


You can read this review in Hindi as well.

ICICI Direct Mobile App Disadvantages

Here are some of the top concerns of this mobile application from ICICI Direct:

  • The performance of the mobile app is mediocre and the users might find the app hanging or freezing at times.
  • Charts are not interactive enough. Looking at mobile apps such as IIFL Markets, provide a much better-charting feature.
  • The app gets updated very rarely (>6-7 months) while some of the best mobile apps get updated within 2-3 weeks.
  • The app is reasonably slow and that is why the overall performance of the app is pretty average.
  • There are issues with logging into the application at times.
  • The overall design is pretty bland and it is difficult for beginners to understand the way application works.

ICICI Direct Mobile App Advantages

At the same time, the full-service stockbroker provides the following benefits to its clients who use their mobile application for trading:

  • Users are given the option to buy mutual funds as well to go along with stock market trading.
  • Pretty exhaustive when it comes to a number of mobile app features.
  • You can even invest in IPOs using the mobile app itself.
  • Research, tips, and recommendations are available within the mobile app.
  • The mobile app is available for Windows, Android, and iOS Operating systems.
  • The app offers a seamless way to earn extra money using ICICI Direct refer and earn.

ICICI Direct Mobile App – Verdict

Although ICICI direct is fairly a big name in the Indian investment space, when it comes to this mobile app offering – there is a bit of disappointment you may face.

If you are a beginner level trader or investor, then you may like this app while you onboard yourself into the world of trading. However, with time, when your understanding of different aspects needed in a mobile trading app will increase, the app might not be able to live up to your expectations, be it speed, features on technical or fundamental analysis, user experience and so on.

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