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Upstox Pro Web

Upstox Pro Web

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            • Well defined Update Frequency
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            • Usability can be Improved

            Upstox Pro Web Introduction

            Upstox Pro web is a broswer based application by Upstox (previously RKSV) that does not require any downloads or installs. Since, its a responsive application, a user can directly access trading through a laptop, desktop, mobile or tablet and the screen adapts itself accordingly.

            Upstox Pro Web Review

            The web app is pretty light weight, filled in with decent features and is regularly updated. Upstox allows you to place brokerage free trades for Equity delivery and charges ₹20 for other segments such as Futures, Commodity, Currency etc.

            Upstox Pro Web Features

            This web based trading solution comes with the following features:

            • The application uses socket technology that allows access to real time market data at much faster rate.

            Upstox Pro Web Review

            • Charting tools with 107 indicators and 10 drawing tools (such as fibonacci , pitchfork etc) allow users to perform rich technical analysis with ease, convenience. Duration of a candlestick chart, for example, can be set from 1 minute to 1 month.

            Upstox Pro Web Review

            • To save time even further, the application offers drag and drop facility with which users can drag a particular scrip and drop onto the charting screen, thus, letting the system display the scrip in form of a chart instantly.

            Upstox Web Pro Review

            • You can directly place trades from the chart feature with a single click. Users are required to right click and select whether they are looking to buy or sell that particular stock.

            Upstox Pro Web Review

            • Customizable layouts, alerts and themes as per user’s preferences.
            • Users can also access different features through keyboard shortcut keys, thus, saving time during opportunities.
            • Access historical data for as back as last 10 years, which helps a lot in fundamental analysis of stocks.

            Upstox Pro Web Disadvantages

            However, there are few concerns around this trading solution, listed below:

            • Since its relatively a new app, still few features remain to be added.
            • Relatively tough to use, especially for beginners. But by no means provides sub-optimal user experience. The market is getting tough and most of the stock broking firms are putting in their efforts to bring the best trading solutions to clients.
            • Upstox does not allow to invest in Mutual funds, so you wont be able to invest in MFs through the software.

            Upstox Pro Web Advantages

            Before concluding, here are few positives of Upstox Pro Web:

            • The web app sees an update every 2-3 weeks which is an excellent update frequency cycle. This allows users to access new features and get rid of existing bugs or issues in the application.
            • Users can shuffle across different widgets displayed on the screen as per their preferences. For instance, if you want market watch to be display to the right part of the screen, you can do that in Upstox Pro web.
            • You can even have a check at multiple watch lists at the same time, all customizable.

            Upstox Pro Web Review

            • Upstox Pro web is known for its performance and thus, provides a smooth user experience to users. The feature also offers 100 studies for users to create their own technical and fundamental strategies. Furthermore, you can even compare multiple scrips to gauge performance of stocks at the same time.
            • Users can trade across exchanges  segments including Equity, Currency or Commodities

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