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Are you an active customer of Samco and looking for some valuable information on the Samco trading platform? 

Or are you willing to open a demat account with Samco and require guidance on their trading platform?

Whatever your concern is, you are surely in the right place! 

As of today, we are sharing a comprehensive review of the Samco Trading Platforms along with other necessary details, including download, login, its different trading platforms, and we will be highlighting some key features of their different trading platforms too.

But, before proceeding with the details on the Samco Trading Platforms, let us view what Samco is and what services does it offer?

As you might already know that Samco is a leading name among the Best Discount Brokers in India that allows traders and investors to buy and sell stocks, shares, and other commodities in India’s Top Exchanges. To mention a few-

  1. National Stock Exchange of India (NSE)
  2. Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE)
  3. Multi Commodity Exchange of India Limited (MCX)
  4. National Commodity and Derivatives Exchange (NCDEX)

Thus, this means that the stocks or any other securities reflecting in the Samco Trading Platforms are completely accurate and reliable. 

Secondly, this prestigious stockbroker has approval from Central Depository Services Limited, also known as CDSL in regards to opening a demat account.

Samco has over 2 lakh customers transacting in various trading and investment segments. These segments include the following-

Once you open a demat account with this stockbroker, you can buy or sell through their mobile and web trading platforms.

With such a strong & loyal client base and hold in the share market as the second most profitable stockbroker, Samco has created cutting-edge technology platforms where a trader or an investor can quickly execute the order at the fingertips. 

Now, let us quickly have a complete Samco Trading Platforms review! 

Samco Trading Platform Review

Generally, a major question or doubt arises in Samco customers and also in the people willing to join this stockbroker is -How are the Samco Trading Platforms? Are they good? Does it allow quick order execution? And How many platforms are there in Samco? 

Well, no doubt that the list of such questions is endless but through this Samco trading platforms review we tend to clear all your doubts and queries.

So, buckle up your seat belt as the ride is going to be long…. 

The first and foremost step to have access to Samco trading platforms is that one must have a Samco demat account. Once you have the login credentials, you could smoothly proceed with the online trading process of buying and selling. 

Undoubtedly, Samco spoils its users by giving a plethora of trading platforms that have high speed, impeccable features, and advanced tools to meet their trading needs at various steps. 

Presently there are multiple Samco Trading platforms available in the market and these are classified as below-


These Samco trading platforms help a customer in the purpose of placing orders and trade smoothly in the instruments offered in the Indian financial service sector.  

These platforms are generally available in the mobile application, desktop application, and on the web application with customized API services.

Samco trading platforms are known to be the best among various online platforms and there are multiple reasons for the same. 

Some of the benefits and features related to the Samco trading platforms are listed as below-

  • Order placement at lighting speed. 
  • Real market information on these platforms from all exchanges- MCX, BSE, and NSE.
  • Highly advanced tools and services on the Samco trading platform.
  • Quick updates, alerts, and notifications are provided for different stocks.
  • Several trading platforms on your mobile, web, and desktop to trade from anywhere.
  • Extensive charting options with more than 100+ indicators.
  • Customer support is available on each Samco trading platform.
  • Advanced order types like Bracket Order (BO) or Cover Order (CO), etc. are possible. 
  • Quick order placement at the fingertips and a lot more features are available on each Samco trading platform.

Apart from these features, each Samco trading platform allows its customers to perform online trading, conduct fundamental analysis and technical analysis at the fingertips.

Now, you might be wondering how to take advantage of such benefits or such astonishing features

Well, the answer to your query lies in the section below, so let’s start it promptly! 

Samco Trading Platform Download

We believe now you have an idea of how stunning Samco trading platforms are! 

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s understand each of the Samco trading platforms downloading processes and quickly begin trading without any obstacle. 

For each platform, the process is simple and straightforward! 

Samco Trader Download

Since Samco Trader is a desktop trading platform, you will be required to download the EXE application on your Windows operating system.

Samco Trader Download process is shared underneath-

  1. Navigate to Samco’s official website.

  2. Now, click on the “Products” drop-down menu list and select “Platforms.”

  3. Once you click on the Platform button, scroll to the Samco Trader section and click on the button specifying “Samco Trader Download.”

  4. On clicking the Download Samco Trader button, the application will automatically download on your system.
  5. Now, after the file is successfully downloaded, open the file, and shortly an installation process will start.

  6. Here, click on the “Next” button at every step, and the Samco Trader download process will be completed.


StockNote is a mobile-based Samco trading platform that can be easily downloaded on smartphones with Android or iOS applications.

To download StockNote follow the below steps on your App Store or Play Store-

  1. Search for “StockNote” and click on the “Install” or “Get” button.

  2. Within a few minutes, this Samco trading platform will be downloaded on your mobile.

Samco Trading Platform Login

The very next important step is to enter the stock market through this Samco trading platform. 

Once you have chosen the desired Samco trading platform, you will be required to have access to these by entering the login credentials- Client Code, password, and Year of Birth (Two-factor security measure) you can start your trading journey and reap the maximum benefits of online trading

Let’s talk about each one of them step-by-step! 

Samco TRADER Login

Once you have downloaded the Samco Trader, a window will appear on your screen just like below-

Here will be required to enter your valid User ID along with your password. After entering the details, click on the “Login” button, and now you can start trading and investing in the instrument of your choice.


After this mobile application has been downloaded to your mobile, a display like this will appear before you-

  • Here click on the “Login” button given on the right top corner of the screen. 
  • Once you click on the button, a login page will appear, just like below-

  • Here, if you are a Samco User, then enter your User ID, password along with your Year of Birth. Then click on the “Secure Login” button and all the important details and Live market data will be shown at your fingertips! 

In case, you are not an existing customer of Samco, then you can click on the “Guest User” box and without any credentials, you can analyze how their application works and what are its features. 

Although, it is important to know that you won’t be able to place an order or perform extensive research. 

Now, let’s talk about the web-based Samco trading platforms such as StockNote, and Samco STAR.

The login process for all these are quite similar. Simply navigate to Samco’s official website and click on the “Products” tab. 

From this tab on the drop-down menu list, click on the Platforms button. 

Choose your desired web-based Samco trading platform, for example-

  • If you choose StockNote Web, click on the “Login to StockNote Web” button. A new page will appear in which the login button will be at the top of the screen.
  • After clicking on the “Login” button, a new pop up will appear where you will be required to enter your login credentials.
  • Enter your login ID or registered email along with a secret password, and click on the login button.
  • Now, if we take the example of Samco STAR, then the same procedure will apply.

A new window just similar to the above one will appear where you’ll need to enter your details

Now, you might be completely aware that the login process on these platforms are highly simple and quite a bit similar too. 

Samco Online Trading Platform

As discussed above, there are multiple different Samco online trading platforms that give impeccable trading experience to their users. But, do you really know how each of them are different from one another and what do they offer? 

Without any delay, let’s figure that out in a moment! 

Samco Desktop Trading Platform

We will begin from the desktop trading platform i.e. Samco Trader.

Do you know that Samco Trader is also popularly known as Samco Nest Trader or Nest Trader?

Samco Nest Trader is a high-speed trading application designed particularly for traders and investors who wish to trade via desktop.

Its speed, accuracy, and firmness are matchless for the smooth and flawless desktop trading experience.

So, if you desire to trade instantly in quick steps, then you can opt for this Samco trading platform.

Through Samco NEST or Next-Generation Electronic Securities Trading platform, you can trade in various Samco products, including Currency, commodity, Equity, and many more!

All you need is to download the Samco Trader EXE application on your desktop or laptop, whose operating system is Windows.

Now, let us quickly view some of the benefits related to this Samco trading platform-

  • Undoubtedly, under-one-roof, you can buy or sell stocks in various trading and investment segments. 
  • If you are into swing trading or intraday trading and want a high-speed platform, then Samco Trader is one of the best choices for you. 
  • Through this desktop platform, you can customize your interface with ease.
  • Samco Trader allows you to create multiple watch lists by filtering your desired stocks and companies.

Apart from this desktop application, there are other Samco web trading platforms available on their website.

Samco Web Trading Platform 

Samco’s web trading platform popularly known as StockNote web is one of their flagship trading platforms.

Let’s begin with the StockNote web! 

StockNote web is a highly advanced web-based Samco trading platform that is available on smartphones too. 

This platform is appropriate for the traders and investors who have in-depth knowledge and understanding of the Indian Stock Market.

StockNote web is believed to offer advanced level information to the users within a quick moment.

Surprisingly, this platform uses a Giga Trading Engine and combines powerful technology with AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Analytics to make the trading process simplified. 

The platform supports trading and investing across different segments like commodity, equity, derivatives, currency, and much more in a comprehensive way. 

Highly advanced charts, fastest speed, excellent customer service, comprehensive fundamental analysis, quick order execution of different types, accurate technical analysis , etc. are some of its key features that makes it one of the best trading platforms in India. 

Now, a question that might arise in your mind is Why should you use StockNote web? The answer lies just below-

  • If we discuss the notifications, then StockNote web has over 100+ technical indicators that define the instant alerts.
  • Another benefit of opting for this Samco trading platform is its “Orderbook” feature that helps you to check all your orders from a single place.
  • It has extensive in-built charts that help the long-term investors and short-term traders to perform fundamental analysis and technical analysis of a company or stock, respectively. 
  • Customizable watchlist with the provision to add unlimited market scripts in one-go. 
  • Placing an order or selling shares through StockNote web is quick, and also, with a few shortcuts, you can avoid an exhausting process.
  • Advanced order types like Bracket Order (BO) or Cover Order (CO), etc. are possible. 
  • Lastly, having this Samco trading platform helps you in making a profitable deal as they present a learning feature “Tutorials” on this web app, which is designed especially for the beginner level traders. 
  • Along with live market data on the stocks, you can quickly avail real market information.
  • Trigger Alerts is India’s first feature ever given by any broker in which you can view bundle price or volume, etc. with previously saved orders.

Not just this, there are several other prominent features of StockNote such as, quarterly results and analytics report, user-friendly stock market analytics, 100% customizations available, and a lot more! 

Samco Star

Samco Star is a dedicated back-office platform that gives you complete information on your trades, account statements, funds or transactions history, pledge or pledge of your holdings, etc. at your tips. 

So, basically, this platform helps you in analyzing all your back-office work and to quickly place withdrawal requests, etc. 

Some of its features are listed as below-

  • Analyze all your transaction history. Get all the trading information from the beginning to the end.
  • Get complete account statements and fund history from a place.
  • Monitor your complete holdings daily from a single screen.
  • Get downloadable P&L summaries of various traded segments to file your taxes in each financial year.
  • Apply in the ongoing IPOs, buybacks, OFS, etc, directly from the Samco Star back-office platform.
  • Introduce your dear ones to Samco and be rewarded with their lucrative referral offer, where clients can earn free trades and percentage brokerage sharing on each referral. 
  • Subscribe to their unique leverage products like CashPlus, StockPlus within a few clicks.

Samco Mobile Trading Platform 

Samco mobile trading platform,  StockNote,  helps a user to trade online from anywhere at the fingertips!


StockNote is a highly advanced trading platform that is embedded with GIGA Trading Engine and uses Artificial Intelligence. 

This application is available on iOS and Android smartphones! 

This application UX is astonishing and in a simple and quick way order can be placed. 

It’s speed, accuracy and reliability are no match in the current Indian trading platforms! 

Some of the marvelous features of StockNote as listed below-

  • From one single place, you get complete information about the stocks and also about the stock market happenings in real-time. 
  • Traders and investors can watch live news and can keep a track of the most viewed notes in the financial community.
  • In one touch, you can get notified of your triggered alerts without wasting any moment. Set intelligent trigger alerts for price movements for a period of six months on the StockNote app.
  • Initiate trades from the StockNote App notifications. Never miss an opportunity in the stock market ever again. 
  • 100% customizations are available on this Samco trading platform. You can easily customize the market watchlist, note feeds, portfolio, settings, and much more across the app.
  • In case any existing trade is declined, Giga Trading Engine offers the most possible solution of the same and gives you a plethora of opportunities to enhance the profitability at each trading step. 
  • Enhance your trading experience with leverage products like BTPT (Buy Today, Pay in 2 Days), CashPlus (Get upto 4x margin funding for delivery trading), StockPlus (pledge shareholdings for trading margins).
  • Utilize the advanced order types like Bracket Order (BO) or Cover Order (CO), etc. to mitigate risks in trades. 
  • At each trading and investment step, GIGA Trading Engine keeps an eye on you and gives you quick alerts and notifications about the steps that must be taken care of while trading.
  • With a single tap click, you can share articles, candlestick chart types, news related to the Indian stock market, and much more without any hassle.
  • Set up multiple private chat groups with your family and colleagues on the StockNote app to share trading ideas, live market quotes, and active orders instantaneously.
  • Through this Samco trading platform, you can easily monitor and track your portfolio. 
  • You can quickly monitor your finances and add funds directly from your bank account.

After opening a free Samco account, as a welcome bonus, you also get 100% brokerage cashback for the 1st month on all orders placed from the StockNote platform. This offer applies to trades placed on the StockNote Web as well as the StockNote mobile platform.

Closing Thoughts

Samco is one of India’s esteemed discount brokers and quite famous for its trading platforms like Samco Trader, StockNote – Web and App, Samco Star.

These Samco trading platforms offer its customers to trade in multiple trading and investment segments listed in NSE and BSE. 

These web, desktop, and mobile platforms are the fastest and most reliable that most traders and investors must opt for. 

There are a plethora of reasons why Samco Trading platforms are one of the top choices of people buying or selling stocks via a smartphone, desktop, or PC. 

Some of the reasons are quick to order execution, multiple shortcuts, a user-friendly platform, multiple scripts to choose from, quick alerts, advanced charts, more than 100 indicators, and much more.

If you trade in option then you can choose the best indicator for option trading to reduce the risk. This is the wisest decision someone can take.

Once you have registered with this broker and have opened a Demat account with them, you can quickly download these Samco trading platforms from their official website.

After downloading the applications, log in with your unique credentials- User ID and password, and start your trading journey without any trouble. 

With several shortcut keys, you can trade instantly on these platforms. Thus, it’s not wrong to say that each Samco trading platform is one of the best applications that can make your online trading smooth, quick, and reliable.

Other than this, if you are not so comfortable using the online platforms to trade in desirable segments then here you are provided with the Call & Trade option that helps you in trading via physical means. 

The executive understands your trading need and helps you in executing quick orders by imposing certain charges. 

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