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Over a period of time, Angel Broking has established a mark as a new, advanced, and technologically advanced full-service broker in the Indian stock market. With all these features and advancements, there is an option for online trading in Angel Broking. 

Angel Broking provides premium services to its trusted group of clients. It stretches its services on both offline and online trading platforms. In the hustle of everyday life, online trading comes to the rescue for people who are always on the run. 

What is better than the luxury to trade at the convenience of your home or office and the comfort of your phone or laptop? Online trading brings the whole trading world available to the tips of your fingers. 

Further, the advanced Angel One Features make it easier for traders to trade across segments safely and securely. They make sure that all your transactions are safe and do not undergo any breaches.

With online trading services, you can easily track your investments and ensure that you are trading with utmost safety. 

There is the assistance of a great research team with Angel Broking, where you can also learn the basics of trading and enjoy the benefits.

There are various online platforms in Angel Broking where you can trade very efficiently and without any hustle and we will talk about all of those in this review on how to do online trading in Angel Broking. 

How to do Online Trading in Angel Broking

Online trading is a great option when you want to sit and work at your convenience. Although Angel Broking provides an offline option as well, online trading is a steal deal. 

It is important to note that you first have to open a demat account and trading account to start online trading. After linking these accounts to your bank account, you will be eligible for online trading. 

The online trading account will let you make investments in many segments, including mutual funds, IPO, equity shares, and Futures Options. But for that, you need to know in advance about how to do option trading in Angel Broking, especially if you have some risk appetite.

It will come to your benefit if, before starting online trading, you know a little about the terms related to the stock market. Also, make sure that you have a pre-designed plan of action.

This will ensure that you don’t get stuck in things that cannot generate enough profits. 

It is always better to stick to a plan or trading method capable of generating enough returns in the future. Online trading in Angel Broking gives you an edge as it will assist, guide, and improve all your trading decisions. 

Given below are some simple steps that you can follow to do online trading in Angel Broking:

  1. Open a demat account and a trading account to begin the process of online trading. With Angel Broking, you get a free demat account. 
  2. Make sure you have all the necessary Angel Broking Account Opening documents with you before going through the process.
  3. Once you open a demat account, you will also get access to the online platform Angel Broking. 
  4. You can now create an online trading account. Your broker will assist you in this process. 
  5. After this, you can start trading. 

When you start trading online, you will get tips and advice from experts. You will also get graphs and analytical tools to analyze the stock market’s technical and analytical analysis. 

Angel Broking provides various online trading platforms to speed up your trading experience without compromising the security of your transactions. You will get a high-class experience and the authority to work at any time of your day and through your mobile, laptop, or desktop. 

Among the various platforms that Angel Broking provides, the web trading platform and the app are the most common.

1. Angel Broking App

With the digitalization and advancement of technologies, broking services are moved when everything is moving to your mobile phone access. Angel Broking has now extended its services to the convenience of an app. 

You can easily download the Angel Broking app from any app store and bring trading to your fingertips. The app will guide you by providing you expert advice but also helps you analyze the market and work accordingly. 

The app makes sure that you get maximum returns on your investments. The app is supported by the ARQ technology that makes it although more efficient. This also helps to make the investments very rule-based.

You also get access to the latest market trends to ensure that you don’t miss any chance to make a profit.

Some of the features of the app are as follows:

  • Secure- The Angel Broking app is a very secure platform. You can relax because your transactions will be seamless and also very safe.
  • Portfolio Building- You can build a trading portfolio very quickly in the app. This will help you to track your investment and trading activities all in one place. 
  • Option Trading- To reap the benefit of options trade, you need to activate option trading in Angel Broking. This can be done easily using the mobile app and then use the platform effectively to trade in the options contracts.
  • Easy application for IPO- With the Angel Broking app, you can easily apply for an IPO. 
  • Easy notifications- The app gives you regular updates about the market trends and news. The notifications are sent on time and always keep you in touch with the market realities. 

These are the significant features, but how will you use this app? You just need a demat account, to begin with.

You can easily download the app from the app store, and then with the login ID and password, you can quickly login into your online trading account. 

You can efficiently study the market trends, choose stocks from your watchlist, and easily buy/sell them. The app gives you detailed information about your orders, including an analytical, technical, and fundamental analysis of all the stocks. 

When you select a stock to either buy or sell, you get redirected to a window. Here you are required to put in the quantity, price and choose the segment of trading. 

Along with this, you can apply for IPO in Angel Broking using its fast and intuitive user interface.

In this way, the Angel Broking app is useful and very easy, and convenient to use. 

2. Angel Broking Web Trading 

Apart from the app, Angel Broking online trading is also available on your desktop and web portals. The web trading platform is designed to make the trading experience smoother, simpler, and faster for you.

The web trading platform makes it very convenient and straightforward to juggle between all your investment accounts. There is also a facility to manage the accounts of all your family members with a single login.

This prevents the hustle of remembering different passwords for different logins. You can track the market trends very effectively on the web trading platform. Some of the prevalent features of Angel Broking web trading are as follows:

  • With the Angel Broking web trading app, you can easily manage your investments, all on a page. With the trading platform, you can invest in mutual funds, equities, IPO, and many more. 
  • The web trading platform gives all the essential updates and news. 
  • You can quickly study the market trends and grab every opportunity to earn money and make a profit. 
  • There are a lot of charts and other tools to assist you. You can just change the indicators and get the information that you require. 

You can access the web trading platform or the browser from your desktop very easily and analyze the market like an expert.

You will just have to enter your online trading account’s login credentials and access all the web trading port features. 

3. Angel Broking Speed Pro

Apart from the app and the web trading platform, Angel Broking also has an app for the desktop. This is the application trading platform. You can fall back to it to make the work more comfortable and convenient for yourself. 

The application provides all the trading facilities on a single window, making it great and hustle-free for the traders. 

So if you are someone who is habitual of trading on your computer, then this app makes it much easier for you. You can download the app from the official website of Angel Broking and start trading with it. 

Some of the essential features of the application trading app are as follows. 

  • The installation process of the application is straightforward. You just need to download Angel Broking App from their official website. 
  • Instant news updates and market trend alerts. 
  • You can manage and make your trade portfolio very quickly on the application trading app. 

How to Activate Angel iTrade Plan?

By the way, have you activated your Angel iTrade plan? Yes, you are looking to perform Online Trading in Angel Broking but you must make sure that you get your iTrade plan activated otherwise you will end up paying huge brokerage charges to the stockbroker.

With this plan, your brokerage will be deducted at a discounted price, thereby, increasing your profit value.

Activating it is simple, you just need to get in touch with their customer support team to do that.


Angel Broking is a popular full-service broker in the stock market, and to add stars to their success, they also shifted to online trading. Giving the clients both options, online trading is still the one that is better liked. 

If you also want to start online trading, you have to start with the basics: having a demat and a trading account with Angel Broking. Once you have your account in place, you can start trading online. 

Online trading in Angel Broking gives you the best expert advice, helps you fundamentally analyze the stocks, and always stay updated with the market trends. 

Angel Broking gives you an option to choose from various online trading platforms: an app, a web trading platform, and an application trading platform. So you can access it on your smartphones, desktop, and laptop. 

No doubt with the growing advancement, the broker is coming up with more innovative ideas to improve its services and one of those initiatives is its transformation to Angel One.

The option of online trading makes it very convenient to trade at any place and at the luxury of your own time. So, just like everything else, switch the trading to online mode as well. 

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