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Are you excited to get the leverage from the firm with the efficient trading platforms? Samco Cashplus is there to help you to get the leverage for the equity delivery.

Do you have confusion or doubts regarding this broker? Worry not! We are here to help you in clearing them out.

SAMCO Ventures Private Limited was founded in March 2015 and is a discount stock broker online in India. The firm was established by Jimeet Modi, who is presently the company’s CEO. 

Being its membership with a Depository Participant like CDSL, SAMCO provides excellent Demat account and trading account services.

Surprisingly, SAMCO Securities Ltd is one of the largest discount broker in India that trades across all the major stock and commodity exchanges in India, including BSE, NSE, MCX-SX, MCX, and NCDEX.

SAMCO, through its NBFC Subsidiary, i.e., SAMCO Capital Private Limited, offers leverage products. Capital market financing of products, including the margin of delivery, share loans, and other associated financial products.

Moving ahead, lets discuss about one of the unique leverage products Samco Cashplus.

What Is Samco Cashplus?

Whether or not you are Samco customer, it is important to mark that the margin funding offers the benefit of trading even with the limited fund.

This increase the chance to increase your profit margin in equity trading. So, if you are existing Samco customer you can subscribe to its product and can reap the benefit of availing the leverage of up to 4x.

To understand the concept, let’s take an example.

Suppose Rajesh want to buy equity shares of Nestle India Pvt. Ltd. but have limited fund of ₹5000 in hand. The stock price is 500 per share, i.e. he can only buy 10 shares. To reap benefit, he took the leverage of Samco Cashplus, and now trade with 4 times more money i.e. 20,000.

Now if the stock price rises by 100 per share (reaches 600 per share) then with the fund he had i.e. he would have earned the profit of ₹1000. On the other hand, trading with margin fund he was able to earn the profit of ₹4000.

With Samco Cashplus, the equity delivery leverage product, offers the investors four times margin over 300 stocks against the cash to trade in the equity delivery.

Samco Cashplus Charges

Since the broker is offering you the leverage, so here you have to pay certain sum to reap its benefits.

Samco again comes with different options under which you can opt for a suitable plan that can offer you good benefits. In general there are two types of charges that are mentioned below:

  1. Subscription charges: From the Samco Star Backoffice, the Samco cashplus can be subscribed at Rs. 1000 per year. Here you can pay the charges from Samco Star. 
  2. Interest on the leverage: In case of delayed payment, the charge of 0.05% per day is charged on the outstanding debit balance. 

To place the leverage order for the delivery trading, you are required to place order in the “NRML” product type via Samco Trading Terminal.

Samco Cashplus Leverage

After checking the information about the Samco Cashplus charges and the definition of Samco Cashplus, it’s time to know about Samco Cashplus Leverage.

The leverage ranges from 2 times to 4 times of the margin that is available in the cashplus product.

With the Samco Cashplus you can trade across 300+ equity stocks listed on BSE and NSE

The subscription of the cashplus will quickly activate the NRML orders in NSE and BSE cash. Based on the shares that have been bought, you can get leverage up to 4 times.



Still thinking why to trade in Samco. 

Here we are with the appropriate answers that influence you to open the trading account with the broker.

1.Brokerage Savings

You can trade, regardless of order size, at Rs.20 per order across all segments.

2. Get funded by Delivery Trades

The lack of funds does not deter you from buying shares. Get up to 4X leverage in order to hold shares as long as you like.

3. A Zero Balance Trading Account

With the Pledge of Shares & Make, Make Intraday Trades. No need to protect any collateral ratio of cash.

4. Advanced Trading Terminals

Get margins for overnight positions with Completely ZERO BALANCE with SAMCO StockPlus, whether it’s selling options or buying futures.

5. Highest Leverage

Trade through a state-of-the-art EXE desktop, browser, or smartphone platform!


The services, tools, platforms and the features of the Samco proves its reliability and accuracy.

The Giga Trading Engine, which incorporates artificial intelligence and computational technology, supports Samco trading.

Along with the Samco Cashplus, the broker offers other margin products like Samco provides various margin  Stockplus, Instaplus. Samco Cashplus is discussed in this document with the definition, charges, and leverage.

Along with this, the different leverage plans can give a wide range of option to benefit from trade even with the limited fund in hand. 

Open the account with the broker now and start smartly to reap the best trading benefits.

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