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Are you keen to join Angel Broking as your business partner and not sure of their fees, then today is your lucky day as we are sharing complete information on the “Angel Broking Franchise Cost”? 

Therefore, don’t miss this chance and read until the end to have useful and accurate information on all the charges that are required you to pay if you plan to get a franchise of Angel Broking.

Instead of jumping to the Angel Broking franchise cost, let us commence with the quick brief of the Angel Broking first! 

Do you know Angel Broking as a full-service stockbroker has many outstanding services on its platter? 

Yes, you hear it right! Let’s see how?

Angel Broking was established in 1987 and is making various implementations in its platforms, services, and partnership models to offer an impeccable experience to trades, investors, and their valuable partners or sub-brokers.

Apart from their cutting-edge platforms for traders and investors, you will be surprised to know that their sub-broker platforms are also not behind.

They are highly advanced and ensure that the business processes are happening smoothly at the fingertips.

Since you might already be informed of the Angel Broking Sub Broker list consisting of three crucial partnership categories named Authorised Person, Master Franchise and Remisier, therefore, you might be aware that these categories have a separate revenue-sharing model.

This revenue sharing model or Angel Broking sub broker commission is highly important as your interest in joining this model significantly relies upon it.

Gain more knowledge with the Angel Broking Franchise Review and take a journey ahead by knowing the cost of Angel Broking Franchise. 

Angel Broking Franchise Fee

Even in the non-financial market, if we access the services of a company or person, then we are required to pay a certain sum of amount, and the same implies to the Financial Service sector, including Broking Houses like Angel Broking.

Therefore, it is clear that if you opt for a partnership program with this broker, you will be liable to pay the Angel Broking franchise fee at any cost.

This cost is inclusive of the infrastructure cost, which is required to set-up an office space and hire trained or fresher candidates.

Hence, we can say that the Angel Broking Franchise fee includes the security deposit and infrastructure cost.

Angel Broking Franchise Cost Includes:

  • Security Deposit 
  • Infrastructure cost

The security deposit and infrastructure cost depends on certain factors such as

Majorly, the investment in Master Franchise is comparatively higher as it offers a massive business opportunity to the sub-broker or franchise partner. 

This is achieved by giving total freedom to mandatorily set up or build a workspace and hire candidates that can help traders and investors to open a Demat account and also help them in their existing trading journey. 

On average, Angel Broking franchise cost varies between Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 3 lakh, which is entirely determined on the kind of brokership program you prefer.

No matter which brokership program a sub broker or franchise partner pick, paying this Angel Broking franchise fee is a compulsory measure. 

But on the brighter side, this amount is refundable in nature, so once the agreement with the Angel Broking is revoked or perished, the entire amount is spontaneously transferred to the sub broker’s bank account. 

So, let us see what is the Angel Broking Franchise Cost?

Shall we state with the help of a table? 

Indeed? Then, here we go! 


Do you think that this amount is only asked by Angel Broking? Well, the answer is NO as each and every broking house having a franchise model is obliged to submit a security deposit along with bearing infrastructure cost.

Since Angel Broking has its remarkable presence in the Financial service sector, so that’s why it desires that its franchise partners maintain their reputation by setting a spacious office with a decent environment, trained staff, high-speed internet connectivity, proper sanitation facility, working phone lines, etc. 

Hence, by paying the Angel Broking Franchise cost, you can begin your business journey and earn monthly payouts. 

So, do you have an interest in proceeding with the Angel Broking Sub Broker Registration? Why wait, register now! 

Closing Thoughts

Having Angel Broking franchise cost before registering with the broker is crucial as you can decide whether you can afford this stockbroker franchise model or not. 

Hence, to give you proper information on the same, we have shared this article containing all the in-depth Angel Broking franchise details related to fee. 

You must be amused to know that there are no hidden amounts with this stockbroker.

 You only require to pay a security deposit along with infrastructure costs. The amount is reimbursed when the agreement is revoked or expired with the Angel Broking.

The least Angel Broking Franchise cost is paid by Remisier as his main role is to connect with the potential customers who can open a demat account with Angel Broking, which can be achieved through the home as well.

The highest amount is to be paid by the Master Franchise as this franchise model requires a sub broker or partner to build an office space along with hiring trained or fresher candidates. 

This partnership cost is payable to every broking house without any special case, but many people opt to choose Angel Broking since they offer attractive commission, strong income flow, supportive advisory, assistance in client acquisition, cutting-edge platforms, and a lot more! 

These are some of the reasons why the franchise of Angel Broking is chosen by over 11000 sub-brokers or franchise partners scattered in more than 110 cities of India. 

In case you are looking to get started with Angel Broking, honor us the chance to serve you.

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