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Are you an active trader of Angel Broking and want to earn more profit with day trading? In that case, you should start learning how to do Intraday in Angel Broking?

But before jumping into the concept let’s first learn about Angel Broking and its brokerage services.

Angel Broking, whose headquarters are in Mumbai, is a  full-service stockbroker having a client base of 10,68,666. The firm is registered with CDSL and regulated by SEBI.

Let’s quick off the topic now and talk about how you can easily be doing intraday in Angel Broking. Trust me, it’s pretty straightforward.

Intraday Trading in Angel Broking

Before heading towards the main topic, let’s get the knowledge about intraday trading in Angel Broking. 

Basically, intraday trading refers to the buying and selling of the stocks on the same trading day and within the trading hours.

With the purpose of earning more profits in a day, the stocks are bought and sold in enormous numbers.

For intraday trading, the online trading account is set up, and while going for intraday trading, the specification is to be considered as the orders should be specified to intraday trading.

In the regular stock market, opting the Intraday Trading is dicier than any other trading type because of the fluctuations available in intraday trading.

Hence, it is necessary for beginners to understand Intraday Trading before starting the actual trade to avoid losses.

An individual is enlightened to invest the amount they can deal with after facing the loss without any financial crisis.

For an intraday trader, it is only 5-6 hours in a day to complete the buying and selling procedures. Therefore, for the traders who are knowledgeable, self-drive, and ready to take risks, this trading type is apt, i.e., Intraday Trading.

To initiate a trade with the broker, open Angel Broking Trading Account for FREE and can initiate day trading in different stocks in the equity or derivative segment. 

The special thing about it is that angel broking equity brokerage charges are nil, which means it will not hole your pocket. Furthermore, the app and the service team help you to figure out how to select stocks for intraday

To gain a seamless experience online trading in angel broking, you can access the Angel Broking app. This, one of the best intraday trading apps, not only helps in executing day trading but also in analyzing stocks using different chart patterns and indicators. 

Angel Broking Intraday Charges

Although the broker offers no charges to get started with the intraday trade but to execute the Angel Broking intraday trade, you have to pay certain brokerage charges. 

Here is a table that will showcase the Intraday trading charges in Angel Broking.


This needs to be understood that the maximum brokerage that can be charged by this stockbroker is going to be ₹20. The brokerage charges could be less than this depending on your turnover value but not more than ₹20 in any case.

Angel Broking Equity Intraday Brokerage Charges

Within equity, however, the brokerage is nil when you invest in the delivery format where you do not square off your position in the same trading session, bullish or bearish. But, as mentioned above, it is not the case for an intraday trade.

At the same time, the Angel Broking Transaction Charges, for the Equity Intraday segment offered by the firm are 0.00325%. 

Angel Broking Intraday Calculator

Most of the time the traders are confused regarding the calculation of brokerage they have to pay. 

For this, you can use the Angel Broking Brokerage Calculator. Here you just have to enter the scrip name and other details like price and number of shares. 

Post this you would be able to calculate the exact brokerage you need to pay to buy or sell that particular share. 

To learn more about the Angel Broking Intraday Calculator, let’s dive inside.

Apart from this, just like the brokerage calculator, a trader invests in the stock after looking at the margin offered on the various stocks in the different segments. 

At that point in time, the Angel Broking Intraday margin calculator helps the trader to grab the piece of information regarding the margin offered on various stocks.

Angel Broking Intraday Square Off Time

After learning about the Angel Broking Intraday charges and margin, now we will learn more about the intraday square off time

It is a trading style that is used in Intraday trading by the traders in which the traders either buys or sells the specific amount of the shares or stocks and then in the day reverses the transaction, in the desire of profit earning.

If a trader has placed an order for intraday trading and does not close the open positions in the provided time frame, in that situation, the order is squared off.

Now you might be waiting to know about the square off time of Angel Broking. Right? 

So the Angel Broking Intraday closing time, or the square-off time, is 3: 15 pm. The order is to be sold till the provided time.

Angel Broking Intraday Margin

It became necessary for the trader to grab the piece of information before starting trading with any firm. Angel Broking Intraday Margin allows you to trade in different stocks by leveraging the margin from the firm. 

To trade in the angel broking equity segment you can reap the margin up to 10 times while for the futures and options you can go for up to 60 times leverage amount that not only helps you to buy more but also in gaining more profit. 

Let’s check out the below table to have more details about the same:



To make the above table more understood or clear, here is a brief description that is mentioned below:

  1. Angel Broking allows the trader to trade-in equity and with up to 10 times of margin. 
  2. For the futures Intraday, the 10 times margin is offered by the firm for the selected contracts.
  3. When we talk about the options intraday, on the option buy, the firm offers the six times margin, whereas, on the option sell of the selected contracts, 10 times of the margin is being provided by Angel Broking.


So here is the whole information around Intraday Trading in Angel Broking.

If you too are interested in experience trading with a reliable and known stockbroker then it is good to get started only after gaining useful information. 

Since the broker is full-service it often charges the brokerage in percentage form, which makes it crucial for you to find the exact charges with the help of a brokerage calculator. 

So open the trading account with Angel Broking now and get started with the intraday trading to earn maximum profit. 

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