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SAMCO Securities is a brokerage firm founded in 1993. With a long list of services & facilities, SAMCO Trading Software ensures a strong base for its customers to trade in the Indian Stock Market’s financial instruments.

SAMCO trading software has a resilient hardware infrastructure that enables you to stay connected with 99.99% uptime. No trader or observer of the trading market is alien to the value of a single second.

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This hardware is an excellent step in ensuring connectivity to the market for the maximum possible time.

SAMCO Trading Platform

There are two categories of SAMCO web trading platforms, namely: Desktop-based & Mobile Applications.

MCO Desktop Trading Software

The NEST trader software needs no introduction to anyone who has even the slightest idea about the working of stock market trading. Still, for the beginners, a small opening is necessary, isn’t it?

NEST stands for Next-generation Electronic Securities Trading. This platform is a terminal-based platform for trading developed by Omnesys Technologies. It is a mature platform to trade that has been around for a while.

SAMCO nest trading software is accessible to all brokers & facilitates trade in the major Stock Exchanges of India like NSE (National Stock Exchange), BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) & MCX (Multi Commodity Exchange).

Also, for commodity trading you can refer to SAMCO Commodity Margin.

For a generation that is yet to get familiar with using smartphones and their applications, SAMCO desktop trading software is the best alternative to sit in the comfort of your home & trade in the markets.

The process to download & use this SAMCO trading software is discussed later. Keep reading!


StockNote is available as a web portal & mobile application. Hence can be used in either format. The web portal of StockNote can be accessed easily from the website of SAMCO.

Although StockNote is accessible from their website, the user must be in India to use their application.

StockNote mobile application allows traders to trade with SAMCO to execute orders at the movement of their fingers or keep a close eye on the market on the go.

It also gives the trader exposure with a variety of tips and tricks while keeping them up-to-date about the market.

This software is powered by Giga Trading Engine (GTE) that simplifies the investing and trading process for everyone. GTE is proprietary of SAMCO.

The portal & the mobile application allow the traders to trade in whichever stock they wish.


StockBasket is another mobile application offered by SAMCO Securities. Your curiosity must have peaked as to why a second mobile application?

That’s because both these apps cater to different audience bases.

As discussed above, StockNote allows trading in all instruments available. 

StockBasket, on the other hand, displays a list of handpicked stocks of more than 4000 companies. These are shares chosen when the market experts see immense potential in them. They are said to have a reasonable return expectation.

This application is highly popular among traders who are skeptical of their analysis methods and beginners too. With the assurance of expert advice, investing in these shares is less risky & more rewarding.

SAMCO Trading Software Download

The biggest question regarding SAMCO trading software is how to download them.

The process of downloading SAMCO trading software is straightforward.

Firstly, you’ll need to visit SAMCO’s official website. On the top, you’ll see a heading named Products.

As you move the cursor there, a drop-down list will open. Under this, click on the tab that reads Platforms, a page with the list of all of the SAMCO trading software loads.

Scroll down to your desired platform and click on Download or Know More tabs, as required, to get to the page that offers to download them.

In case you wish to download SAMCO Nest Trader software or SAMCO’s StockNote, you can follow the set of instructions below:

All you need to do is go to SAMCO’s website and scroll to the end of the page. Here, you’ll find a tab named Downloads.

Click on this tab, and the downloads page will be loaded. Look for the Trading Platform head.

When you click it, two options open – SAMCO Trader and StockNote App. 

Click on download beside SAMCO Trading, and the software will start downloading automatically.

The download will be in ZIP format. After the download is completed, double click on it to open. A new window will open on the screen.

Double click on the file named Nest Trader & it’ll be installed.

With this done, you’re set to use SAMCO Nest Trader. Enter your login credentials and get access to the fantastic trading software.

SAMCO Trading Software Login

As discussed above, there are 3 SAMCO trading software programs & all of them have small differences in their login procedures.

Let’s take them all, one by one.

  • SAMCO Nest Trader is the desktop software for trading in SAMCO. When you access the SAMCO trading software, the credentials are sent to you on your registered email. 

After software installation, you’ll have to enter them. Post this, you’ll be asked a few security questions to reduce the risk of fraud and other malicious activities.

After these questions are answered, you have to reset your password to what you wish to set. Please be careful while entering the password & write it down after you are done resetting the password. 

Now login again, and the SAMCO trading software is ready to use.

  • StockNote is available in both formats – Web & Mobile app.

Log in credentials for both of them are the same, but the procedure is a bit different due to their interfaces.

When logging into your StockNote mobile app, enter credentials you set when you registered on SAMCO’s portal. Make sure you enter them correctly. Post this, you’ll be redirected to the home page of the StockNote app.

To log into StockNote Web, you need to look for the ‘Login’ tab on the website of SAMCO & click on the Trading button, and a new tab will be opened. Here, click on the login tab & enter your credentials.

As you are logged in, you’ll be taken to the homepage of the StockNote Web.

  • The process to log into StockBasket is as simple as it could get.

Open the SAMCO mobile application on your phone & enter your SAMCO account credentials.

As you click on the login button, the home page of the app is loaded. You’re set to use the SAMCO trading software.

How to use SAMCO Trading Software?

SAMCO trading software programs are made in a way that they are known to be easy to access. From the SAMCO desktop trading software to their mobile apps, every trading platform has this quality.

Although, if you feel you need some guidance in this regard, you can log on to the website of SAMCO & take your cursor over the Product head. From the various options in the drop-down list, move the arrow to Education & click on the Video Tutorial button.

You’ll get redirected to a page that has quick links to video tutorials of the SAMCO trading software.

Follow the instructions in the videos, and you’ll learn how to use SAMCO trading software.

SAMCO Trading Software Pros

  1. Convenient Trading

Providing a convenient platform to trade is one of the most significant aims of SAMCO Securities. They think of how trading can be made more comfortable & incorporate the ideas into the SAMCO trading software.

     2. Advanced Software

A software ahead of its time is what a trader needs. SAMCO trading software is updated regularly with robust technologies to enhance the user experience.

     3. Easy to Use for Non-Techies

Imagine being stuck with trading software that is very difficult to use.

Even the idea sounds tiring, right?

Not anymore. SAMCO trading software programs are designed in a way that even a senior citizen with negligible knowledge of the latest technology can use this with ease.

      4. Quick Trade Options

Trading is a play of seconds. You win or lose in the matter of a fraction of seconds. Thus, you need a trading software that aids quick trading.

     5. Favorable for Long Term Investors

Long term investors generally forget about their investments, but some of them are curious about the various movements.

SAMCO trading software helps them stay in touch with all the ups & downs of the market.

     6. Regularly Updated

SAMCO trading software programs are regularly updated with tips, tricks, and advice for the traders.

This provides expert advice to many and aids their trading decisions.

     7. User-friendly Interface

The SAMCO trading software interfaces are designed while keeping in mind that traders from a broad spectrum use their software. From beginners to expert, everyone has to be offered an out of the box experience.

This has led to making the interface as user-friendly as possible.

SAMCO Trading Software Cons

  1. Slow Navigation

Sometimes, the application becomes very slow to navigate through. It gets tricky in times when you need to make decisions in an instant.

       2. Trading Issues

Buying & Selling of various financial instruments is what this app is required for. But a few times across the day, this app gets stuck, leaving the traders hung in the middle of trading procedures.

       3. A Problem in Money Withdrawal

You might face some minor issues while trying to withdraw your earrings. While the process is taking place, the withdrawn amount gets stuck and might have to wait for 2-3 business days to have this sorted.

       4. Balance is not Live.

The balance in your wallet is not live. This means you might have more/ less than what your SAMCO wallet projects.

Please recheck before processing any transactions.

       5. Failed Alerts

SAMCO trading software programs provide the facility to subscribe to personalized alerts. You may miss some of these alerts not because you didn’t pay attention but because you didn’t receive any.

Every SAMCO trading software has two sides – a good one and a bad one. It depends on you to take a call on what overpowers who.

Choose the platform that is in line with your requirements and suits you.


SAMCO Securities is a rising name as a stockbroker that has the mission to ease online trading procedures. You might face some issues, but these experiences vary from individual to individual.

Try them all before finalizing an image about it in your head as something might be an advantage for one but would not serve other purposes.

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