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Intraday trading is the segment that can help you earn profit in a short period of time. Want to execute day trading then here we are with the complete information on Angel Broking intraday charges. 

Before knowing the fees and charges of the broker, let’s first learn a little about the services offered by the broker. 

Angel Broking is a full-service stockbroker that provides share market trading in different categories. Now, as if we are talking about the segments, then let’s check the segments in which the trading can be done in the firm. These segments are:

Intraday trading can be done in different trading segments like equity and derivatives

Along with that the highly advanced trading platform of the broker helps you to trade using different order types like stop-loss, bracket order, cover order, which helps you in defining the profit margin and at the same time minimize the losses. 

Now moving ahead let’s learn about the brokerage and charges of Angel Broking intraday trading. 

Angel Broking Intraday Brokerage Charges

To know the intraday charges in Angel Broking, let’s have a quick look at the table below. The following table will discuss the Angel Broking Intraday Brokerage Charges.


To make the above table more understandable, here is the gist of the same table:

  • In the equity intraday segment, the firm offers brokerage charges of Rs. 20 on the per executed order or 0.25% (whichever is lower).

For example: Let’s assume that a trader wants to trade a share in the  Intraday where he has to buy the shares worth Rs. 10,000. The total turnover value of the trade is 25000

25,000 * 0.25%= Rs. 62.5

Now here however the brokerage is ₹62.50 but you have to pay the minimum brokerage of ₹20 to execute your order. 

However, if there is another trader, carried out a small trade of turnover value ₹5000, then the brokerage on the trade would be:


Now since the trader ends up paying the minimum brokerage, the trade gets executed by paying the fees of ₹12.5 only.

Angel Broking Intraday Charges Calculator 

By the way, there are going to be other charges in Angel broking too, thus, it makes sense to get a clearer picture. These charges will include STT charges in Angel broking, GST, stamp duty, and more.

If you are still confused and want to have a clear picture of Angel Broking intraday brokerage charges, you can make use of the Angel Broking Brokerage calculator

These calculators are easy to use and help you in getting a clear insight of the fees that you have to pay to execute the trade. 


Angel Broking is a full-service stockbroker that provides stock market trading in different categories.

An investor in Angel Broking can open a free Demat account. You may be interested to learn about the Angel Broking Demat account fees when opening the account, and it can be reviewed before opening the company account.

Angel Broking provides different plans in which the various brokerage fees can be compared. To learn more about the brokerage charges offered in the other segments, you can use the brokerage calculator.

Hope you have been assisted by this document in gathering the details you were searching for.

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