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Are you an active client of Angel Broking and want to trade more but do not have much fund with you? If yes, then you are at the right place. Here we will give you the complete details of Angel Broking Margin Funding.

Before jumping to the topic of Margin funding in Angel Broking let’s gain a little knowledge of Angel Broking.

Angel Broking is an authorized depository participant of CDSL and is a very active member of BSE, NSE, MSEI, NCDEX, and MCX.

Angel Broking has become one of the largest broking houses in India and we can justify the same by looking at its active client base that is around 10,68,666.

Angel Broking offers services such as margin financing, equity loans, online trading, etc.

So, let’s start the document.

What Is Angel Broking Margin Funding?

As you all are aware of the concept of margin funding, it is the leverage offered to the trader to trade more and earn more profit.

When the investor or trader has insufficient funds available in his Angel Broking trading account, the margin funding came into the forefront. Basically, it means the borrowing of funds to complete the trade.

Angel Broking offers margin funding, which is a short term loan facility for its customers.

It offers margin funding so that the investors can easily use it for any shortcomings that they can encounter while trading in futures and options or any other segment.

Investors can use this facility in two respects, i.e.:

  1. From the brokerage firm, connecting with the investment advisor.
  2. Online method- apply from the firm’s website.

In the Angel Broking Margin Funding, at around 20-25%, the margins are offered, which is higher, and no minimum lot size is there in the share margin.

Angel Broking Margin Funding Guidelines

The Angel Broking margin funding offers different margins on various segments, as discussed below:


In detail, the Angel broking Margin funding has been discussed with the help of various sections.

The angel broking equity has its own benefits in margin delivery, Angel Broking provides up to three times for the equity cash. In the Equity Margin Intraday, it offers a margin of up to six times.

In case you want want to get into Delivery trading, and want to have a good idea about what it is. Then read, What is Delivery in Angel Broking? in details and get your doubts cleared.

In the case of equity margin futures, the Angel Broking margin is up to ten times in both buying and selling. 

Whereas, for the equity margin options, up to ten times of margin is offered for selling and three times margin for buying.

Also review: Angek Broking Equity Intraday Brokerage Charges in detail.

The commodity margin offered by Angel Broking is up to five times, whereas, in currency futures, it is up to eight times. The margin for the currency option is up to eight times for selling, and for buying, it is three times.

Angel Broking Margin Funding Interest

As already discussed, Angel Broking offers margin to trade even with the limited fund in your hand, but here it is important for you to learn about the Angel Broking margin interest.

The broker charges 18% interest rate on the monthly basis but the value is being calculated on the daily basis.

The interest levied by the broker is levied after T+2 days i.e. two days after the trading day.


When insufficient funds are available to the investor in his trading account, Angel Broking margin funding has become a priority. In essence, it means taking money to complete the exchange.

At about 20-25 percent, the Angel Broking Margin Funding provides higher margins, and the share margin has no minimum lot size.

You can check the margin on the Angel Broking app itself. On the other hand, the margin can be calculated on the Angel Broking margin funding website.

Angel Broking margin funding is offered to its customers, which is a short-term credit facility.

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