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 SAMCO is known as a broker who offers a variety of products for its traders. The list of SAMCO products starts at Equity and goes all the way to currency and derivatives. It has a range of services for its valuable customers.

It extends assistance for calculating Brokerage Charges, Margins, and Options Fair Value. SAMCO aims to simplify trading for all of its customers and thus provide a streamlined market analysis for an easy understanding of the beginners.

Since SAMCO Securities is a discount broker, it offers the following products:

With the list in hand, let’s move ahead to learn about SAMCO products in detail and decipher how this broker helps its traders in these segments.

Also, read SAMCO Intraplus, which is one of the products of SAMCO aim at reducing the hurdles while investing.

SAMCO Products And Services

A vast range of SAMCO products are available in the stock market, and they have been presenting real market data for the products listed on the NSE (National Stock Exchange), MCX (Multi Commodity Exchange), BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange), etc.

SAMCO is known for its low brokerage charges and high leverage percentages. It is a brokerage firm with a strong base of approximately 52,000 active clients. 

Along with SAMCO products extended to the traders, this broker complements a broad spectrum of technological advancements, diversified services, and multiple Samco trading platform options.

The SAMCO Web trading platforms are SAMCO StockNote App & Web portal, SAMCO Nest Trader, SAMCO StockBasket App, and many more for different services and segments.

SAMCO Financial Products

The first and foremost prerequisite to enter the trading market is a SAMCO Demat Account. Even though SAMCO offers many retail and institutional segment services, both of them are mandated to fulfill this primary condition.

Below, we’ve listed the top SAMCO products for an easy understanding. These products are an excellent option to invest in, and you can expect an appreciable profit margin in them.

SAMCO Equity

A significant trading and investment segment in which most people usually get involved is Equity, commonly known as shares.

Using SAMCO Equity, you can buy shares of a particular company or diversify your portfolio by investing in a range of shares, leading to loss/ profit distribution.

Equity, in simple terms, is the percentage of a company that you own. For instance, if a company has 100 shares in total and you buy ten shares from the stock market, you’ll become a 10% owner.

Trading in Equity is certainly riskier, but many traders tend to prefer it because of the profit margin. The rate of profit is relatively higher than other segments if traded wisely.

Do you know how SAMCO facilitates the traders to increase the rate of profit?

It happens with the help of the Giga Trading Engine or GTE, as is known commonly. GTE is a perfect blend of Artificial Intelligence (AI), analytical technology, and powerful computing. It helps in identifying trends and patterns.


IPO stands for Initial Public Offering. To give you a quick understanding of it, IPO is the process where a private company offers its shares to the public. They are majorly used to raise capital for the company’s investments from public investors.

SAMCO offers its customers to invest in IPOs by skipping the massive paperwork and lengthy procedures. You can trade or invest in these at a single click.

SAMCO offers multiple platforms to its traders for trading & IPOs can be bought and sold from them.

IPOs under SAMCO products have a few categorizations for easing the search. They are Latest IPOs, Upcoming IPOs, IPO Reviews, Monthly Calendar, and IPO Performance Tracker.

You can search for them on the official website under the ‘Utilities’ tab.

SAMCO Commodity

Commodity trading is comparatively new to Indian trading markets. This trade segment consists of trading a variety of commodities like Agricultural, Metals, Energy-based segment, etc.

The exchange these commodities are on is the Multiple Commodity Exchange (MCX).

Although there are many regional exchanges, the national trade exchange for commodities is MCX. SAMCO Commodity has a diverse range of items to trade with real-time access to the market & almost 100% market connectivity.

A list of commodities traded with SAMCO is –

  • Agriculture: Cotton, Castor Seed, Cardamom, Kapas, Pepper, etc.
  • Energy-based: Crude Oil, Natural Gas, etc.
  • Metals: Aluminum, Nickel, Zinc, Silver, Gold, Lead, Copper, etc.

SAMCO Currency

Currency trading is around the clock type of trading segment. SAMCO allows its customers to trade in various currency segments.

SAMCO has an abundance of data and information for its customers to invest in the currency segment, listed on the National Stock Exchange (NSE). SAMCO offers trading in many currencies. Some of them are as follows:

  • USD (US Dollar)
  • GBP (British Pound Sterling)
  • EUR (Euro)
  • JPY (Japanese Yen)

SAMCO Derivatives

Finally, the last SAMCO product is Derivatives. Derivatives consist of two types: Futures and Options.

Trading in derivatives is comfortable with your SAMCO Demat account, but the broker’s additional research ease the decision-making process.

These researches and analysis help in customizing strategies and recommends techniques for heightened profits and excellent trading experience.

You can reach out to SAMCO representatives in case of any queries or doubts.


To conclude this long article, SAMCO Securities, established in 1993, offers a wide range of products like currency, Equity, derivatives, etc. for traders’ ease.

All these SAMCO products get facilitated for a nominal charge of brokerage and a variety of services. This low brokerage charge tends to attract many traders to trade as a retail or institutional segment. 

Having saved traders’ profits by approximately ₹560+ Cr as brokerage, SAMCO holds its head high on a pedestal of success. Further, trading with SAMCO lets you invest in various exchanges like NSE, BSE, MCX, NCDEX, and MSEI.

Thus, with a range of SAMCO products and unique services, SAMCO is the first choice of many traders.

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