Angel Broking DP Charges

DP Charges

For every share you sell, the broker imposes certain DP charges. If you are having an Angel Broking Demat Account, then here is the information about Angel Broking DP Charges. 

Before moving ahead let’s understand the basics of depository and depository participants. 

Angel Broking Depository Charges

Depository Participants charge certain fees every time you sell shares from your Demat Account. These are the hidden charges and are not reflected in the contract note.

In simple terms, it is the transaction charges imposed by the broker irrespective of the number of shares sold. So whether you sell 1 share or 100 shares, the Angel Broking DP Charges remain the same. 

These charges are generally levied to offer the Demat Account services to its clients. Apart from this, the Depository Participant commonly known as stockbroker has to pay certain membership charges to Depositories.

The DP then pays this additional charge by availing the DP charges from the customer. 

DP Charges in Angel Broking

Now here comes the time to know more about the DP charges in Angel Broking. For this, let’s have a sneak peek at the following table to understand the DP charges of angel broking:


To understand the table better, here is a brief theory for the same. 

When the stocks are sold from the holding, on the per scrip irrespective of volume, ₹20+ GST gets applied. 

Angel Broking DP Charges Calculator

Since Angel Broking DP charges are fixed i.e., ₹20+ GST as applicable. Irrespective of buying and selling shares. Angel Broking is registered with CDSL and NSDL that regulate the stock brokers. 

These stockbrokers are depository participants who actually act as a mediator and perform various functions at the depositories.  Thus, there is no such calculator to calculate the dp charges. India has two major depositories.


DP (Depository Participant) is a mediator who performs the functions at the depository. Angel Broking, as a DP, charges the fee that is described in the above table. 

The angel broking as a depository participant with the depository is charged for the depository charges.

The comparison and differentiation of the various DPs and their charges for a demat account are a must for choosing the right path for the demat account. 

Have a sneak peek at all the charges charged to your demat account when you will be choosing the DP for the purpose.

The DP charges are charged on your demat account and all the transactions. These charges don’t reflect on the contract notes. For the depositories and the participants, the DP charges are the revenue charges.

Check the DP charges of the angel broking once and start the services for a better experience.

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