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The number of shares allotted to an investor in Initial Public Offering (IPO) is discussed in IPO allotment status. We will provide you the whole information regarding Angel Broking IPO Allotment Status. 

The IPO allotment is declared by the registrar of IPO. let’s see how one can see the allotment status; here are some steps you need to follow, which are as follows

  • To check the status, visit the Angel Broking IPO allotment page. 
  • You have to fill details like Query ID, DP ID, or Client ID. 
  • Select the type of your application, whether it’s ASBA or non-ASBA. 
  • And then fill th application id that you had received while applying for an IPO. 
  • Click submit, and the allotment status will be displayed on your screen. 

Angel Broking IPO Allotment Details

The details regarding Angel Broking IPO allotment are listed below in the table. This table will let you know the IPO open date, IPO closing date, issue size, and price and about a Market lot. 

IPO open date is when, for the first time, an organization makes the shares available for the general public. The share selling price of the company is known as IPO issue Price. The major difference between the issue price and issue size is the Demand and Supply of the shares. 

The listing price will be more than the issue price if the demand for the share is higher than the Supply. 

The total number of shares an investor can buy in one transaction is known as Market Lot. 


Angel Broking IPO Allotment Date

Let’s make it easy for you, In this segment, we have mentioned all the important dates as announced by the registrar of an IPO. 

The IPO Listing date is not yet confirmed but the tentative date announced is 5 Oct 2020.

The finalized basis of allotment gives all the data regarding the demand for the stock of an IPO. 


Angel Broking IPO Allotment Subscription 

The number of times public issue subscribed at NSE and BSE is known as IPO subscription. With any of the exchanges, the bid for IPO shares can be placed by an investor. But the investor can not offer the number of shares wanted by them. 

If a company receives applications more than the shares offered to the public, this case is known as an oversubscription of shares. Then allotment of shares is done on the basis of pro-rata allotment. 

On the first day, the total subscription of Angel Broking IPO is 0.45 times, for QIB its 0.00 times, 0.14 times, and 0.87 times fro NII and RII. 

This chart will be updated for our users regularly. 



Angel Broking was established in the year 1996 and is known to be one of the leading broking houses in the Indian stock market. 

The procedure to check Angel Broking IPO allotment status is mentioned above; no need to worry the procedure is quite simple. 

The open date of an IPO is when an organization public shares it for the first time. 

Stay connected with us to get mere information, and if you have any queries, you are free to comment below. We will try to settle your query as soon as possible. 

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