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Are you into Intraday trading and looking for a zero balance trading account in SAMCO? Then, since this document will address SAMCO Intraplus, you are on the right platform.

Before hedging towards SAMCO Intraplus, let’s get a quick glimpse about SAMCO. SAMCO is a online discount broker in India, and the shares, stocks, and commodities offered by SAMCO are listed in NSE, BSE, and MCX. 

SAMCO’s NBFC arm offers marginal funding, stock lending, and other financial items to its customers. Apart from these, through CDSL, SAMCO offers the depository Participant services, i.e., the demat account and trading account.

The investors and traders usually think and ask questions like Is SAMCO Safe? Well, SAMCO is safe and reliable when it came to trading and investment.  

Along with this, it is chosen by many traders and investors since it is registered with SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India), NSE, BSE, MSEI, MCX, NCDEX.

SAMCO offers its services of trading and investment  in various segments, including:

SAMCO Intraplus Review

As you get to know SAMCO’s introduction, now is the time to learn more about the SAMCO Intraplus plan. Therefore, this section will cover the detailed information related to the SAMCO Intraplus review. 

Let’s dive in!

SAMCO Intraplus is an account with zero balance investing, where you can trade with the margins. It is safe to claim that you can get the margins from the shares.

SAMCO Intraplus is a product for the Intraday trading and for the traders who want to leverage their holdings. Even after massive holdings, the traders face a lack of margins for initiating the trading.

SAMCO trading is encouraged by the Giga Trading Engine that combines artificial intelligence and analytical technology to find the trends and opportunities in the market.

The SAMCO brokerage plans and the charges are transparent and help the traders trade in their products. There are many SAMCO Products available on their trading platforms that give a broader range to their customers.

Due to its cutting-edge platforms, it is known to be one of the best trading platforms in India, which is giving an impeccable trading experience to its customers.

SAMCO mobile app is designed to smoothly carry-out intraday trading and various investments among various segments.

Do you want to be an active member of SAMCO but want to know more about account opening?

The question-how to open a SAMCO account might be disturbing you, and you might be confused whether you should open your account online way or offline.

But, worry not! We are here to help you.

However, before opening an account with them, you must have an understanding of their price.

SAMCO Intraplus Rate

As you got the review of SAMCO Intraplus, let’s now get into the SAMCO Intraplus rate.

For signing up for the SAMCO Intraplus facility, you will be needed to pay the Annual Subscription fees of Rs. 1000 plus GST from SAMCO Star.

For each scrip that is pledged or unpledged, you will have to pay Rs. 60+ GST.

 On the outstanding ledger debit on your account, the charge of 0.05% is levied per day, and no payment will be put in in the case of nil or the credit balance.


SAMCO margin calculator will help you check the margin you will get from trading and investment in various segments.

SAMCO Intraplus Benefits

Now it is time to know about SAMCO Intraplus Benefits after learning about the SAMCO Intraplus rate and SAMCO Intraday review.

Why should you open for the premium product- SAMCO IntraPlus with this broker? Well, there are many reasons for that, and some of these reasons for opening an account with SAMCO are listed as below-

  1. SAMCO Intraplus is made to provide you with the margins against the shares that can are buying in intraday trading. 
  2. With a sufficient cash balance, you can quickly trade-in intraday trading with this facility of SAMCO Intraplus.
  3. The holdings can be pledged, and you can take the positions in the NIFTY Futures with the pledge holding margins available in the SAMCO Intraplus.  


SAMCO’s NBFC arm provides SAMCO’s consumers with marginal financing, stock loans, and other financial products.

SAMCO Intraplus is a trading account with zero balance where margins are tradable. It can be said simply that the share margins can be easily achieved.

SAMCO Intraplus is an intraday product for traders who want to leverage their holdings. The traders are still faced with the problem of lack of trading margins even after getting extensive holdings.

For the cash segment of BSE, and the cash and derivative segments of NSE, in the approved list available, the short position can be taken in SAMCO Intraplus.

The margins available to you in SAMCO Intraplus can be seen in RMS Limits, which is available under the Collateral value.

The NSE equity market, future and options segments and BSE equity segments can be traded in the intra-day SAMCO Intraplus in MIS product type.

So, Enjoy trading with SAMCO!

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