How to Use Upstox Pro?

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“Pro” is a free web-based trading platform of Upstox. Built with HTML5 technology, it is known for ease of use and high speed. Here’s all you need to know about how to use Upstox Pro.

Through Upstox Pro, you can trade across multiple segments namely stock, futures & options, currency, etc. Moreover, it is available in both web and mobile versions. 

The best part is that developers can use Upstox Pro to build their own apps by accessing APIs and 3rd party integration.

In what follows, discussed are the ways and tips for using Upstox Pro.

How To Use Upstox Pro App?

The Mumbai based discount broker has invested significantly in its technology. This is evident through its trading platforms namely – Upstox Pro Web, Upstox Pro Mobile App, Upstox MF, and Algo Lab.

The Upstox pro app is an advanced trading platform designed for a hustle free trade experience on the investor’s end.

It is available on the web as well as mobile versions. As per the Upstox Pro reviews, the platform is not just quick but also makes trading easy.

How To Use Upstox Pro Web?

Upstox Pro Web is the firm’s trading website that can work on any web browser. Despite being a web-based platform, it has almost all the features of an installable terminal. 

You can create a workspace (only up to 5 ) through the Pro web. In each workspace, you may add charts, quote panel, order book, watchlist, etc. at the same time. 

Further, you can place all these simultaneously on a single screen. Not only does this make the process hassle-free but it also makes trading easy.

To start trading, log in to the Upstox pro web and just click on the “+” sign in the bottom taskbar. Assign a name to your workspace and you can immediately start using it.

You can create and customize your watchlist to keep and monitor your desired stocks. This helps in tracking the current price and the movement in stocks.

To do so, click on the “+” option on the top right corner, select “watchlist”. Add a new watchlist and assign a name to it. Once you do so, you can add in any stock that you wish to keep an eye on.

As a primary usage, you can buy and sell simple, AMO, CO, and OCO Order in Upstox through the Upstox pro web. If you want to buy, choose a particular stock and right-click on it. Click on “place order” from the drop-down menu. 

Choose the order complexity in Upstox, position, TIF, and quantity as per your desire and hit the “Buy” button. You will receive an order filled notification.

If you want to buy/sell limit or OCO orders you need to fill in the trigger price in Upstox order as well.

The procedure is the same for selling. Just scroll the “sell” option on the right corner and fill in the order details accordingly.

You can check all placed orders in the “order book”, all executed orders in the “trade book” 

To square off your Upstox orders, select “position book” by clicking on the top right + sign. Then select “square off” and click on “yes”. Besides, the position book is also used for exiting positions/orders.

You can view your delivery quantities under “Holdings”. Here, you can see the net quantity (number of shares), profit, last traded price, average price, total investment, current value and returns on that particular stock.

Create an “option chain” widget to compare/monitor the difference in the price of the options. This makes things much easier as you do not need to add one by one in the watchlist for keeping an eye on them. 

Also, when a contract expires, it gets removed from the watchlist. Then option chain, therefore, makes the entire process very easy and helps you to find the right match for your call and put by showing the prices side-by-side.

The “Option Strategies” is another widget on Pro web that supports 3 strategies namely – “straddle”, “strangle”, and “butterfly”. 

You may just click on the learn more button to have a detailed idea of these strategies.

Candlestick Charting is a very important part of trading. You can add, view, and analyze four charts at a time (in a single screen and 1 particular workspace) using the Pro Web. 

Know about the Candlestick chart types, that you can choose among.

Also, you can resize and reshuffle different widgets as per your needs on the web platform.

For better user-experience, Upstox upgraded the web trading platform. So now you can access the better version, Upstox Pro Web 3.0

How To Use Upstox Pro Mobile App?

The Upstox Pro mobile app is a light-weight application that has nearly most of the features of the firm’s web platform.

The app enables trading in the stock, commodity, various types of derivatives and currency segments across NSE, BSE, and MCX.

You can use the Upstox Pro mobile app to do the following:

  • Search for your desired stocks using the “universal search tool”
  • Trading in Stocks, Futures & Options, and Currencies through a single platform
  • Use some charting tools with over 100 technical indicators
  • Access charts of multiple types, drawing styles, and intervals
  • Trade directly from the charts
  • Create multiple price alerts that update you instantly
  • Customize your watchlists
  • Updated your scrips with real-time market feed
  • Access the predefined watch-list of Nifty 50 and other indices

Note that the Pro mobile app does not offer IPO applications, mutual fund investments, and portfolio summary.

Upstox Pro Download

You can download the Upstox pro mobile app from the following:

  • Play Store for android mobiles
  • From the iOS app store for Apple iPhones
  • From the Upstox website

Taling about the pro web, you can directly access it by logging in to the firm’s official website.


Upstox Pro offers a powerful trading platform and is used by more than 100K traders. It is built on HTML5 technology and is very easy to use.

The platform features advanced charts with over 100+ technical indicators. Also, you can customize it as per your trading needs.

Hope this article made things clear about the Upstox Pro usage. Happy investing!

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