Share Market Basics by ADB School is an initiative by our team at A Digital Blogger to bring in multiple aspects related to trading and investments. There are 11 modules in total with topics covered for all types of investors and traders. Furthermore, whether you a beginner level trader or an expert trader, some of the topics will definitely bring in new perspectives toward stock market trading.

Most of the topics have respective video tutorials as well along with a detailed review. We intend to keep adding new modules going ahead.

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Share Market Basics Details

Here are the details on the different modules available under this Free Share Market Basics education portal for our readers.

#1 Introduction to Share Market

This module is for beginner level traders and investors where we talk about the Share Market in its totality. If you are someone who is looking to enter into the share market trading, some of the articles will guide you towards the much necessary basics. It is advised to go through the articles one by one in this module to get a clearer understanding of Share Market Basics:

#2 Demat Account

Once you understand the Share Market Basics, the next obvious thing is how do you get started. In order to move your feet towards trading, you need to open a Demat account. This module covers the basics and fundamentals around the very concept of this type of account.

Furthermore, some of the articles also make you aware of some of the misconceptions, generic doubts and queries related to the demat account.

#3 Online Share Trading

Trading is one thing while performing share market trading through online channels and means is something that needs to be understood on top of it. Check out this share market basics module on online share trading and understand aspects such as How Online Trading works, what are some of the best tips and so on.

Even if you are an Intermediate level trader, you will be able to take away some of the concepts that you might not have used till now in your trades.

#4 Intraday Trading

Till this moment, you must know more than the basics and fundamentals of trading. You’d also know there are different types of trades you can choose to put in. One such type is – Intraday Trading. We have gathered a complete module around this type of trading where we go till an expert level for you.

By the end of this Share Market Basics module, you will have a detailed knowledge of different tools, charts, tricks, tips, strategies and more around Intraday Trading.

#5 Derivatives Trading

Moving ahead, let’s learn about the future and options trading or derivatives trading. This type of trading is more suitable to at least an intermediate level trader who understands the intricacies of share market investment, related risks, patterns and other anticipations.

If you are a beginner level trader, we would suggest you learn these share market basics and practice the first 4 modules first before you jump onto this one.

#6 Share Market Research

If you are looking to be an investor or a trader who performs his or her own research before putting in capital into the stare market, then this module makes total sense for you. In this module, we start with the share market basics of research analysis at both technical and fundamental levels.

By the end of the module, you will have a grasp on some of the quick mantras, tips, tools on some of the best and quick ways to perform the stock analysis.

#7 Commodity Trading

Apart from Equity trading, some traders like to try their hand on relatively less volatile – commodity trading. This module explains you the basics of commodity trading, how you can start this type of trading, what are some of best tools, books, tips, tricks etc to make the best use of it and so on.

In other words, this module you will get everything right from the share market basics till the expert level understanding of commodity trading.

#8 IPO Investing

This share market basics module is completely focussed on how to make the best of IPO investments. For beginner level understanding, some of the topics start and talk about the very fundamentals of Initial Public Offerings.

Then the module goes and talks at deeper levels on how to select an IPO for your investments, tips and tricks of IPO investments, solutions to some of the most asked queries on IPO investments etc. The module covers topics from different perspectives of different stakeholders as well.

#9 Currency Trading

This module gives an initial idea of currency trading. If you are a beginner level trader and want to trade in the currency segment, you will get a reasonable idea in this module. Having said that, this module is ‘work-in-progress’ and we intend to add multiple topics under this umbrella of share market basics going ahead.

#10 Algo Trading

Let’s go a bit advanced from share market basics with this module on Algorithmic or Algo trading. We not only touch the basics but also dive deeper into the realms of strategies and trading platforms used in this latest form of trading. You, as a retail investor, get a detailed and in-depth idea on the concept of algo trading and how you can actually get the best out of it for yourself.

#11 Options Trading

Options trading is generally recommended to intermediate to advanced level share market traders. In this detailed module, we will talk about 25+ Options Trading strategies that you can employ in your derivatives trading. Different strategies can be employed at different points in time, depending on your comfort and understanding of the concept.

You are suggested to get a detailed knowledge of these strategies before practically employing those in your trades.

That wraps up the share market basics module under ADB School. We have tried to cover most of the topics that fall under the cohort of Share Market basics and we still look forward to keep adding new topics going ahead. Feel free to put in your thoughts in the comments section below regarding the topics and modules you would like us to discuss.

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